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Magic Time In Sedona Arizona ~ There is no better time!

Rick Sperry July 3, 2019

Magic Time In Sedona

 Magic Time Sedona

Magic Time In Sedona

"Magic Time" in Sedona is a very special treat. In my opinion, "Magic Time" is that time just before sunrise and just after sunset. The sun is just below the horizon and the spectrum of light is diffused through the atmosphere. The red light has the longest visible wavelength of light so it easily gets through the thick atmosphere layer just below the horizon. It can bounce through the atmosphere and not lose very much of its strength. This is what makes "Magic Time" so special in Sedona. The crimson color in our red rocks is saturated with the red light and images may actually look imaginary only because the red color is deeply saturated and captured and frozen in time As the sun continues to move through the twilight, our mind "sees" the changes in real-time. This progression is very short. A photographer can lengthen the "Magic Time" by adjusting the aperture setting of the lens. This can also be done in post-production. A photographer who uses a professional camera that has a wide range of aperture, ISO and shutter speed which is also called "the exposure triangle", can increase the ability to capture a low light image well past what an average eye can see.

Magic Time Sedona

Is The Golden Hour Similar To Magic Time?

Often times and in my opinion, "The Golden Hour" and "Magic Time" are interchangeable. "The Golden Hour" is usually the time right after sunrise and right prior to sunset. This is where the sun is still above the horizon and the yellow spectrum of light is most visible. It allows the yellow wavelength to add a golden hue to the image. It is also why sunrises and sunsets are so dramatic. Again, "Magic Time" is when the sun is below the horizon and the red wavelength is the predominant color in the spectrum. When you hire Sheri Sperry to list your house, my services are included at no cost to you. Besides my expertise in photography, I provide a whole host of media and technology services. Visit this link to see some additional images of "Magic Time". (Summer Hiking in Sedona Arizona Is Very Special).


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