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Magic Time In Sedona Arizona ~ There is no better time!

Hiking during “Magic Time” is a very special treat. In my opinion, “Magic Time” is that time just before sunrise and just after sunset. The sun is just below the horizon and the spectrum of light is diffused through the atmosphere. The red light has the longest visible wavelength of light so it easily gets through the thick atmosphere layer just below the horizon.

Sedona Weather – A Climate Sedona Homeowners & Visitors Enjoy Year Round!

Sedona Weather – Tracking “sunshine” as a statistic, was not easy. One has to be cognizant of the weather each and every day. To be accurate, this statistic needs to be recorded on a daily basis. My husband decided to take on this project for one year to see how accurate the claim was. Many areas that boast high tourism and lots of sunshine claim this statistic. But there was an inner curiosity to either prove or disprove the claim in Sedona. So the tracking began.

Pine Valley – Video of Grey Fox Area

Get a glimpse of the type of special properties that are available in Pine Valley.

Sedona AZ 86336 ~ Homes For-Sale – Aug 2016 ~ Market Analysis

So, how the Sedona real estate market is doing? This report will give you a current in-depth market analysis. Sheri Sperry shares the current Days on Market (DOM), how much Inventory is currently available, median price trends and whether it is a seller or buyer’s market reflected in the Market Action Index (MAI). See what each quartile is doing.