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Why They Call It A Butterfly Bush…

Sheri Sperry May 20, 2017

Our Sedona Weather Affords Us A Variety Of Plants & Flowers

One of My Favorites Is The Butterfly Bush

It is all part of the Sedona Life Style

Sedona Butterfly Bush

Sedona Butterfly Bush

The flowers come in many colors from white to dark purple.  According to the Farmer’s Almanac, butterflies prefer the lavender or mauve color.  The plant is robust to zone 5. It will remain evergreen from zone 8 south.  Sedona is in zone 8b.  As you get into the canyon the weather gets colder and you will probably have to cover the plant in the winter.

The Butterfly Bush provides nectar to butterflies as well as other insects and hummingbirds.  This bush does not support butterfly reproduction and the lifecycle. You need to also plant a “host” plant such as milkweed if you want butterflies to stay.

In Sedona – Blooms Start In April – Hearty By June

There is very little maintenance to these bushes. They will grow tall so prune them back severely. during the late winter early spring. Check with your local nursery for the best time for pruning in your area.

Sedona Butterfly Bush


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