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The Greek God of Winter Is Visiting Sedona in February 2019!

Sheri Sperry February 18, 2019

A Snowy Sedona February!

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Greek god of the North WindThe Greek god Boreas, has decided to visit Sedona. He must have seen some of the pictures of the red rocks covered in snow and decided to take a mini vacation right smack dab in Sedona in Northern Arizona! I have been waiting for Persephone who is the Greek goddess of spring.  Oh! If you find that ground hog Phil…let him know I got his number! 


The Weather Services Are Right On….So Far

We have been monitoring the weather for a couple of days now. The weather services have said that the high country which includes Sedona could get 5 to 9 inches of snow and the temps won’t even hit 40º. Normally, we can go a long time without hitting high temps this low. In 2016, there were 18 days of 70º+ weather with a high of 80º. There is a big difference this year.  It is a snowy Sedona February!

The Snow Stopped For Two Hours

The sun came out just long enough to evaporate all the snow on the pavement. But now the snow has started once again.  We are on the north side of 4 inches and rising. It will be interesting how the rest of this storm plays out. 

A Low of 4º On Wednesday

We live in an area of a slight incline but both my car and my husband have 4 wheel drive.  My husband has a rock climbing jeep. That vehicle can go anywhere. I am not worried about the roads. The forecast shows clearing skies for Tuesday and Wednesday but that means super cold lows of 11º and 4º! There will be more snow on Thursday and Friday.  

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