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What is the Sedona Weather Like in Summer?

Sheri Sperry July 3, 2022

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What Is The Sedona Weather Like In Summer?

2022 Six-Month Recap

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The Cottages At Coffeepot pool sits higher than the cottages below it so we get some awesome views of the surrounding red rocks.  The developing weather is something we can see very well from this vantage point and gives us an astonishing look at the power of Mother Nature.


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The above image is Coffeepot Rock on the Summer Solstice

You can see in the image below, the comparison of the shadow on Coffeepot Rock

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So far in 2022, we have had 5 inches of snow. spread with another 3.25 inches of rain. The monsoon officially starts on June 15th, but we never see any real change until the second week of July.  However, the monsoon kicked in right after the official start.  We got much-needed rain at .79 inches of rain.  The entire state was inching deeper into drought conditions but this early monsoon has helped a lot.  In fact, the Forest Service has lifted the ban on campfires in the Coconino Forest.

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As for the temperature ...

Because of the early monsoon, we only had 23 days of sunshine whereas last year there were 29 days.  There were 5 days of rain.  Since 2010, our weather station has only recorded 1.4 inches of rain total in the month of June. Because of all the rain we got, the trees were greener and the red rocks were redder.

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Once the monsoon comes, the clouds create a very dramatic backdrop for the Sedona landscape.


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This time of year, you never know what kind of weather you are going to get.  But even when it rains, the average humidity is low.  For June of 2022, we had 34% average humidity.  The warmer temperatures do not feel hot or muggy because of the lack of moisture in the air.  Most of the country will experience high humidity this time of year.


Sedona Borders The Colorado Plateau


Sedona sits on the transition to the Colorado Plateau

The monsoon should keep the temperatures down during the summer months.  It is all because of the cloud cover.  Our 100º temps are usually just above 100º. We can get a heat spell or two, but it is nothing like the Sonoran Desert that can get into the 110ºs for 30 days or more. After all, Sedona borders the Colorado Plateau.  We have actually experienced the last day of 100º in July in 3 of the 10 years.  We do not see a lot of 100º days once the monsoon comes.  Summer is pretty pleasant in Sedona.


kayaking Verde River Spring summer


Besides my years of experience living in Sedona, I get all my stats from the website below. Rick updates it monthly and publishes a journal from the last month. He then moves it into a seasonal journal so that those moving here or visiting can better understand the type of weather they will get.

Sedona-Weather.com - Charts and Stats

Seasonal Weather Summaries and Videos

Ricks World Sedona sedona-weather.com

Check out this blog for more information on humidity and summer weather.

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