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Record February 2019 Sedona Snowfall ~ Soldiers Pass West Sedona AZ

Sheri Sperry March 1, 2019

Record Sedona Snowfall!

Cottages At Coffeepot


Three years ago in 2016, Sedona had a very spring like February. In most years the Sedona spring kicks in starting February. For example, 17 days had temps in the 70ºs. In fact, 12 days were above 75º. One day hit 80º!

2017 - 2018

In 2017, there were 11 days above 60º and that started early in the month (Feb. 4th). Only 6 days dipped below 32º for a low temp in the morning.  In 2018, 39 days were above 60º and 26 of those days happened in January. Snow in January and February was a little over 4 inches for each year.  The snow in Sedona generally will evaporate in less than a day and there is no ice accumulation especially if these areas are in the sun.

 El Niño

During an El Niño climate shift, the U.S. Southwest as well as the southern part of the United States experiences a wet and in some places, a colder climate with more snow than usual. The warming of the Pacific Ocean generally develops between April and June and will peak in December and January. The affects of this condition have been noticeable this 2019 winter season.

2019 - An Unusual Winter For Sedona 

El Niño is responsible for our extreme cold weather this winter and especially February. Sedona had 5 low temperature readings below 20º with 11.2º the lowest temp so far this year. I am pretty sure this will hold as the lowest temperature. Last year only 1 day at 18.6º was recorded. The high temp for the month was 65.7º, where as last year it was 73.5º.  February had the most snowfall in any recorded month since starting in 2010 at 25.51 inches recorded at the Cottages At Coffeepot weather station.
A Snippet From the Sedona February Weather Aerial Video

Sedona February Weather

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