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A Look Back At Coffeepot Rock’s Different Faces & The Cottages At Coffeepot

Sheri Sperry July 8, 2022


Coffeepot Rock - Different Faces - Different Times in Sedona Arizona

As Coffeepot Rock is viewed from many different angles, it will take on a different look. It may appear to be a different rock. It got its name from the coffee pot that cowboys used on the range.
There are several examples below.
Can you see the different faces?
Coffeepot Rock At Coffeepot Cottages

Coffeepot Rock ~ Monsoon - Magic Time At the Coffeepot Cottages


Coffeepot Rock in 1962 by my husband's uncle who was visiting from Chicago. It is prior to sub-division development (Sedona 1-2) in this area. Most of the roads were dirt.

This is an old movie set (see picture below) from "Johnny Guitar" (1954) starring Joan Crawford and Sterling Hayden.

We have the original photo (above) and have scanned it and improved the color quality through photo apps.

By accident, I found the picture above on the internet being offered for sale as a postcard! Imagine my surprise!

Taos Unlimited - Johnny Guitar

(above) Photo courtesy of Taos Unlimited


(above) This is the area where the film "Johnny Guitar" was filmed - The subdivision is Sedona West 1-2

CoffeePot Rock

Winter Dusting

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Coffeepot Rock is known as 'Standing Eagle' in the Native American community

This was taken during Summer Monsoon

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This picture is taken about 300 ft up the street from the image below in the Cottages of Coffeepot

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A rainbow from mist moving behind Coffeepot Rock - rain clouds are out of view on the left8-coffeepot2-copy

On the trail below Coffeepot Rock


This picture is right below Coffeepot on a trail halfway up the rock

monsoon, twilight, soldiers pass, west sedona, coffeepot rock, red rocks, cottages at coffeepot,

This image of Coffeepot Rock is from Soldiers Pass Rd


Right outside the gates of the Cottages of Coffeepot

This angle is where the iconic rock looks most like the native American depiction of "Standing Eagle"

Coffeepot Rock Standing Eagle The Sedona Lifestyle Live in beauty

On the other side of the gates to the Cottages At Coffeepot

This is where the "face" of the eagle shines through. At one angle, the rocks behind it appear to be the wings starting to spread.

Cottages at coffeepot

Aerial View of the lower portion of Coffeepot and a small look at the luxury townhomes of the Cottages At Coffeepot.

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The back of my business card was shot from the Soldiers Pass Trail at the Seven Pools

The only way to see this angle of the rock is to hike or use a 4-wheel drive vehicle through Soldiers Pass Trail

A Unique Gated Community Borders Forest Next to Coffeepot Rock

See Additional Pictures and Information About This One-of-a-kind Subdivision

See the picture taken approximately 250 feet up the side of Coffeepot Rock looking down to Soldiers Pass

A Closer Look at Luxury Town Homes - Cottage At Coffeepot 

Find more photos at RedRocksFever.com

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