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Top 5% of All Coldwell Banker Sales Associates Worldwide – International President’s Circle

Sheri Sperry February 24, 2021

Top 5% Coldwell Banker sales associates Sheri Sperry

Coldwell Banker International President's Circle 

Top 5 % - Coldwell Banker International President's Circle - Sheri Sperry Sedona

Sheri Sperry

Top 5% of All Coldwell Banker Sales Associates Worldwide

  I found out near the end of January that I had earned the Coldwell Banker International President's Circle Award for Excellence. I have been so busy taking care of clients that I didn't really think about any awards I might receive.  After all, we are in a virtual world and there have not been any in-person sales meetings.  So there has not been any "buzz" about our 2020 achievements.   I have really grappled with the idea of sharing this. First of all, it was 2020.  I know that many people have had so many life changes.  They have lost loved ones and many states such as Colorado, a neighboring state were completely shut down and unable to work in real estate.  My heart goes out to all those people. But today, I saw a post from Grant Schneider - Virtual Teams Will Dominate Soon. I realized that I should share how I adapted to help clients (buyers and sellers) in this new pandemic reality.  Arizona is a business-friendly state.  There was no real choice, you either adapt or get pushed aside.  I adapted to all the changes that needed to be made to thrive and help clients with all their Sedona real estate needs. 

It Was March 19, 2020...

I know the date because March 18, is my husband's birthday and the restaurant we were at said that they could only offer take-out starting the next day. Our Sedona and Verde Valley real estate market was very hot. However the next two weeks the phone did not ring.  

"Step Up Communication"

This is right out of Grant's post.  As a seasoned salesperson, this was natural for me.  I started calling family, friends, and close clients for no other reason than to check on them. I was not trying to sell real estate. But as you know, during the course of any conversation, we often get asked "How is the market doing?"

Inability To Travel

  I realized that I would have to adapt to whatever my clients needed from me.    I learned how to leverage the virtual world with the hands-on reality of working in the Sedona real estate world. Many of my clients come from out-of-state so I have had that virtual aspect already. But they could not travel easily or had concerns about traveling.  So more than ever before, I did virtual tours for my buyers.  Sometimes I would tour 3 homes in a day.  My husband would do the video while I talked about the home.  Rick set up a template to showcase the video with details of the homes I previewed on my website.  He made a category called "Clients Only". You can see a video of a $2,350,000 home here, that I previewed for a client. This is the type of service I offer buyers.  my service is customized for their needs.  It is a "Concierge" or bespoke service. Many have said that clients want to see, touch and experience the energy of what is considered for most people, the largest purchase they make.  I have also found that office space and places to get some "alone" time are very important and changing the way we habitat. The home above has many areas that a member of a household can get away from each other!

Understanding the Nuances of the Virtual World

  Here is a major issue that you may be able to help your clients with... Some people cannot understand the nuance(s) of change in the inflection of a person's voice or worse yet, the body language. You may not even be able to see body language in the virtual world.  Listening skills become critical as well as doing listening checks and asking the right questions. When we listen intently to what a client is telling us, we will be able to identify concerns and adjust to those needs. 

In Closing...

  I had made all my goals by summer. I didn't rest on those goals.  I adjusted them upward by a significant 7 figure amount and just slightly missed the new adjusted goal. In times like this, we can't rest on our laurels. We need to press forward but we also need to realize why we are doing this and celebrate our accomplishments.  I look forward to continued success in 2021. I received two letters of congratulations.  I will leave you with these 2 lines from our President & CEO, M.Ryan Gorman. 

Your exceptional performance exemplifies the best and brightest in real estate today. 

Congratulations on ranking among the top sales professionals in the network.


~ ~ ~

Top 5 % of Coldwell Banker REALTORS Worldwide Sheri Sperry

This is the essence of what it means to be “YOUR Solutions Realtor. Whether you are a buyer or seller, together we will design the right solutions to fit your needs. For example, sellers… Every inquiry I receive on your listing is expertly handled with professional courtesy by me, Sheri Sperry, a licensed and highly trained Sedona Real Estate Expert. It’s the best way for me to assure that YOUR critical needs are being met to exceed expectations. Absentee owners who list with me can count on “White Glove” hands-on special care of their properties.

Contact me for more information to see how I can tailor solutions and services to your needs. It is all part of my Concierge ~ White Glove ~ Service.

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