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Summer Hiking In Sedona Arizona Is Very Special

Sheri Sperry July 24, 2023

Summer Hiking In Sedona

 Enjoy Hiking Sedona Magic Time

Jordon Park Trailhead

Uptown Sedona

Summer hiking in Sedona is a big draw and visitors soon learn that you need to get up early to get a good parking spot at the trailhead of your choice.  Most trailheads have parking lots with insufficient spaces for the traffic of hikers that want to use them.  There are a couple of trailheads that have lots of parking.  One that has a lot of appeal for those who enjoy summer hiking in Sedona is Jordon Park Trailhead. Here are some positive reasons why I recommend this trailhead:

  • Lots of parking
  • 3 main trails that head west and intersect in dozens of places with other trails (Brins Mesa, Cibola Pass, Jordon)
    • Sometimes called North Urban Trail System East/West
  • A 4th trail that heads east, (Jim Thompson) towards Steamboat Rock and Wilson Canyon
  • Restrooms
During summer, it is important to enjoy your hiking in the early morning. Bring lots of water. I recommend a camel pack or hydration pack and snacks high in protein. You can find examples ($$) here, Camel Bak ($$$+) Brand. Summer weather in Sedona will start off in the 60ºs or low 70ºs but you have to be careful that monsoon weather is not developing. Check the weather before you start hiking. If a hiker is not careful, they could get caught in a downpour. Worse yet, hikers could get stranded. Watch for washes and stay out of them. If storm weather is developing get to a high point and find cover under a rock shelf or a tree. Stay clear of a path that water will follow during a downpour.

Golden Hour or Magic Time 

If you are a photographer, as you can see in the images, clouds add a dramatic effect. Another impressive feature is the Golden Hour or Magic Time as described in this blog article.  

Summer Hiking in Sedona

Other Areas With Large Parking Areas

Bell Rock & Courthouse Butte

As you come into Sedona from the Village of Oak Creek, there are two large parking areas on either side of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. There are many hiking paths from either side of Bell Rock.

Summer hiking in Sedona

Fay Canyon Trailhead in the 7 Canyons area off Boynton Canyon

Fay Canyon Trailhead is another improved parking lot area with many car spaces to park and begin a hike. The trails go in many directions, which all can enjoy. I like Fay Canyon, and you can see the Fay Canyon Arch off the main trail if you hike to it. This is a fairly easy hike.

Interactive Map for Summer Hiking in Sedona 

Select the Link or Static Map below for the Interactive Map

HINT: On the left side of the Map Header, there is a hidden sidebar where you can uncheck strenuous, moderate, or easy hikes depending on your level of hiking expertise. As you zoom in - other trails will populate. There are many beautiful trails, such as Devil's Bridge, Soldiers Pass, and Sugarloaf, that I have not highlighted because the parking is limited. You may find parking available if you get there early (sunrise).

Also, ensure that trailheads off dirt roads do not require high clearance or 4-wheel drive vehicles.

You can find more information about other Red Rock Ranger District trailheads at this link.

Note: Cursor down to the Red Rock Ranger District for all trails.

Red Rock District Information

Summer Hiking Sedona


Red Rock Passes

Generally, you will find these fee stations where needed. The sign below will tell you what you need to do. This particular fee station is at the Bell Rock Trailhead.

Summer hiking in Sedona

Of course, if you have any questions about hiking or other activities, please call me at (928) 274-7355.


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