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Sedona Weather – A Climate Sedona Homeowners & Visitors Enjoy Year Round!

Rick Sperry August 1, 2021

Sedona – Weather Stats & Records

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Sedona Weather Stats

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The Sedona Weather – Year In Review…

Update Preface 2021…

Even though this post is well over 3 years old, it will give you a good idea of the type of weather you can find in Sedona.  Of course, every year is different and if you want to see weather from other years as well as the current year we are in, go to Sedona-Weather.com.  You can find statistics and almanac information going back to 2011.  Also, there are plenty of videos that you can access of our wonderful weather from winter, spring, summer to fall.  Enjoy.  

300 Days of Sunshine! 

Sedona Weather – Tracking “sunshine” as a statistic, was not easy. One has to be cognizant of the weather each and every day. To be accurate, this statistic needs to be recorded on a daily basis. My husband decided to take on this project for one year to see how accurate the claim was. Many areas that boast high tourism and lots of sunshine claim this statistic. But there was an inner curiosity to either prove or disprove the claim in Sedona. So the tracking began.

As the year progressed, the days with sunshine were definitely going to be over 280 but 300 might be a stretch.  As it turned out, the lack of rainfall and more days of high pressure contributed to the credibility of the claim that Sedona does have 300 days of sunshine!  Learn more about all the weather statistics from Sedona-Weather.com. Our weather station has records and statistics that go back to 2011 in many cases.

If you are interested in learning more about the Sedona real estate market or Sedona-Lifestyle.com, please give me a call or visit my website. Many people move here because of the pleasant outdoor weather which is present all year long.

Sedona weather White Christmas


In 2016, Sedona weather precipitation was almost 26 inches of rain and 12 inches of snow. This is the most on record in the 7 years of tracking history of the weather station at the Cottages of Coffeepot. At Christmas, most people want a White Christmas. We were fortunate to get our first White Christmas which was very exciting and really capped off the year. It is extremely rare to see freezing conditions. The days warm up and our sunshine will melt ice and snow rather quickly. Some snow will stay in areas that get no sun at all. Don’t be cavalier though. Winter conditions may cause ice in some areas so be careful when driving or walking.

Winter – “Early” Spring

The rain continued through the first 3 months of the year.Sedona weather spring   Another 7 inches dropped through March of 2017. When others are starting to get cabin fever, Spring had already started near the beginning of February and continued through the beginning of June. So discussing the “winter months” of January and February get mixed into the spring months of late March and April! The trees start blooming in early February. Our winter is more like most of the country’s winter.

With all the rain, Spring was really beautiful. Trees, shrubs, and plants were blooming for many months. The temperature was very pleasant. There were only 23 days below 50º in the first 3 months of the year, (2 more days in December), normally the coldest months of the year. No days were below freezing for a high and only 8 days were below 40º. All but 1 came in January. Twenty-two out of 90 days dipped below 32º, and there were another 20 days in November and December that dipped below 32º as well.

Since our weather is very dry with little wind, you can put on a sweater and be comfortable if you are out running errands. The high in January was 67º. We did get 4.25 inches of snow in January. If you are staying outside for a significant amount of time without going indoors, a hat, gloves, and a winter jacket may be appropriate.



Sedona weather - summer monsoonWe had 23 days over 100º in summer. Fourteen days came in June. June generally has very little to no rain. Monsoon does not normally show up until the second week of July. The clouds and rain cool down the afternoon temperature. From July 10th to September 3rd, there were no days over 100º.

Lack of Humidity

Again, I can’t emphasize this enough. We have very little humidity, even during the monsoon. This makes higher temperatures less noticeable and why we tell people to drink lots of water. It is easy to get dehydrated. When there is less moisture in the air, no matter what season you are in, you do not feel the heat or the cold. This is one of the reasons people like our weather so much. You can enjoy the seasons without the discomfort of feeling the weather.

The hottest day of the year was 110º. The heat spell lasted 13 days. But, once it was over, the days didn’t even reach 100º. There was only one other day in early September that went over 100º. The first day of 100º plus temps. was June 16th. The last day of 100º was July 9th, (other than a fluke day over 100º on September 4th, which was only one day). We did get about 6.5 inches of rain during the monsoon in July and August.


Every season is beautiful in Sedona.sedona weather - Fall Aspens Flagstaff The climate is mild but you actually get the seasons. Fall is no different. There is color throughout the season. It starts in Flagstaff with the Aspens in early October and the change of color meanders down Oak Creek Canyon until you get to Sedona proper.  Fall brings out the visitors from near and far to enjoy the crisp air and beautiful color. The picture below is Oak Creek Canyon taken from Midgley Bridge. Visitors should plan months ahead for accommodations.  If you enjoy hiking, get to your area early or risk walking extra miles before you reach the trailhead. West Fork trail is absolutely gorgeous and is preferred by most residents and visitors alike.

Sedona weather - Fall - Oak Creek Canyon

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