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Cold Moon Setting on Thunder Mountain….Sedona Arizona

Sheri Sperry December 24, 2018

Cold Moon Setting On Thunder Mountain…

Cold Moon on Thunder Mountain Sedona AZ

If you had a chance to see my blog post “The Joy of Life…” which I posted on December 23rd, you might have caught how my home sets east and west with wall to wall windows.  This gives those inside the home the ability to see the sun and moon rise and set, all year long.

Today was one of those days I looked out to see the sun rising on Thunder Mountain. Thunder Mountain sits to the west and I can see the reverse sunrise on Thunder Mountain and Coffeepot Rock. I happened to notice the sun setting and called over my husband to see it. 

He grabbed his camera, switched to a 400mm lens and toke the picture above without a tripod! As you can see the detail is phenomenal. The sun does not rise in the east until close to 8 am this time of year. 

The bottom image was taken a week after fall equinox after the sun had already risen. I share it to give the top picture some context. 

Walt Disney’s Inspiration

For those who may not have seen other posts about Thunder Mountain.  Yes, this is the inspiration that Walt Disney used for the famous thrill ride of the same name.  Decades ago, Walt Disney had a home here in Sedona. He loved the area and visited as often as he could. 

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