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Time Change – See How It Affects Arizona and Hawaii

Sheri Sperry March 10, 2019

No Time Change in Arizona or Hawaii!

Arizona Stays On Mountain Standard Time (MST) All Year Long

Time Change? What time change? As the rest of the country prepares to “gain” or “lose” an hour of sleep,  Arizona and Hawaii will have a normal day as always.  No clocks are moved backward during Fall or forward during Spring. Arizona stays on Mountain Standard Time (MST) all year long. 

The current dates of the time change for most of the USA are as follows:  Clocks are set 1 hour forward on the second Sunday of March moving to Daylight Savings, while on the first Sunday of November, the clocks are moved back to Standard Time.

The One Exception…

The Navajo Nation observes Daylight Savings Time. This affects areas, especially in Northern Arizona.  So, they will be setting their clocks back with the rest of the country!

Island Territories Also Do Not Observe DST

Areas such as American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands also do not observe DST.  There are many states are considering staying on one particular time. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future! Most of the time there is a lot of grumbling going on but nothing changes. After a day or two everybody is in their new routine. Time Change - Arizona Mountain Standard Time

How Time Change Affects Arizona

For those of us in Arizona who deal across multiple time zones,  we have to adjust the time change in our head.  It can take a couple of days to a few weeks depending on how en-grained the previous time change across the country affected you.  Our national media adjusts their schedule and all our programming moves one way or the other.


Air Transportation May Change Schedules Due To Time Changes

Air or transportation travel schedules may also change. We missed a flight one time because we came to the airport too late to board the plane! We did not realize that the flight had been moved up an hour to accommodate the schedule of other areas with the time change.

Though our sleep pattern is not affected, there are other considerations that do affect the states and territories that do not observe DST.  One big consideration is to make sure all your computers and GPS related devices that sync up with the National Time Center. Do not check or uncheck Daylight Savings Time. Why? The time will automatically be adjusted in the device – whether it is a computer or a clock on a nightstand.  You will know by the switch located somewhere on the clock. 

Time Change - Arizona Mountain Standard Time

In My Opinion…

Personally, I am very fine with it being dark in the morning with a little bit more daylight in the evening in the winter. We get to sleep in the dark! By 7:15 am Sedona time, it is light enough to see and be outside if you need to be.  The sun may not rise until around 8 am but visibility is no issue. It is nice not having to worry about changing all the clocks! Even in the summer months, having sunlight at 4:30 am is fine with me because the weather is pleasant enough to be outside gardening or walking or hiking! 

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