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Do You Have Sedona Red Rocks Fever? Learn About The Symptoms…

Sheri Sperry September 20, 2023

Learn about Red Rocks Fever and if you need help with your Sedona real estate needs Call Sheri at 928.274.7355

Feature Image - Broken Arrow Trail near Merry-Go-Round Rock

Enjoying the Sedona Lifestyle

Part 2

Do You Have Sedona Red Rocks Fever? 

In Part 1 - "Once In a Sedona Super Blue Moon..." I presented an overview of the Sedona Lifestyle.  But what was the real magnet that attracted us to Sedona? I will explain below.

Red Rocks Fever Symptoms

Lovers Knoll - Red Rock Loop Sedona - Call Sheri Sperry at 928.274.7355 for all your Sedona luxury real estate needs

Above - Lovers Knoll - Red Rock Loop 

Those with a severe case of red rock fever may lose some sleep and become anxious and frustrated because they did not plan enough time in this beautiful and breathtaking area. Some of the symptoms of a person with the “fever” are: they may try to pack too much into their time in Sedona red rock country. Other symptoms include an extra hike or bike ride, maybe a Red Rock Jeep tour, or just one more visit to a vortex before you leave.

Sedona Brings A Sense Of Adventure To The Soul...

As you analyze the phrase, you anticipate what you might see around the next turn, whether hiking or driving. When you experience the sights, the sounds, and the smells of pine trees, nature, and the red rocks, a feeling of euphoria may come over you. Hence, the name "Red Rocks Fever"! I know you don’t want to leave, but you must return to where you came from…

or do you?

Maybe you do like my husband did….“Sheri, find us a REALTOR®!” 

I am not saying everyone who comes to Sedona gets the bug, but many do. They will wander into my office and ask to see some property. Like myself, they didn’t plan it, but come hell or high water, they will find a place for a vacation or a second home.  Maybe they will retire near one of the golf courses or get a home near a trailhead so they can go hiking every day.

Sedona Golf Resort - homes on Golf course - call Sheri Sperry @ 928.274.7355 for Golf course homes in Sedona

Sedona Golf Resort Homes

Sedona Golf Course Homes - Call Sheri Sperry @ 928.274.7355 for Sedona golf course homes info

If you know someone who the Red Rock Fever may have bitten, please send them my way.  I can help them find a cure for their “fever.”

Rick And Sheri Enchantment Resort

 So...How Did We End Up In Sedona?

Enchantment Resort

Enchantment Resort in Boynton Canyon

I surprised Rick with a long weekend at the Enchantment Resort in Sedona.  The red rocks of Boynton Canyon, part of the Seven Canyons, caught our attention.  We had a casita with an outside deck.  When Rick saw the stars and the Milky Way that night, he told me to find a REALTOR®.  We had been looking for a vacation home and a possible place to retire.

Call Sheri Sperry for all your realestate needs @ 928-274-7355

We checked out Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Florida.  But none of those locations had the combination we were looking for.  Sedona was an easy drive back to California. It had a small-town atmosphere and dark skies that highlighted the Milky Way. The weather was another significant factor with a mild four-season climate.

Sedona Secret 7 - dark sky and star gazing

Red Rocks Fever …Catch It!

See more pics at RedRocksFever.com.

Cathedral Rock and Milky Way - courtesy of Heber Lopez - Facebook June 2023

Hiking Trails In Sedona

Jordon Trail System - Sedona - Call Sheri Sperry for all your real estate needs 928.274.7355

According to Sedona's Visitor Guide, over 200 trails cover over 400 miles in the Sedona area.  There is a trail for every skill level with majestic or exciting features to see.  Hiking in Sedona is a surreal experience.  If you happen upon a Vortex, that can be another experience in and of itself.  


Mermaid Rock off SR 179 - Call Sheri Sperry for all your real estate needs 928.274.7355

Mermaid Rock off SR 179

Schnebly Hills Rd Vortex - Call Sheri Sperry @ 928.274.7355 for all your Sedona Luxury real estate needs.

Meditation at Schnebly Hill Vortex Site

God created the Grand Canyon, but He lives in Sedona..."

Next in the series... "I Love the Red Rocks and the Landscape, but Why Should I Move To Sedona?

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