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See A Fascinating Critter of the Southwest! Video

Sheri Sperry June 30, 2017





Watch Wild Javelina Roam Sedona Real Estate

Javelina Roam Sedona Real Estate

Many people think that javelina are hairy pigs. They are not. Collard Peccary is what they are called and are the only wild ‘pig like’ animal found in the USA. Wild boar are found on Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California. Javelina usually travel in groups small or large. I have seen as many as 50 grazing on grass grubs. We also have a single Javie come by that we nickname “Harold”.

The javelina can make a real mess of your garden areas.  Like pigs, they eat just about anything.  We have gates in out courtyard and every once in awhile, I would come home to roots and flower pots all over the courtyard.  I finally saw a javelina come through the 4 inch opening in the gate!  Once I put up rabbit wire, no more problems.  

In the summer, they burrow a shallow trench to get to the cool dirt under the Pinon Pine, Juniper and Arizona Cypress behind our home. They also use this area for birthing. Many times we have gone outside to hear what sound like a hurt javelina, only to find a baby or two the next day. 

As you watch the video, the javelina look very docile, don’t let that fool you!  They can go after each other if one of the other navies comes after their food.   

One more thing about javelina.  They have a unique order that you can smell many yards away.  After a rain the smell is even more pungent!  

In Sedona, homes have to be built to allow wild animals to travel.  

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