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The Shades or Shadows of the Sedona Summer Solstice

Sheri Sperry June 21, 2019

Winter Summer Solstice Comparison

Happy Summer!


Panorama at Sunrise on the Summer Solstice 

Summer solstice at sunrise…The walkway right next to the “m” in Sedona-Lifestyle.com points directly to the southeast position of the sun at the winter solstice. This shows the range of sun travel during the solstice intervals.

exact time of Solstice

This is the position of the sun at the exact time of the summer solstice.

(8:54 a – 8:55 a) PDT/MST

~ ~ ~

The two images at the top are the current 2018 Winter Solstice and 2019 Summer Solstice.


2018 Winter Solstice

During winter, the sun is directly behind the camera shooting head-on into Coffeepot Rock.


The sun comes up far to the right of where the camera is taking the image, creating large shadows on the townhomes across the street. 

~ ~ ~

“As the Sun Spirals its Longest Dance…Cleanse Us

As Nature shows Bounty and Fertility…Bless Us


Let all things live with loving intent

 to fulfill their truest destiny”

source: Glad Is

For  those wanting to celebrate or add their own flair to this special day, You can visit “Explore Deeply”

to get some ideas and add your touch!

Five Beautiful Rituals to Celebrate Summer Solstice


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