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Why You Should Select Steel Instead Of Wood For Your New Home Construction

Sheri Sperry June 14, 2017

Steel vs. Wood

Steel Home Construction

steel home construction

Soldier's Pass Sedona Arizona

  This steel home construction has been under construction on the street that I take to get to my house. Up until recently, I have been watching them continue to work on the foundation. Months and months of digging out solid rock to form this foundation.  Then within weeks, the framing started to go up. Low and behold, it was all steel.  The picture above is the second story. The second story floor is even metal. I have only seen two or three other homes being built that were steel construction. Of course, these homes are in the multi-million dollar range.  The house right next to this one was built for $3.4 million. Have you ever wondered why some homes are now using steel in the construction rather than wood framing?  My first thought is that when you are building a high end home you might as well spend the money on the best material. Right?

What Is The Cost Steel vs. Wood?

I read some research that states that a DIY site did. They built 3 separate walls 10 feet long, 8 feet high with 3 electrical boxes and drywall on both side. Materials were purchased at Home Depot. Their conclusion was this:
  • Wood framed wall with nails: Total cost = $102.08
  • Wood framed wall with screws: Total cost = $103.54
  • Wall framed with steel studs: Total cost = $114.37
Roughly the cost is a little over 10% higher.

What Are The Benefits?

As I review some of these benefits, your area may not even fit some of the weather profile. We are assuming the steel home is properly constructed.
  • Steel is eco-friendly - made completely with recyclable material
  • Termites can't eat steel. Pests won't nest. Rats can't chew through it!
  • Steel is safe from mold and mildew.
  • Earthquake resistant to seismic zone 4. Great for California
  • Strong enough to remain standing during 150 mph winds.
  • With a steel roof, can handle much more snow with out collapse of the roof.
  • Resists fire!
  • Steel framing is lighter and stronger than wood and it will last...
  steel home constructoin   This steel home construction is going to be a top luxury home. Price of materials and quality does not matter in a home like this. The view alone is priceless. The average price of all the homes in Soldier's Pass is over $1.4 million with many homes going over 2 or 3 million. There at least a handful of homes that are $3 to $4 million each. Soldier's Pass is a special area.  However, there are those builders who will tell you that the price per square foot with steel is less that of a conventional framed home. Do your homework. You may be better off with steel home construction.

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