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Sedona LifeStyle … Live-Work-Space Needs – 9 Wish-list Items

Sheri Sperry September 7, 2016

Sedona Lifestyle

Working From Home

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Why Home Offices have become an integral part of what a home should have.

A lot has changed over that last few years.  There was a time that people didn’t work from home.  The tools they needed were always kept in an office environment. Copy machines were expensive and required a lot of space. Files cabinets were needed to store the documents you were working on. Your business phone was tied to the desk you worked!  There were the constant meetings you were required to be at. Office memos and in-house mail that you needed to go through on a daily basis.

Fast Forward to present day. We now have email and document signing as well as desktop all-in-one printers and scanners.  You can print remotely and use Skype or FaceTime for meetings.  You can work anywhere you want to because you have that smart phone, tablet or laptop that has everything you need. The internet is faster than ever, even in residential areas. Sedona homes for sale ReMax Sedona

Why is it important for Sedona customers?

In the Sedona real estate market, many of my customers want home offices or office space on their wish-list.  Why? Well most of my home buyers are looking to purchase a second home.  At some point, they may retire here. But right now, they can work remotely. So a home that offers some flexibility in office space is something they want to see.  This gives them the option of spending their time away from the office as they see necessary.

What Customers Are Looking For:

  • A home office environment
  • Separate room with door when possible
    • Example is by the front entrance with a glass door for the office besides a slider looking at the view of the courtyard and red rocks.
  • Powerful internet service and WiFi setup
  • Natural light and views
  • Artificial overhead lighting
  • Storage areas
  • Good Ventilation and temperature controlled
  • Enough electrical outlets for computer and peripherals
  • No carpet in office – chair needs to glide freely


Sedona homes with offices for sale

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