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A Funny Thing Happened To Me At My Customer’s New Home…

Sheri Sperry September 28, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened In Clarkdale AZ …

Clarkdale AZ homes for sale

My Customer Never Saw This Home Prior to Closing

During mid-September 2016,  I wrote about a home that had just closed.  I was very excited for my buyer. She was moving back from Colorado to be close to her children and grandchildren.

HOWEVER, it might help to understand that the entire transaction process was done by email, phone, internet and my client’s son. Though I had worked with her in person, she was busy closing up her home in Colorado and found some homes that might work for her in Clarkdale AZ. So she asked her son to see if any of them got his approval for her.  This was the house, he figured she would like.

A First For Me

My customer decided to write up the contract sight unseen except for pictures on the internet. I was out-of-town and had help from one of my associates, Carol Pinciaro.  I asked her more than once if she would like to fly out to make sure this was the house.  She felt comfortable with her son’s decision that this home would be perfect.  So we negotiated a great deal for this brand new home.

YOUR Solutions REALTOR® and how it fits here…

I have taken the tag line “YOUR Solutions REALTOR®” because I work to ensure that any challenge, obstacle or concern from my client is addressed and a solution is found to resolve the issue. I have resurrected many dead deals with innovative approaches that employ a win-win strategy for the buyer and seller.  I offer my clients, a concierge service.  Very simply stated, I watch over the process and in most cases their home. It is just one less thing for my customer to worry about.

As is the case with this client, many buyers and sellers are from out of state. They can’t be here for every part of the process. Or in this case, ANY part of the process! I do what ever is necessary to ensure their needs are met.  This is a critical service feature that out-of-state customers really appreciate. They know they can count on me to help with anything that needs attention. I will find a solution that works. This customer needed special pictures, measuring of walls as well as handling the entire inspection process. I was there for her.

Another First For Me 


Being on set for the HGTV series “Vacation Home for Free – Sedona Oasis” starring Matt Blashaw,  was something very exciting and special. My husband was taking pictures for the primary landscape designer and contractor Joshua Loveall , of Joshua Tree & Landscape. During these episodes many home owners are not allowed to see the house until the end. They want the raw reaction to hit the TV screen.

You probably know where I am going with this.  I opened the home for my customer for the first time and the emotion came over her so hard and fast that tears started flow right there.  Of course they were tears of joy.

This home was more than she had expected and she was completely overwhelmed.  This is what makes it all worth while to help customers fulfill their dream.

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