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Homes Create Memories ~ A Nostalgic Look Back

Sheri Sperry July 30, 2016

Happy Anniversary!

13 Years As Sedona Homeowners

A Nostalgic Look Back 

Before & After


With our 44th Wedding Anniversary coming up next week, we are celebrating a different kind of anniversary today. Today marks 13 years as Sedona homeowners.  These years hold some of the very best memories. Our kids didn’t grow up here, but our son and daughter-in-law spent time with us as they saved for a home of their own.  Our baby-boo Tristan spent the 1st week outside the hospital with us.  We have created and continue to create wonderful memories here.


Japanese Maple was small and offered no shade during summer. Everything was overgrown.  As much as I love trees, the property had too many and some were touching the house.  We had no patio furniture of any kind in the beginning.  There were no flowers or any color. No water feature or anything that adds interest to a property.



13 years later, the Japanese Maple completely shades the bay window. The room stays much cooler in summer. We enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning looking up toward Coffeepot Rock. The sun rises at the back of the home. 

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The entire property was overgrown. Many homes have pack rats in this type of ivy. We were fortunate there were no pests. The entire home had to be repainted.



After the clean up, we found a cactus fountain and re-designed the drainage to accommodate Monsoon micro-bursts. I love to garden and I spend a lot of time in the front courtyard!

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The backyard was basically original.  Railroad ties, too much grass, 1978 rock besides over growth which was a major fire hazard.  Seven trees had to come out. It was a shame but they created a fire and safety hazard.  The back wall was repainted and a decorative gate was added.



This is a night shot in the full moon light which will create a very cool white balance because of the reflected light.  Grass was taken out, a walkway was added to the bottom of the property. Night lighting and many rock features were added along with drought resistant plants that blend well with the upper desert landscape. The red rock in the background is the Sphinx.  Notice the stars in the sky.  Sedona is a dark sky city. Picture was taken around 3:40 am – nautical twilight on the sunrise is starting.

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Our biggest disappointment was having to pull out the weeping willows.  They also were a safety hazard and tree limbs would randomly break off.  We had to get rid of them.  This completely opened up the backyard and everything started to grow like weeds! 


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This is 13 years later!  The backyard is the way we want it. As the Red Rocks come into view, it is early morning. The sun has risen on Coffeepot Rock and also on Thunder Mountain off to the left. 

Happy Anniversary Home! You have been very good to us!


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