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How Important Are Rain Gutters To Home Maintenance?

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How Important are Rain Gutters to Home Maintenance? #sedonarealestate,If you’ve owned a home for a while, you know that water entering the home can be at least a hassle and at worst a cause of major destruction. Not only should keeping water from sneaking into those tiny cracks and crevices be a priority, it could make the difference between owning an asset and owning a money pit. One of the primary ways to protect your home from undesirable moisture is installing gutters.


Most people think that the sole purpose of rain gutters is to direct water coming off the roof toward downspouts to keep it from dripping on their heads over doorways. The value of gutters is much more that that, however. Not only that, water moving off a roof can roll under the drip edge of the roof and seep under soffits and eaves, weakening the wood. It seeps between the joints or masonry and the framework, exposing your home to mold and other damage. If subject to freezing temperatures, the water inside the wood freezes and swells, causing internal damage to beams, joists and framing. Another benefit to rain gutters and downspouts is controlling the flow of water away from your home and off your property.

When water is controlled, instead of just pouring off of the roof slope, it can:

– Prevent damage to siding.
– Prevent staining on brickwork.
– Preserve overhead garage doors and exterior doors from damage.
– Stabilize soil and the home’s foundation.
– Prevent sidewalks, patios and driveways from settling and landscaping from erosion.
– Protect basements and crawlspaces from flooding.

Doing gutters right

There is much more to gutter installation than simply hanging them from the eaves. In order for gutters to function correctly, they need to have the correct pitch. In general, the gutters should drop one inch in slope for every ten feet in length so that the water runs toward the downspout rather than pooling up in a low spot.

Check your gutters to make certain they are correctly sloped by placing a hose at the closed end of your gutter and allow the running water to gently flow into and through the gutter. Water should only flow toward the downspout.

Downspouts matter too

Make certain that your downspout actually direct the water away from the structure of your home. Optimal would be extending the terminal end of the downspout several feet away from your home’s foundation or onto a concrete or vinyl downspout extension. Alternatively, install underground drainage that leads away from your home’s foundation to the street gutter, or to a drywell.Downspout drainage

In the picture on the right, the downspout is 3 inches from the wall of the home. When there is rain, the 3 inch drain is designed to carry the water away from the property. The downspout and the drain are to close to the foundation. If the rain is heavy, water could seep into the wall and down to the foundation. Drainage fix The above picture shows the downspout going straight into the drain.  No water can escape.  In the rare case of a monsoon microburst, there is a larger 6 inch drain that can take up any additional water.  The drain funnel is designed to enter at an angle causing a vacuum effect to suck up water fast.  Two other downspouts next to the home were re-engineered to eliminate potential corrosion (see below).  At the same time the drainpipe was enlarged all the way to the edge of the property to accommodate more flow and push the water into the natural ravine behind the home.  For most homes this might be the street gutters or sewer pipes.

Sometimes, the end of the downspout gets damaged or smashed. Over time, downspouts that are covered by soil tend to corrode. When this happens, water and debris can back up into the downspout and gutter, rendering them useless and setting up your home for potential damage. A corroded downspout may allow water to seep into the foundation causing additional damage.


Make certain gutters are clear of leaves and debris.  After a major storm, even if your roof has not sustained major damage, clear shingle residue from gutters to avoid problematic buildup. In Sedona, schedule cleaning gutters in spring and fall schedules.

Here in Arizona, the heaviest rainfall starts in Monsoon. Monsoon activity starts around June 15th and goes through September 15th. We can get microbursts that dump rain at a rate of 6 inches an hour but usually last a very short time. We need to plan for this well in advance.


If you’re looking at a home to buy, make sure the home has gutters installed. If you want to increase the value of a home you’re selling, installing gutters gives buyers peace of mind about potential water problems.

 As always, you can rely me for on all real estate related questions.

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Sedona Real Estate – Early Spring Landscaping – A Prescription For Winter Blues!

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Early Spring Landscaping Gets Us Out of the Winter Funk!

Early Spring LandscapingMost people who have recently purchased Sedona real estate may not be aware of the high & low temperatures and how it may affect what you plant in your garden.  You can find the information at Ricks World Sedona (  On the home page, you will see a tab for “Weather”.  Select this tab and you have years of data at your fingertips. Bulbs, tubers, perennials and indigenous plants beautify your home and give year-round enjoyment for decades to come. If you bought your Sedona home or other real estate, in the fall or winter, you may not know what is under the snow or mulch, but you can prepare for spring planting anyway and liven up the atmosphere with color inside your home as well. Bulbs and tubers planted in the spring typically bloom in the summer. To get a head start on those blooms, consider forcing bulbs indoors. Sedona Real Estate Bulbs There are two types of bulb: those that are native to warmer climates and those native to colder climates. A warm climate bulb, like an amaryllis or paperwhite narcissus can be grown indoors without chilling in a pot or shallow bowl and then transferred outdoors when the weather warms. Amaryllis come in reds, whites, pinks, peaches and yellows. If you like, you can grow these bulbs in soil or simply in a shallow bowl with pebbles and water to hold them in place. They usually bloom about four weeks after you begin watering them. It is ideal to keep stems short so that they remain sturdy. To do this, keep them in indirect light and temperatures around 50°F for the first couple of weeks. Move them to a lighter, warmer location after that. Cooler climate bulbs require chilling at temperatures of 35-45°F in order to stimulate the bulb to start developing. Most of these bulbs need four to five months of cooling before they begin developing and forming flowers inside the bulb. If you don’t already have bulbs, consider purchasing pre-chilled bulbs from a nursery. Once you expose the bulbs to warmth of around 60°F with indirect light, either indoors or outdoors, they will begin blooming in about three to four weeks. When you have shoots between three and five inches high, you can move them to a sunny window. Once the buds have color, if you are keeping them indoors you should move them to indirect light and they will bloom longer. Great cooler climate bulbs include tulips, hyacinths and daffodils, all of which come in a variety of colors and have fascinating names like Apricot Beauty (tulip), Negrita (purple tulip), Orange Emperor (orange tulip), Peter Pan (white crocus), Pickwick (striped crocus), Bridal Gown (double creamy daffodil) and February Gold (miniature yellow daffodil). Tubers, corms and rhizomes Other “bulb-like” plants are actually tubers (like potatoes) and tuberous roots (like sweet potatoes), corms or rhizomes. For example, a crocus is actually a corm. Other corms include gladiolus and freesia. Begonia, anemones, caladiums and cyclamen are tubers, while dahlias and daylilies are tuberous roots. Begonia and caladiums make great indoor blooms. Rhizomes include tiny delicate blooms like lily-of-the-valley and the tall brilliant flowering stems of canna. Irises are a creeping rhizome which means that they fill in space in dense clumps year after year unless separated and replanted further apart. There are more than 300 species of iris, but the best ones to grow indoors are the dwarf irises. They need to be chilled for about eight weeks in barely moist soil and shoots will form before you need to bring them into a sunny location. Curb appeal Forcing bulbs, rhizomes, corms and tubers indoors means that you can add a bright spot of color to your flowerbeds as soon as the weather warms.  


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Arizona Is Like Much Of The Sahara Desert…

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I think not….


When a person who has never been to the Arizona desert, shuts their eyes and visualizes the #redrockrealestate“desert” landscape, they normally think of a picture of sand dunes from “Lawrence of Arabia” or maybe Star Wars “Tatooine“! Some may think of a lone tumbleweed rolling across the sand. But in reality, Arizona deserts are not the arid, parched, hot wasteland they are perceived to be.  Many times when showing a customer Sedona real estate, they perceive Sedona weather to be just as hot as Phoenix. Arizona has many climate zones and the weather in Sedona is not at all the same as Phoenix. Sedona is in the transitional area below The Great Basin Desert.

Arizona is Home to All 4 North American Deserts

Actually, Arizona is the only state that is home to all 4 of the major deserts in North America.  Here are the 4:

1. The Great Basin which is the largest of the North American deserts and is ranked 9th overall in the world.  Most of the area is in Nevada, small parts of Utah, Idaho and Northern Arizona area. It transitions to the Colorado Plateau and further south into Red Rock Country.

2. The Mojave (number 21 on the list of world deserts) is mainly in Southeastern California but juts into Arizona on the western area of the state.

3. The Chihuahuan (ranked 10th) is largely in Mexico but bleeds over into Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

4. The Sonoran covers most of Central & Southern Arizona from Phoenix to the south into Mexico. The Sonoran Desert is 14th on the list of world deserts.  The pictures below come from the displays of the Desert Botanical Garden.

Sheri Sperry Sedona's Top Realtor #sedonatoprealtors

Desert Botanical Garden

I had an opportunity to visit the Desert Botanical Garden.  It was a very peaceful and find Sedona homes for sale #sedonaselectpropertiesrelaxing visit.  The Gardens feature Sonoran Desert plants.  Of course Spring is one of the best times to visit the Gardens.  The weather is great and the plants, trees and flowers are blooming.  Most of the birds and other little creatures including bunnies are starting the mating rituals.  There are some roadrunners that habitat there and if you visit you might just catch more than a glimpse of them!

find homes in Village of Oak Creek #bigpark #vocrealestateThere are over 140 acres with 50,000 plants, trees and other exhibits including restaurants and a company store.  The Desert Botanical Garden is one of only 24 gardens accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.

We decided to take the guided tour and we are glad we did.  It gives you an overview of the garden, the mission and the vision of that has been carried forward from the original founding members of which Gertrude Webster was a dominant member.  Search for #1 Sedona Arizona Realtor Sheri Sperry #1SedonarealtorTheir goal was to educate others to appreciate the Sonoran Desert and all it has to offer.  The Garden continues today to promote the original stewardship set by the founders.  The facilities are used for fund raisers, adult classes and trips, kids programs, digital learning for students and teachers. You can even learn horticulture and landscaping techniques. search for Sedona luxury homes for sale #sedonarealestateThe Garden also provides scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.  There is also a Desert Botanical Garden Research Department.

Find Sedona Luxury homes for sale #sedonaluxuryproperty

Remax Sedona Real Estate Agent Sheri Sperry #sedonarealestate
Organ Pipe Cactus

Sedona Arizona Expert Realtor Sheri Sperry #SedonaAZbestrealtors

Tax Tips for New Homeowners

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Tax Tips for New HomeownersTax Tips for new Sedona homeowners!

Congratulations, You are a new homeowner in the Sedona area!

As a new Sedona homeowner, whether you purchased a condominium, cooperative apartment, single-family home, townhouse or mobile home, your home-sweet-home affects your tax status. If this is the first year you’ll be filing your taxes as a homeowner, there are a few things you need to know to take the most advantage of your new status. Before filing your taxes, be sure to discuss each of these with your tax professional.

File a Schedule A

If you’ve been used to using the EZ forms to file your taxes, you’ll need to remember to use the 1040 Schedule A instead. It is more complicated than taking the standard deduction, but you’ll be able to itemize costs like mortgage interest, property taxes, the points you paid to get your loan, and mortgage insurance.

  • Mortgage interest: By far the biggest tax break, your mortgage interest is the biggest expense reflected in your house payment. In fact, most of what you pay in your monthly mortgage payment often is interest. In fact, unless your loan is for more than $1 million, you may be able to deduct all of that interest.
  • Home equity line of credit: In general, equity debts up to $100,000* are fully deductible.
  • Points: If you paid points in order to get a more favorable interest rate on your home purchase, the IRS lets you deduct them in the year that you paid them under certain qualifications. Those qualifications include, among other things, that you used the loan to purchase or build your main residence, and are an established practice in your locality. Points paid on a loan for a second home typically must be amortized over the life of the loan.

In addition to the items connected directly with your home, the Schedule A also allows you to itemize personal property tax, state withholding and local taxes. If you donated furniture, clothing, appliances, and other items to charity when you moved, you’ll be able to itemize your charitable deductions as well.

Know your exemptions

When you file a W-4 with your employer, you choose the exemptions you are allowed to claim. When you own a home, you may be able to claim more exemptions on our paycheck. Carefully balancing your exemptions allows you to take home more money in your paycheck during the year, giving you more cash in hand to pay on your mortgage.


If you don’t know the questions to ask, or if you want to purchase a home so that you can take advantage of tax breaks for next year, contact us. We are your real estate professionals and we can keep you up to date on the latest information on the benefits of homeownership. Also, if this is your first home ownership, you may want to take advantage of a tax professional to assist you in gathering all your deductions.

*Some exceptions apply.

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Cornville Home For Sale in Verde Santa Fe

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This VSF Cornville Home For Sale is in the 55 Plus ~ Gated Community

Verde Santa Fe Home For Sale

This Cornville 2 bedroom home for sale with 1.75 baths and 1371 square feet which is located in the 55 + neighborhood of Verde Santa Fe (VSF) is a unique property.  It is a detached home. Very few homes in this neighborhood have this feature.  It has no common walls with any other unit.  It is located in a gated community and sits on a desirable cul-de-sac lot with a community buffer zone which offers more space around this particular home.

Verde Santa Fe Cornville Home for sale


For those who enjoy outdoor activities as well as social activities and events, this community has it all. This neighborhood has it’s own separate pool area and is part of the larger community clubhouse and pool area. Golf is located nearby.

This home will be available in the first week of March 2015! There are already interested parties and the property will be priced in a desirable range. (This property is no longer for sale) 🙁  – But Sheri can find you a home that will fit your needs, wants and desires.  Just call her at 928-274-7355.

If you have any questions about this property or any other, please contact Sheri Sperry.

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Want Something To Do On President’s Day In Sedona?

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This home has sold!  Call Sheri Sperry for

Sedona homes for sale.

Just another way Sheri Sperry of Coldwell Banker helps sellers sell their home fast!

Sheri Sperry & Omar Kenney – Teaming Up For Open House on President’s Day 2015 in Chapel Area of Sedona!

81 Bell Rock Drive Sedona For Sale

Want someting to do on President’s Day?  Check out our OPEN HOUSE!

Omar Kenney of Bay Equity Home Loans will be on hand to answer questions and help you determine your home mortgage needs.  You can depend on Omar to give you immediate and personal attention.


Omar Kenney 

Area Sales Manager
NMLS#: 895736
Office: 928-348-8309

Bay Equity Home Loans

This is one stop shopping at it’s best. Work with the area sales manager and a top Sedona REALTOR® at the same time!  Enjoy a tour of the the LOWEST price per square foot in the Chapel Area. This home is a SUPER value at the price it is being offered. Want to see what a tripple pane window looks like?  

Visit this property.  Check out the views in person. Views to the southwest include Cathedral Rock while the views to the east include the Chapel area. 

Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Sedona one of the top realtors in Sedona

Get with me for all your real estate needs in the Sedona area real estate market.  Select this for Instant Property Search Buttons for Sedona, Big Park, Village of Oak Creek and all of the Verde Valley.

This home has sold.

Call Sheri Sperry 928.274.7355 for current choices in the

Sedona Homes for sale market.

Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker MCNE Master Certified Negotiation Expert


New High-Tech Home Gadgets For Your Sedona Home

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New High-Tech Home GadgetsYour Sedona home, no matter how old it is, can be upgraded with the latest high tech gadgets.

As with The Jetsons cartoon, our imaginations run wild with the idea of modern gadgets to make our homes efficient and automated, and make our lives simpler. For cutting-edge products you can control from your smartphone, check out these contributions from the International Consumer Electronics Show. Held each year in Las Vegas, the event showcases technological advances and products that offer cutting-edge advances in consumer technology.

Home security

Home security cameras work well when you’re home, but what about when you’re away? The DoorBird home security camera sends an alert to your smartphone every time your doorbell is rung. The integrated speaker system allows you to talk to the visitor even if you’re not there, and keeps track of who comes and goes. You can even open your door for delivery, cleaning and repair personnel from another room or another location.

The system comes with a motion sensor, Wi-Fi connection and available add-on cameras. The DoorBird runs from an app on your Apple iOS or Android device.


No matter how efficient the heating and air-conditioning is in your home, one room or another may be warmer or cooler than the rest of the home simply due to its orientation to the sun. There is no longer any reason for one room to be sweltering and another to be freezing with the Ecovent.

Working with your existing central air system, the Ecovent replaces your current wall, floor or ceiling vents with battery-powered vents that open and close automatically to send the cool air to where it’s needed most. The system knows the temperature in every room and adjusts the vents accordingly. Operating from your smart phone app, the system also works with smart thermostats such as the Nest learning thermostat. Easily installed by most do-it-yourself-ers, the Ecovent system improves energy efficiency by up to 30 percent.


Okay, your home doesn’t really have an attitude, but you do. And bright an early in the morning it can be a little testy until you get your first jolt of caffeine. Or, what about a fresh cup when you walk through the door at then end of a long day? Introducing the Smarter Wi-Fi coffee machine that grinds, brews and pours your coffee all from the control of your smartphone app.

This coffee maker alerts you when your coffee is ready and offers you a fresh cup of coffee when it detects that you’ve arrived home. While there are other smart coffee makers on the market, this one differs in that it brews a single serving instead of an entire carafe.

Having high-tech gadgets for your home is great, but what if you just need the home? I can help you with that. Give me a call at 928-274-7355 and I will help you find a home for all those gadgets to go in.

Need Healthy Pet Food Choices for Your Furry Companion? Try Buddies Grocery in Sedona!

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Buddies Grocery Sedona AZ

Sedona real estate Sheri Sperry

Are you looking for healthy pet food for your kitty and puppy? It just so happens I was passing by the Tequa Festival Marketplace and saw a new shop “Buddy’s Grocery”.

Well, my curiosity got to me.  I am always looking for places that I can recommend to my customers.  Once I entered the store, I realized that it was a grocery store for your furry family companions.

I was greeted by Suann the owner and we started to chat about our pets and the healthy foods and treats that were available.  They offer natural dog and cat food that is healthy and manufactured exclusively in the USA

They had a very successful store in Colorado called Green Buddies USA.  However Suann & Josef wanted to be closer to their family in Arizona.

They have done a great job with the store located in The Tequa Festival Marketplace.  You will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and  easy shopping for your 4 legged companion.

I have a finicky cat and already tried some cat food that Suann recommended.  Kitty loved it!  So you know I will be back to pick up more little treats.

For those of you who live close by, the address is:

7000 State Hwy 179

Suite A-100

Sedona, AZ 86351

 Wednesday thru Sunday 10 am to 7 pm

Tequa Festival Marketplace – Village of Oak Creek

Sedona Marathon Competes With Superbowl!

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Sedona Marathon Expects 2,500 Participants – Race Day – Jan 31st !

Sedona Marathon

The Sedona Marathon one of Sedona’s premier winter events is in competition with the Superbowl crowds this year.  According to the Sedona Red Rock News, last year 2,611 people crossed the finish lines.  But this year the Superbowl which will be held the very next day in Glendale Arizona may just siphon off some of those folks who want to take part in the events leading up to the Superbowl

Last year the runners brought close to $2.7 million in revenue to Sedona.  70% of the participants stayed in area hotels and timeshares while 80% said they ate out and over 50% did some shopping.  Normally, the marathon is held the first Saturday in February.  This year there was some scheduling conflicts and it was decided that the Sedona Marathon should be moved up one week.  It was a difficult decision.

For those who do plan to attend,  you cannot ask for a more picturesque setting.  The crisp morning air and magnificent surroundings of Boynton Canyon are part of the formula that keeps the Sedona Marathon increasing participation year after year. The Sedona Marathon participation grows about 8% to 13% a year.

The Sedona Marathon is just one of the many winter events that brings people to this scenic area year after year.

If you have any questions about Sedona feel free to contact me or visit my website under search communities.  Just cursor down to the different websites available to learn more about Sedona.

Arizona Tourism ~ Know Before You Go

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Find Sedona Real Estate

Arizona Tourism & the Superbowl XLIX – Glendale Arizona

Arizona Tourism literally shines this time of year. If you are  coming to Arizona for the sun and fun, you are going to want to know what to do, where to go, when the events are scheduled and other places to see while you are here in our beautiful state.  If you are like me,  you don’t have a lot of time to spend researching all the great spots to go to.  Hopefully, I can point you in the right direction right here. The websites below will provide you with enough content to plan your vacation or your visit.

This is Peak Season for Phoenix & Arizona

Because of our beautiful weather this time of year, visitors from colder climates love to come here to spend some time and thaw out from their chilly, or down right cold weather! Outdoor sports are at their peak including golf, hiking and biking.  The Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction is going on right now in Scottsdale.

Below you will find the websites to visit for information about Phoenix, things to do, where to eat and other events and special offers.  If you haven’t booked a hotel or place to stay, you may be out-of-luck.  Be prepared to spend premium $$ for a room or rental to see the  visit the area.  You may find accommodations in areas that are further away from the action but require traveling some distance to get to the heart of the action.  Try to book some time to see us in Sedona (about 1 hour and 45 minutes north of Scottsdale).  It is one of the most beautiful areas of the United States and you won’t be disappointed with your trip. Check out my website for things to do under Search Communities. Select Sedona and cursor down to “Other Informative Sedona Websites“.

I also have some great pictures on my Pinterest Account – check out the “WOW – Arizona” tab.

Websites for Phoenix and Superbowl

You can learn about everything you want to know about Phoenix, Glendale and the events from these two websites.

Visit Phoenix (

Don’t forget that the Grand Canyon is also a must see if you have time.

Sedona Luxury Real Estate

Our Arizona Tourism has so many wonderful areas in Northern Arizona to see.  You can take the Grand Canyon Railway out of Williams to go to the Grand Canyon.  It a a wonderful experience and is a more relaxing way to see one of the Wonders of the World.  Plan a long day if you are traveling out of the Phoenix area. i recommend staying overnight in Sedona or Williams for the train trip. If you stay in Sedona, Williams is about an hour north.

Northern Arizona also is home to Jerome, a copper mining and ghost town with quaint shops and art galleries. the website offers a quick look at other local communities as well.  There is another train trip (Verde Canyon RR) you can take that goes through the Verde Canyon in Clarkdale about a 40 minute ride from Sedona.  Also, for those wine lovers, we have some nice wineries you can visit or tour in the Verde Valley.  There are tasting rooms in many areas of the Verde Valley including Sedona, and Old Town Cottonwood.  ~ Verde Valley Wine Trail ~

Sedona Arizona real estate
The famous corner in Winslow made possible by the Eagles hit song.

Further to the northeast from Flagstaff off Interstate 40 which follows Historic Route 66, you will find Meteor Crater.  It is a sight to behold and just a little further east.  There is Winslow Arizona, home of that famous corner made popular in the song by the Eagles.  and the Historic La Posada Hotel.  This is a must see location if you are out that way.

You might want to head south of Phoenix and visit the Tucson area where you can find old mining towns like Bisbee and Tombstone. Check out other Arizona Ghost Towns here.

Arizona has a rich history from the “Wild West” days.  You should take some of it in while you are here enjoying are warm winter weather.  If you enjoy hiking and caves, start your search here.

I hope that the friendly attitude of our Arizona Tourism will help you enjoy your time in our wonderful state.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call me.  Contact Sheri Sperry or visit my website if you are searching for real estate in the Sedona Verde Valley area. – Cursor down the page for instant property search buttons and other websites to learn about the Sedona Verde Valley.



A Christmas Wish

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A Christmas wish From Sheri Sperry and family.

I would like to take this moment to thank all my Sedona real estate clients who are now my friends as well as life long friends and family.  This is the season to wish all much happiness as we close out this year and hope that you all your dreams come true in 2015.

My family, part of who are pictured in this Christmas card below had a wonderful year.  We just celebrated Samantha and Ricky’s first anniversary in November. Rick and I are blessed to have them close by.  Samantha both work locally right here in Sedona.  Both are doing very well at work.  We are proud parents!  We have another son Ryan, who lives and works in Riverside County CA.  Ryan works for the Veterans Administration at our National Cemetery in Riverside CA.  ….and then there was Mittens!  She is our lovable lap cat, who spends all her time with us when we are home.  We can’t wait to have a lovely Christmas celebration.

We want to express our deepest gratitude for all of you who are in our lives.  Thank you and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Success in the New Year.


Sell Sedona Wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Sedona Homes For Sale – What Matters In Today’s Market?

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When listing your Sedona home for sale, what really matters?

Sellers take notice.  There are a lot of factors that come into play when you are putting your Sedona home up for sale.  We can talk about decluttering your home and what kind of curb appeal does the home have. There is location, location, location!  The flow of the home is also a consideration as well as how up-to-date it is.  Of course, I would be remiss in not stating the obvious, inventory and how hot the market is – also a factor. All these are important considerations when you sell your home in Sedona or anywhere else.

Pricing – Images, Staging and Syndication

(Left is before picture)

I would argue that even with the proper pricing which should be influenced by much of what is in the first paragraph, your on-line presence is a huge factor in how much traffic your home will receive both figuratively and literally.

Sedona Homes for sale
















(Right is after picture)

Great images are a must if you want to keep a buyer motivated.  Part of that on-line traffic develops by how well a home is staged.


Search for homes for sale in Sedona Arizona














(Left is before picture)

When at all possible you want the home to have a fresh modern feel to it.  Paint and up-to-date furnishings can make a real difference to a buyer.

Village of Oak Creek homes for saleThis home had a nice view, cozy private backyard and plenty of parking. The price point was good.    However, the furnishings were not up to date.  I recommended a staging company come in and tell us what they would do to get this sold.










This picture —> shows that furnishings were pulled away from the window. Rug was updated and the chandelier was pulled out because it was dated. Older furniture was removed and lighter more up-to-date furniture was added. Old furnishings make the house “feel” old.

We spent a week painting the entire inside of the home, lightening up the color giving it a modern feel and we even painted the garage floor. Also changed was some of the lighting fixtures. Within two weeks there were multiple offers on the table.  It was well worth the additional expense!  When pricing a property, there are a lot of intangibles that go into that pricing.  If a seller decides to not put out the expense and just drop the price accordingly that may not work.  You still have to get people to view the home.  When it is just simply a click here or a click there to view a home, you need to understand that challenge and the competition it brings.

In today’s market, if you do not have a commanding presence on the internet, buyers will move on to the next listing.  The competition is stiff.  Syndication is key.  You may want to take this into consideration when looking at which real estate brokerage you will give your listing. this is not an issue if you work with Sheri Sperry.

What are your thoughts and experience about this?

During This Sedona Holiday Season – It’s All About Gratitude….

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The Sedona Formula

The Change of Seasons 

Ahh Sedona! Coming from Southern California where the leaves turn brown during November and either blow off the trees, we never really experienced the change of seasons. Warm Santa Ana winds would let you know November was upon us.

Sedona is in a different climate zone, offering a distinct change of seasons.  My family has been enjoying this Thanksgiving celebration for over a decade now in this beautiful area we call home. I am grateful to have them here. It gives me a chance to let them know how much I appreciate them every day.  But it does not stop there.

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My family is deeply involved in the real estate business.  My husband Rick, colaborates with me on marketing decisions, provides our customers with beautiful pictures of their listings and has created my websites and customer listing websites, as well as our internet presence over the years. He volunteered for 2 years as a site council community representative at our Red Rock High School.


My son, Ricky, helps me and my customers with small maintenance jobs to prepare properties for listing.  My daughter-in-law, Samantha, found herself a job as a receptionist… at my office! Also, Ricky & Samantha volunteer at our local Humane Society.  I have volunteered at our Senior Center serving meals and occassionally filling in as a driver for Meals-On-Wheels.


As for my business,  I am grateful for every buyer and seller who decides they want to work with me.  What that customer does not know is that they become an extension of my family. I will do for them, what others may not.  It is most noticeable with clients who have homes or live in other areas of the country.

Examples of Gratitude

A case in point of a complimentary service for a buyer might be to take pictures of their home while it is being built.  Going out and previewing homes or home sites and taking additional pictures of areas that may not be presented on the MLS. Straight-forward talk on good and not-so-good points of homes a buyer may be looking at.

For those who list with me,  besides offering at no additional charge, premium and luxury services that others will charge for, I watch over absentee owners homes.  I make sure the home is always presentable inside and out.  If that means sweeping a front entrance or changing flowers or a light bulb, I don’t bother the seller with those issues.  I check each listing regularly. When there is a maintenance issue, I will inform the seller and help with scheduling and supervising services.  We also change out pictures as the seasons change or staging and landscaping change. Everything we do is part of the service I offer.

At Closing…

I show my personal gratitude to my family and my customers in a very personalized way once the property closes.  While working with my customers, I listen to what is important to them and I tailor my gratitude to them.  I have picked up staging and moving costs or took care of minor home repair costs etc.. When out-of town buyers come in from thier travel, they have been surprised with a bottle of champagne and gift basket or beautiful house warming gift.

Just a little thank you.  My family and customers mean the world to me and I want them to know that I appreicate their confidence and trust in me.

As For My Goals…

I think I have stated my goals very well on my website at Sheri’s Corner. Something that I started mid year is a monthly newsletter and also a fun newsletter that keeps me in front of my customers. Because of the appreciation I show towards my clients,  referrals are an important part of my business.

I have two business goals tied to Word Class Service with my customers. Close one deal a month (12/year) while making the 100% Club at Re/Max every year.  My personal goals include spending more quality time with my family through special dinners and celebrations along with mini get-aways.

In the Sedona Formula, gratitude is tied to family, friends, work associates and customers alike.  It is a life commitment that takes priority every day of the year but we want to emphasize this positive approach especially during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays!


Having a Thanksgiving Weekend Open House

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Having a Thanksgiving Weekend Open HouseTo have an open house or not to have an open house over the Thanksgiving weekend: that is the question! Many sellers assume that the Thanksgiving holiday weekends and the week between Christmas and New Years Day are less than favorable times to have an open house. Some real estate agents disagree.

Less competition

Often, because both sellers and their agents assume the holidays are off limits, if you have an open house over the holidays, you’ll have less competition. Typically, the number of open houses during the Thanksgiving holiday is less than half what a normal weekend might have. That means your home may get more exposure than it would with more competition for the same day.

More serious buyers

Since many people have that weekend off, it may be the best opportunity for them to go out and look. When the buyer and seller both are serious, a holiday open house can be effective. When the buyers are motivated, they are more than happy to shirk Black Friday shopping in hopes of finding the right house. A recent survey of real estate agents revealed that two-thirds of them believe a Black Friday home seller is more serious and over sixty-one percent believe Black Friday buyers are more serious.

Year-end timing

If a buyer needs to complete the deal prior to the end of the year for financial reasons, the Thanksgiving weekend is the last opportunity for a big push toward that goal. Homebuyers waiting for their year-end bonuses to add to their down payment often take advantage of the holidays to house hunt.


Young couples seeking to relocate nearer to family most often “come home” for the holidays. Since they are in the area anyway, they take the time to see what is available on the market. Exposing your home to buyers during this time may give them the impetus they need to make the move they already want to make.

Winter open house best practices

Holding an open house in winter has both advantages and disadvantages, so here are some best practices to make sure your open house is a success.


  • DON’T over decorate. While buyers may adore your holiday décor, they also want to be able to see the home’s features.
  • DON’T forget to remove holiday feast leftovers. This includes airing out the smells of cooking from the day before. When a home is closed up in the winter, those stale odors linger even though those living in the home no longer smell them.
  • DON’T hang around. Find a special place to take your family while your agent handles your open house. Buyers, even serious buyers, may be uncomfortable asking serious questions with the homeowner present.


  • DO put your pet in a safe place. Strangers in the home can make your pet anxious and potential buyers may find animals frightening or off-putting.
  • DO turn on all the lights. In the winter, the sun sets early, and even a daytime open house may find a cloudy day. Potential buyers prefer light bright rooms. That means windows and blinds should be open as well.
  • DO keep the heat to a comfortable temperature. While your family may prefer it cooler, or you choose to conserve energy by wearing sweaters and extra layers, do not assume your potential buyer will appreciate those efforts.

If you are considering a holiday open house, contact us immediately so that we have advance marketing in place for the best possible turnout.

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“Stuff Happens” How Does Living in 86 SF Grab You?

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Minimalistic Living

I saw this video and was astonished at what this person did with the amount of living space they had to work with.  This is “out-of-the-box” thinking at it’s very best.

Think about this…. I measured my dining room table with two leaves.  It is 8 feet long by 4 feet wide.  86 SF is 2.7 of my tables side by side!  Watch the video below to see how it was accomplished.  Ask yourself,  could you live like this?

Tiny apartment in Paris (8sqm only) from Kitoko Studio on Vimeo.

This video stirred many emotions as I watched it. I remember all too well what it is like to empty a huge home and ask yourself …What am I going to do with all this “stuff”?  What do I keep? What do I get rid of? (etc.-etc.-etc.)!   It was and still is emotionally draining.  I sometimes ask myself, How in the heck did I accumulate so much “stuff”?

There are a lot of questions that a video like this could stir up, either from a personal perspective or from a real estate perspective.  From your personal point of view, have you ever felt guilty because you have so much “stuff”?  Do you feel frustrated that you can’t tackle getting rid of the “stuff”?

Because housing is so expensive for those just starting out in life, is this the alternative that will continue to trend (especially in big cities or metropolitan areas)?

How will this affect the real estate market going forward?

Minimalist – This is a whole different lifestyle. I would love to get there but “stuff happens”!

Here are a couple of links you may be interested in from a minimalistic POV.


Live Like a Minimalist

I would love to know what others in our industry think about this subject…

Sedona Fall Color – What You Should Know About ~ Leave Cleanup

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What to Know about Fall Leaves and Your Home

Typically homes in Sedona don’t experience the change of colors and falling leaves until mid November. Depending on the temperature drop, it could be slightly earlier or later. Go to Rick’s World Sedona for more detailed weather information. Click on the “Sedona Weather” tab. Also, click on button “See Additional Fall Pics Here” on main page below cornucopia. Fall Color SedonaAs evidenced by fall pictures on Rick’s World leaves turn beautiful shades of red, vermillion, orange and yellow. We enjoy their beauty. We take photographs. We collect them. Our children play in them. For a homeowner, however, leaves pose the possibility of damage to their landscaping, their home and their relationships.


Leaves and lawn-care

If you’re new to homeownership, you may not know that while allowing leaves to lay a thick carpet over your lawn is beautiful, a solid mat of large wet leaves, such as those from oak, maple or sycamore trees, can damage your lawn. They promote mold growth, cause moisture to run off rather than seep into the ground, and hide the grass from the winter sun.

Experts suggest keeping your lawn clear of leaves. Here are some options to consider:Sedona Fall Color

  • Raking. This historic method of dealing with leaves is still the preferred method for some lawns. If you have specialty turf, lightly raking and removing leaves protects your lawn from damage. Bag leaves or ad them to your compost pile. Remember that paper bags will decompose much more quickly than plastic ones. If your city offers leave removal, be sure to utilize the appropriate process required.
  • Mulching. Many mowers have mulch settings that chop the leaves into smaller bits that you can leave on the lawn to decompose naturally, and add nutrients to the soil.
  • Blowing. Many gardening professionals prefer blowing leaves out of flowerbeds and lawns with power blowers into large piles to then “vacuum” them up with large machinery and haul them away. Typically, you would hire a professional to do this since purchasing the equipment for yourself might be cost prohibitive.

Leaves and gutter-care

Blowing and falling leaves create problems for your gutters. Once most of the leaves have fallen, you should have your gutters inspected for clogs. A clogged gutter is more than just an inconvenience. It can cause water and ice to back up under your roof creating leaks and other damage. When rainwater overflows a clogged gutter or plugged downspout, your fascia and soffits are endangered, too. Water backing up a downspout may dislodge or warp gutters, pulling them away from your house. When water spills down the sides of your home, it damages windows, walls and even your foundation.

Consider a professional gutter-cleaning service, especially if your home has more than one story. You might investigate gutter guards if your property is particularly prone to leaf buildup. Your local gutter professional can help you determine what works best in your situation.

Leaves and relationships

Most municipalities consider leaves to be a natural product, so while a homeowner might be responsible for damage to a neighbor’s home from a falling branch, that is not the case with falling leaves. So, when the leaves from your yard blow into your neighbor’s yard, they may not have a legal claim, but it will strain your neighborly relationships. Make sure to talk to your new neighbors about the leaf situation. If your neighbor finds them a nuisance, you might offer to rake their yard as well. The best neighbors come up with a solution together.


Professionals Answer: “How Do I Increase My Home’s Value?” (Part 3 of 3)

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How Do I Increase My Home's Value?A common question for prospective home sellers is “How can I increase my home’s value or get a higher selling price?” In our earlier articles on this subject, we discuss low budget and economical fixes and upgrades that can increase the perceived value of your home and help your home sell quickly. In this article, we discuss those higher cost items that only give you a high return on your investment if you have high equity in your home or will lose more money if it doesn’t sell quickly. Many buyers look for a home they can move into immediately. While the specifics depend on the age and condition of your home, here are the priority renovations that increase your home’s appeal and return on investment potential.



No matter what the other advantages of your home, if the buyers do not like the kitchen, they are less likely to make an offer. So, if you’re planning major upgrades, head to the kitchen first.

  • Paint, refinish or replace the cabinets. If your cabinets are dated, damaged or dark, consider replacing them or painting them with a lighter, newer version that still fits into the home’s style. If you’ve never painted cabinets, consider hiring a professional since they are more difficult than painting walls, and poorly painted cabinets actually decrease the appeal of your kitchen.
  • Replace countertops. If granite is all the rage in your neighborhood and comparable homes have granite countertops, consider this upgrade. Granite requires professional installation to measure, cut and polish the rock correctly. A less expensive version, granite tile, is easier to install, but has less overall value.
  • Add new appliances. New, matching appliances including ovens and stovetops or ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves and refrigerators instantly update a kitchen.
  • Upgrade lighting, fans and fixtures to match the style of your new cabinets and countertops.
  • Kitchen floors with carpeting, vinyl or worn and broken tile should be replaced with new ceramic or other tile, wood, or another new product. Make sure you only replace kitchen floors with flooring that can handle the traffic, spills and constant cleaning that a kitchen requires.


No new homeowners want to feel as if they are using someone else’s bathroom. Replace the vanity, sink and toilet. Use low-flow toilets, water-saving faucets and other green products. Replace the floor and shower surround with a neutral tile. If your bathroom has a built-in tub/shower replace it or have it professionally refinished to look fresh and new.

Living areas

Carpets harbor dirt, dust mites and stains. Replacing the carpet in major living areas with hardwood increases the visual appeal of your home. As an instant upgrade, hardwood gives your home that updated look. It also attracts buyers that cannot live in carpeted homes for health reasons.

Heating, air conditioning and water heater

These major home appliances often are out-of-sight and out-of-mind, but a new buyer wants to know they’ll work when they need them.


To increase the value of your home, improve the “R” rating and make your home more economical, consider replacing the roof, insulation, siding and windows. If your home has hail or other storm damage, check with your homeowner’s insurance to see if they will cover the replacement. Using better quality, energy-saving products gives your home more curb appeal and buyers know they won’t have to worry about leaks and drafts when weather hits.

When it is just too expensive to replace…

Consider doing your homework and getting estimates for the replacement costs. You can offer an “allowance” that can be taken at closing to entice the buyer to consider your home for purchase.  However, this is not a panacea. As discussed earlier, most potential buyers want a move in ready home.  What this allows you to do is create a condition for those who may be willing to take on a project to consider your home.  You have done the legwork for them, with bids, potential contractors or professional services ready to do the work and most importantly, tied a cost to the project. The difference between doing the project versus providing an allowance for the project is two-fold.  1) A completed project adds value to your home. It may also add more value than the cost of the actual project. 2) Besides the potential for a better Return On Investment R.O.I., you will create a faster sales cycle.

Let me help …

We can assess the potential R.O.I. for these and similar upgrades to your home. Call Sheri Sperry at 928-274-7355 for an evaluation of your home’s fair market value or click on the button.


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Adorable West Sedona Cottage For Sale

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Sedona homes for sale

West Sedona Cottage For Sale – $320,000

This adorable West Sedona Cottage for sale inspired from the Frank Lloyd Wright style is Sedona from another time. Attention to detail includes the beautiful vaulted wood ceilings which were carried throughout the house and to the side patio. Bathrooms updated in 2010, newer appliances in 2013, new evaporative cooler in 2014. Located in the heart of West Sedona with easy access to shopping & theatres. There is a partially finished walk-out basement (which is heated & cooled) for a workshop, potting shed, art studio + organic gardens, mature vegetation, privacy & shade.

Views – Character – Charm

VIEWS FROM THE DECK! This eclectic neighborhood lends a special feel to this house that exudes charm & touches that are rare today. – See more at 365 View Drive Sedona, AZ 86336.  This West Sedona cottage has character that is rarely seen in current homes for sale.

West Sedona Cottage For Sale
Courtyard View into Great Room

  3 Bedroom ~ 2.5 Bath ~ Over 2100 Square Feet ~ Organic Garden ~ Heated & Cooled Basement

This West Sedona AZ Cottage for sale by Sheri Sperry, Sedona Real Estate Expert, has received a lot of attention and was in contract in one day!



Deferring Maintenance Causes Pesky, Costly Home Repairs

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 Deferring home maintenance can be costly
Use Home Inspection Report As A Starting Point

As a Sedona Realtor®, I participate in most of the home inspections for either my buyer or seller. One thing you do not want to do is defer maintenance on your home. As you will see below, it can lead to bigger problems and costly repairs.

If you’re new to home ownership, you may not be familiar with all of the responsibilities that are now yours. All of those things you used to call the super or management office for now fall in your lap.

Here are some items to keep in mind, especially if you got a “great deal” on your home because it needed a little TLC.

A great place to start is to thoroughly review your home inspection report.  Use it as a checklist to do your own inspections.  In the Sedona Verde Valley area, I can help you find a reputable home inspector.

Little Drips and Leaks

Plumbing maintenance can by far cause some of the most costly problems if you ignore those little, niggling drips, clogs or strange sounds in the pipes. Leaks and drips under the sink are out of sight, so they often are out of mind. However, a buildup of moisture in a sink cabinet can set the stage for costly mold problems.

If the leak is on an upper level and the moisture seeps into the walls and subfloor, it endangers the structural integrity of the ceiling below. Latex paint has the particular ability to “stretch” and hold moisture. When this happens, you may not notice the damage to the ceiling below until the paint forms a moisture-filled bubble. By this point, drywall, insulation and subfloor will need extensive and expensive repairs.

We have many homes that are on septic systems in the Sedona Verde Valley.  Fortunately, before a home is sold, the system must be pumped and certified.  This is one area that seems to be forgotten over the years by some homeowners.  A typical system may last between 15 and 20 years.  But regular maintenance will keep your system in top condition.

Better to get the leak looked at right away by a certified plumber.


To an untrained eye, a roof may appear perfectly fine, but hail, heavy rain, ice, snow or wind can cause damage to your roof. When left unrepaired, a damaged roof exposes your home to the elements, inviting potential damage. Here are some signed you need an expert roofer to inspect your home:

  • Missing shingles: During heavy downpours, strong windstorms or as snow and ice melts and slides off your room, tearing shingles away. While roofing tiles are designed to overlap, offering double protection, when one layer is missing, water can seep underneath and cause damage. Having a few shingles replaced is much less expensive than have to completely replace the deck (the layer of wood under your roof) of your home and completely re-roof it.
  • Curling or lifting shingles: A curled shingle or a row of lifted or buckled shingles indicates that you may already have a leak, or the potential for one. Have these shingles replaced immediately and inspect the deck and sub-roof materials for damage.
  • Decay and mold: When mold, moss or lichen grows on your roof it’s a sign that areas of the roof are holding water. Treat the growths with a killing agent immediately. Have damaged shingles repaired as soon as possible.
  • Damaged flashing and drip edge: Flashing refers to the metal or vinyl pieces that surround chimneys, pipes, exhaust fans, while a drip edge is the metal piece along the outer edge of the roof. If any of the metal or vinyl pieces are bent, buckled, dented or have holes, your home may be exposed to water damage. A certified roofer can repair flashing and drip edges.
  • Gutters are the metal or vinyl troughs that collect water runoff and direct it to downspouts away from the home. Gutters require extra maintenance. In the fall, leaves and debris collect in gutters potentially damning them and causing water to back up under the roofing tiles. Make sure to clean gutters each year before winter weather begins.
    In the winter, your gutters may fill with ice and snow forming an ice dam. The best way to avoid ice dams is to have sufficient insulation in your attic to avoid overheating your roof, and sufficient ventilation that accumulated heat can escape. Yes, it is too much heat coming from the inside of the house that causes a rapid snowmelt and pushes snow and ice into your gutters.
  • Extra precautions: If you live in an area with lots of snow and ice, consider having ice and water barriers or shields added to the “valleys” of your roof. A valley is where two differently angled roofing lines meet and where water, ice and snow can pile up.

Electrical Problems

If you have a breaker that continually trips or (in older homes) a fuse that blows, you may have an electrical problem. Of course, you may simply have too many items running on one breaker, but blown fuses and continually tripping breakers may indicate a fire hazard.

Have your home inspected by a certified electrician. If you own an older home, with fuses, consider having them replaced with modern breakers. Replace outlets in bath areas with a GFI (ground fault interrupter) outlet that switches off when the outlet is overloaded or when the appliance comes in contact with water.

We want your home ownership to be the best possible experience. We suggest getting an inspection before purchasing your home, and a yearly or bi-annual maintenance inspection to keep your home in top shape. When the time comes to sell this home and move to another one, you won’t have costly repairs needed before you can put it on the market.


How To Choose Lights For Your New Sedona Home

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How to Choose Lights for Your New HomeYour New Sedona Home

Once you are in your new Sedona home, light fixtures will be on your list to make your statement. It’s not just about wattage anymore. Light fixtures and light bulbs come in myriad types, sizes and colors. Do you want LED? Should you use “soft” bulbs? And what is the difference between watts and lumens? With the phase-out of the traditional incandescent bulb, the lighting choices you grew up with are not the same as what will be available in the future.

When making choices for your new home, consider the light’s expected usage, the use of the room and the availability of replacement bulbs.

How Light Works

Artificial light affects how color appears on your walls and ceilings. That is why paint colors that seemed so perfect at the paint store can look all wrong on your walls. Some popular bulbs for home use will change how color appears, and how a room “feels” when the lights are on.

  • Incandescent bulbs. The bulbs we grew up with typically have a warm cast and brighten up colors in the warmer spectrums (reds, oranges, yellows) and dampen colors in the cool spectrum. However, as of this year (2014) most incandescent bulbs will be phased out for general use. Although there are exceptions for specialty bulbs, including some sizes of the very popular designer Edison bulb, when your bulb goes, you’ll need to replace it with some form of fluorescent or halogen bulb. Or, you’ll need a new light fixture altogether.
  • Standard fluorescent bulbs. The long tubes used in schools, retail stores and offices emit cooler colors that enhance greens, blues and purples while subduing reds, oranges and yellows. These bulbs often “hum” in the background. Better for work areas (kitchen, garage), standard fluorescents offer an economical lighting source.
  • CFLs. Compact fluorescents are the obvious choice to replace incandescent bulbs. With bayonets that fit most light fixtures, CFLs are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and wattages. They also have a Kelvin rating which determines the color spectrum of the bulb. The lower the Kelvin number, the warmer the colors. A “full spectrum bulb” is designed to mimic daylight.
  • LEDs. Light-emitting diodes emit a warmer light. Often the “bulb” has a reflective cone that augments the light. LED light enhances most paint colors and gives natural lighting that works well for bathrooms and dressing areas.
  • Halogen. Because of their whiter, brighter light and longevity theater stages use halogen lights for high performance applications. In the home, halogens reduce eyestrain as reading lights, offer safety and security to your outdoors and highlight your artwork. They burn hotter than other lights, though, so don’t belong in areas where the bulb can’t be shielded. Some older halogen fixtures—especially torchiere lamps—posed a fire hazard from the hot-burning bulb, so check to make sure your halogen fixtures have protective shields.

Replacing Fixtures

When replacing light fixtures, consult a lighting designer to solve lighting challenges and create the most economical arrangement of your lighting profile.

We can help you determine the best lighting upgrades for the sale of your home. Give us a call to set up an appointment for a home review today.

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