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Sedona Hummingbird Festival Held on July 28th – July 30th

Sheri Sperry July 26, 2017

Sedona Hummingbird Festival 

Sedona hummingbird festival

The Sedona Hummingbird Festival is held at the end of July, beginning of August. Hummingbirds are coming back from more northern states and are starting to migrate back to the south this time of year and there is usually up to seven different kinds of hummingbirds that gather while preparing for the trip south.  They reach a peak in August in Sedona and little by little they continue on the migration.

Sedona hummingbird festival

One of My Favorite Birds

I have feeders and hummingbird friendly plants all over my garden – front and back.  Even during the winter months, I will see a couple of “regulars” around the yard. But June thru September is when there are five to ten hanging around. Now, are they just passing through? I really don’t know if they are the same birds or not.

Sedona hummingbird festival

Feeders and Nectar

I have feeders in the back and in the front. There are some of these birds that are territorial and they will watch for and scare away other hummingbirds.

Some tricks I have learned to help keep the hummingbirds around:

  • Have at least two different lines of sight for the feeders. This will keep a territorial bird at only one vantage point.
  • Keep the feeders out of the sun. The nectar will be more resistant to fermentation. Change it often. Gage how much is being used daily and only fill up your feeder to that level.
  • Make your own – I use organic raw sugar – 1 to 4 ratio (quarter cup of sugar the rest water) – IMO – The red juice is not healthy and the birds I feed won’t drink it anyway!
  • If you get ants climbing down into the nectar – get a round piece of plastic with a 2 inch diameter and cut a line to the middle. place it on the wire that the feeder hangs on. place a generous amount of vaseline on the surface and the ants won’t be able to pass down the wire.
  • Do your best to clean the feeder with only hot water. Avoid using any detergents or soap. The picky hummers won’t come back to the feeder!

Sedona hummingbird festival

Sedona Hummingbird Festival – Event

Presented by the International Hummingbird Society

When : July 28 – 30

Where: Red Rock High School – Sedona Performing Arts Center (995 Upper Red Rock Loop Road, Sedona 86336)

Tickets only available at the door.

Expert Presentations

75% of the content is designed to educate and entertain attendees on hummingbirds. Co-headliners are James Currie and Victor Emanuel. James hosts a popular birding TV show “Nikon’s Birding Adventures on NBC Sports Network. Also James hosts”Aerial Assassins on National Geographic. Victor is the founder and compiler for 50 years the Freeport Christmas Bird Count and served as president of the Texas Ornithological Society.

Some of the presentations include:

“High Speed Hummingbird Photography in Costa Rica” – Chuck Fritsch and Cindy Walpole

“Dragonflies and Hummingbirds – phenomenal fliers – both” Dr. Pierre Deviche and many more!

The most popular attraction are the “Birds and Blooms Hummingbird Garden Tours” – sponsored by Birds and Blooms magazine.

There will be banding presentations – this will teach you how the pros track the hummingbirds by placing a small numbered anklet on the hummingbird.  Other activities include birding trips to Page Springs, daily breakfasts, a gala banquet, art exhibit and vendor marketplace. find more Information <HERE>.

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