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What is Red Rock Fever? Sedona Arizona Real Estate

Sheri Sperry February 28, 2018

Red Rock Fever

Red Rock Fever Sedona

Ship Rock from my backyard with a telephoto lens

Sedona Hikes
Jordan Park Trail

Red Rock Fever – What is it?  No, it is not a physical disease or is it? ! Of course,  I am making light of the term but one of the definitions is “a state of nervous excitement or agitation.” What about Delirium? In a severe case of fever, delirium can accompany a fever.      Wild excitement is included in the definition of delirium.

So if you break down the phrase, we have excitement over the red rocks of Sedona.  When you experience the sights, the sounds and the smell of nature and the red rocks, a feeling of euphoria may come over you.

Those with a severe case of red rock fever, may lose some sleep, become anxious and possibly frustrated because they did not plan enough time in this wonderful area. This means a person with the “fever” may try to pack too much into their time here. An extra hike or bike ride, maybe a red rock jeep tour or just one more vortex before you leave. I know, you don’t want to leave, but you have to go back home to go to work.

Sedona Real Estate
Devil’s Kitchen and Piano Rock – Soldiers Pass – The Sphinx is in the background

Maybe you do just like my husband did. “Sheri“, he said. “Find us a REALTOR®“!  Now, I am not saying that everyone who comes to Sedona gets the bug, but many do. Just like us, they didn’t plan it but come hell or high water, they are going to find some property for a vacation home or a home for a future retirement.


If you know someone with red rock fever or you may have it yourself, please see me.  I had a severe case of the bug and I can find a “cure” for you.

Red Rock Fever Catch It!

Cathedral Rock - Sedona Real Estate
Cathedral Rock in the Spring – with the pump house to create electricity and pump water.


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