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Sedona AZ Weather – Did Sedona Get Snow? – 2021 Recap – January 2022 Update –

Sheri Sperry February 7, 2022

Sedona Weather 2021 Recap


Coffeepot Rock dusting of Snow - Soldiers Pass Sheri Sperry 928.274.7355 Coldwell Banker Realty



283 Days of Sunshine in 2021

  All the stats come from the weather station in Soldiers Pass - the Cottages At Coffeepot.  We didn't quite make 300 days of sunshine in 2021.  Mostly because of a lot of storms that brought much-needed rain and snow.  We had a total of 15.75 inches of snow in 2021.  That snow came on a couple of days in January and the same in March.


Warmest Sedona Weather Stats For 2021

  The warmest day of the year was 112.3º recorded on June 15th, 2021. In most areas, August has the warmest days.  Generally in Sedona, you will find the warmest days in June.  There is very little rain or cloud cover.  Monsoon does not usually kick in until right after the 4th of July.  We did have an 11-day heat spell from June 12th thru the 22nd of June. Don't forget that there is very little humidity in Arizona.  It is the second least humid state in the country.  It is the humidity that makes warm and colder weather uncomfortable. 1st Day of 100º was on 6/2/21 - (100.7º) ~ Last Day of 100º = 8/05/21!  Think about that stat. The rest of the country usually has the warmest days in August.  In Sedona, we never went past 99º after August 5th, 2021.  The warmest month of the year was July at 77.1º. Another fact about Sedona: the AC is turned off most days before 8 pm and the windows are opened up especially at night.  Temps drop into the 60ºs during the warmest months.  I do remind friends, visitors, and clients that Sedona does not have the same climate as Phoenix in Central Arizona or Tucson in Southern Arizona.  That area is part of the Sonora Desert.  Sedona is in the Transition Zone.  It borders the Colorado Plateau climate zone. If you travel up SR 89A in Oak Creek toward Flagstaff, you will be in the Colorado Plateau as you hit the switchbacks about 20 minutes north outside Sedona.

What is Monsoon?

Many people don't quite understand what the monsoon is.  For starters, it is a season.  You don't add "season" after monsoon when describing it. Another question that comes up is "How does it affect Sedona and Arizona"?

You can learn all about monsoon at this link. 


January 2021 Sedona Snow Event Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty 928.274.7355

Coolest Sedona Weather Stats For 2021

  The coolest day in 2021 that dipped below freezing was January 27th, 2021 at 18.3º before sunrise.  There was 1 day that had a high below freezing for the entire year. Only 4 days since 2011 have been recorded below freezing for a high temperature.  Any snow we get always starts evaporating (low humidity) when the sun hits it. January was the coolest month of the year with an average of 40.3º.  You can see the days above where they fall in the temperature scale. The summers and winters are not harsh like many may think.  Sedona does not get many months or days of extreme temperature changes like other areas experience. I have found that most people want to experience all four seasons.  In Sedona, each season is distinct though mild.  

January 2022 Recap



January 2022 Sedona weather Category stats by Sheri Sperry REALTOR - Coldwell Banker Realty 928.274.7355


January 2022

Winter Solstice Soldiers Pass Sedona Cottages At Coffeepot - Sheri Sperry REALTOR - Coldwell Banker Realty 928.274.7355

Winter 2022 starts on December 21, 2021. So the last 10 days of December 2021, are included in this journal entry. The image above is dawn on the Winter Solstice. The east side of our home sits at a perpendicular angle to the rising sun on the Winter Solstice. During January 2022, we had some of the coldest weather we have seen since last January of 2021. We have already had a low of 18.4º (on 01/02/22). The video above was created on that day. Storms coming from the arctic and moving down off the west coast brought us a lot of rain and snow in the high country. Sedona had over 4 inches in December but more importantly, it drizzled for 3 days soaking into the ground and creating very little runoff. This is good news for a reduced draught condition. The rest of January we had 19 days of sunshine and 4 days of precipitation 0.65 inches of rain and 0.25 inches of snow. Interestingly enough with all this cold weather, the average temp was 1º higher than last year. The high last year was 68.6º and this year only 63.8º. I am glad February is around the corner and we will start seeing longer and slightly warmer days as we progress into spring. We might even see the bulbs start to sprout!

Go to Ricks World Sedona for Seasonal Images and Videos as well as all the statistics from 2011 thru January 2022


Soldiers Pass Sedona ~ Seasonal Weather Summaries


Arizona Winters are awesome! Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty 928.274.7355

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