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3 Steps ~ Getting Your Home Ready For Sale in Sedona

Sheri Sperry October 22, 2016

Sedona home for sale

Declutter is Key To Selling Your Home In Sedona

Step #1 

Hire the Best Realtor® –  You are already on the right track if you are reading this. You need a Sedona REALTOR® who understands the local market. You want to make sure that person will be there for you when they are needed.

See the Reasons Why Sheri Is Your Solution.

Buyers want to see a home in top selling condition.  This is the only way a seller can expect to get top dollar for any home.  If the home is messy or cluttered, buyers will think that the home has not been taken care of.  Let’s face it, nobody wants to pay a premium price for a home that is not in the same condition. Homes should be painted in neutral colors and all maintenance items in good condition. Buyers will also factor in homes that have older appliances and areas such as kitchens and bathrooms that need to be remodeled. The type of flooring and counter tops should also be factored into the pricing structure of the home you are selling.

Step #2

Crimson View Homes for sale West Sedona


* Always start with the Front Door – Buyers are evaluating as they pull up to the house and walk up to the front door. A clean and well maintained front door area is essential – Potted plant(s) or flowers is a positive site for a buyer. As the buyer enters the house at the front entry, the decision is already formulating whether they would put it on the “short” list. Within the first 2 minutes the buyers have made a preliminary determination. 160 Starlite Drive-38

Weeds pulled – bushes and trees trimmed – Everything has a place. Present the best curb appeal possible for the front of the house. A couple of colorful pots with seasonal flowers or plants that are easy to maintain. Remove dead plants – Buyers want to feel WELCOME! –  See Curb Appeal Ideas – It was for summer but still fits all year!


* Prescription Drugs – need to be handled with special care. Take them out of cabinets and dispose properly. * Clear the medicine cabinets and clean them thoroughly. ** Clear all other cabinets and empty drawers.




* Clear countertops – 1 or 2 items (preferably small items) can stay on the counter – A clean counter is best. * Knick-Knacks – clear all

*** Kitchen utensils – pots and pans – clear – All cabinets and most food items – a few cans of food are ok to show.

Closets – Clothing – Storage

* Closets need to be cleared – Buyers need to see what kind of space is available. Same thing goes with other storage space. If it looks full or over crowded – a buyer will assume there is not enough room in the house to store their “stuff”. Most of the clothing can probably go to good will.

Family Room – Living Room – Open Areas – “Public” Areas

NOTE: * Old or outdated furniture or anything in need of repair should go!
* Only the bare essentials to define the space –  A well placed chair or couch with a table or lamp – Less is more! You want to show space. Walls should be mostly visible (see images).

19-office-aux1Home Office

* Clear out the entire desk – This is normally a high security area. Shred what is no longer needed – No computers – Disks or USB sticks should be secured. Go through each piece of paper to identify for shredding or safe keeping – If you have a lockable desk or file cabinet that is lockable, you may be able to use it for storage if you feel it is necessary.

Sedona home for sale


*** Organize and move as much out as possible  This is like any other area of the house. Men especially want to see how much room is available in the garage. Remove all tools that are valuable.

West Sedona home for sale - bedroom


* All personal items cleared – Let’s face it, most items in the bedrooms are very personal. Bed with a nice up-to-date pillows and bedspread, a side table with a lamp, dresser. Flowers in a vase. – Just some suggestions.

Step #3

Sorting Articles For Removal From Home

NOTE: As your clearing – – Mark the boxes or bins – Have a system to sort the articles – Start with the family first. If they don’t want want the articles, it is easier to categorize where it might belong. See some sorting categories below…moving to Sedona AZ

Family & Friends – What might go to the family – I made sure that I had a least one small item I kept from my mom and dad. Something I personally would treasure and remember of them.

Garage Sale or Estate Sale –  This may be a way to declutter and get a few $$. There are services that will handle this for you if you do not want to deal with it.  They will take a certain percentage of the sale as their commission. Negotiate their services up front.  Find out what they do for their share of the take. If you suspect some item is valuable, you may want to get your own appraisal done. Find out if there is a minimum charge for their services. 

donationsDonation or Give Away – Only usable items you don’t want or need – take pics and put on paper what the current value might be if you tried to sell it. Do not over value an article – make sure you get with your tax preparer or accountant for what you can deduct. See Example – ties that are still useful and in like new condition. –> 

Storage – If you have on property storage or sheds – they will still have to be cleaned out at some point. Also – the sheds are part of the sale so a potential buyer would want to determine space and depth and condition. any article placed in a rented storage space has a tendency to be forgotten. Only use this option if it is temporary.  Calculate the cost of the rental and how long you plan on keeping it to determine if it is worth the cost. Some furniture items may be one-of-a-kind or have sentimental attachment. This makes it very tough to calculate a storage cost.

Trash – Any thing that is broken, torn or in bad need of repair probably fits in this category. If you feel you cannot donate it, than it belongs here.

Real Solutions Just For YOU!

Part of the service I offer is to provide you with the solutions to help you sell your home. That means, I will be there for you.  This is what I do. If I need to offer suggestions or provide vendors, you can count on me. Together we will make this process as simple and smooth as possible.

If you have any other questions, please contact me.

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