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See How Monsoon 2018 has affected Sedona In July with Phoenix Comparison

If you are looking to stay away from extremes in weather during the winter and summer months, Sedona has a temperate climate that has only a few weeks of either cool or warm weather. Humidity is about right overall. The averages are in the zone that is comfortable. 40% to 60%.  In July, during monsoon, the humidity averaged 57%.

2018 Second Quarter ~ Cottages At Coffeepot – Uncommon Homes In An Uncommon Setting

Each of these town homes are very unique. They have custom floor plans, different lot sizes and each view is different. Courtyards and garden areas vary as well.  Many of the luxury town homes have been updated to varying degrees which makes pricing price per square foot a challenge. It takes an experience REALTOR® who knows the Cottages very well to position these luxury town homes.  In the same spirit, a Cottage experienced real estate agent can help buyers when it comes to negotiations with the seller.

Red Sky At Morning….

Red-Sky – So far this month, our Sedona weather station, which is at the end of Soldiers Pass, has had 2.81 inches of rain. Considering we have had only 1.25 inches of rain from March 1st to June 30th, we are welcoming this rain with open arms! 

A Pictorial of Sedona Local Heritage & Majesty on America’s Birthday

Enjoy the history of our Sedona community from over a millennial to our current time. Discover our heritage and the historical inhabitants of Sedona and the Verde Valley.

A 2018 Summary of Sedona Weather Moving Into Summer

While most of the country is in a heat spell, the weather in Sedona Arizona is about normal for this time of year. One big difference in all of Arizona is the lack of humidity.  The human body cools when perspiration escapes the millions of pores in our skin and it evaporates causing the skin to cool (evaporative cooling). However, humidity forces the perspiration process to slow down or work harder. With all the surrounding moist air, the skin cannot cool causing an uncomfortable situation.

Does Sedona AZ Allow Fireworks? See Fun Things To Do On Independence Day!

Spend your afternoon enjoying some cool wet fun and drive to your favorite fireworks show at night. Enjoy lunch and music a swimming pool and water slide fun. Every once and awhile, look up and take in the views of the red rocks. Plenty to see from this location.

8 Ways to Celebrate Independence in Your Home Enjoying the

Our Independence Day is Wednesday, July 4th.  Sedona will be enjoying numerous activities. There will be the Wet Fest from 12 noon to 4 PM. Spend your day with us and still have time to drive to your favorite fireworks…

Sedona Traffic Congestion – A New Era of “Sustainable Tourism”

Can Sedona Survive Without the Hospitality Industry? 

Our visitors add over $11 million in local tax dollars and they generate over 66% of the sales tax revenue. There are 10,000 jobs that are support our tourism at over $200 million in wages. The Top 5 employers are:

MONSOON ! ~ What is it? ~ How Does It Affect Sedona and Arizona?

Mother Nature provides us with spectacular vistas during Monsoon. It is a time of year that you can feel the energy and power of nature. It also provides an awesome look into the clouds and rain that is unleashed. After reading this you will have a better understanding of monsoon and how it affects the desert.

Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

Sheri Sperry is a past-president of the Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals (SLREP) and is committed to providing bespoke service to the affluent real estate client. Whether you are buying, selling or investing, Sheri Sperry understands the quality appointments, amenities and finishes in a luxury home.  Members of ILHM are trained and recognized to possess certain qualifications and luxury standards. The Institute is focused on support of it’s members to provide the tools and information necessary

Mighty Cactus Flower Blooming at the Cottages At Coffeepot

I will provide marketing that most agents reserve for luxury homes only.

Beside professional photography, – aerial pictures and video are included.

Our marketing materials are customized with you and your home or property in mind.

We ask the question. “What type of marketing will attract the right buyers for your property? ”

Call Sheri Sperry for a custom listing presentation designed especially for you.

West Fork Trail ~ Oak Creek Canyon ~ Sedona Arizona

West Fork Trail located in Oak Creek Canyon is approximately 9.5 miles north of Sedona, Arizona. West Fork Trail is located off the scenic highway of SR 89A which leads up to Flagstaff. The two busiest times of the year are the spring and fall seasons….especially fall. The parking lot fills up early and there is a charge to park there. Make sure you bring your camera because the scenery is fabulous.

May 2018 Sedona 86336 Condo and Townhouse Market Report and Property For Sale

The Market Action Index is still showing a seller’s advantage at 32.5. However, there are some condos that have been on the market for many months and those sellers might be willing to make a deal.   Basically, buyers should take note of this.  Also, Days on Market (DoM) are also dropping rapidly every month.

May 2018 – Big Park – VOC – Village of Oak Creek – Homes for Sale and Market Conditions

May 2018 VOC, Village of Oak Creek or Big Park also known as Sedona 86351 is the bedroom community of Sedona. It is located 20 minutes from the city center off highway 179. There are two zip codes in Sedona, 86336 and 86351. People choose this side of town because there is less traffic, good hiking trails, and a buyer can get more home for the same amount of money as Sedona 86336. It is also closer to the SR 179 for those who travel a lot.

Sedona AZ 86336 Homes For Sale – May Market Conditions – 2018

As you research the Sedona real estate market homes for-sale, these are real time charts that tell us “How the market is doing”. This Sedona 86336 Market Report will give you a current in-depth market analysis. Sheri Sperry shares the current Days on Market (DOM), how much Inventory is currently available, median price trends and whether it is a seller or buyer’s market reflected in the Market Action Index (MAI). See what each quartile is doing and what the MAI is all about.

Road Trip! Sedona Golf Resort to Payson ~ Rim Country

Starting at the Sedona Golf Resort in Village of Oak Creek, we headed to Payson, which is located above 7000 feet in (Mogollon~ pronounced Mõe-gee-on) Rim Country.  To get there you climb from the Verde Valley AZ-260 off the I-17. As you climb past 6500 feet the beautiful rolling hills turn into a pine tree forest.  The temps were in the high 70ºs and very pleasent.

Why Sedona Arizona Is A Second Home Choice For So Many

Choosing Sedona as a second home destination will become more understandable as you see the reasons below. Though there are many reasons buyers choose Sedona, these are some of the reasons that buyers express when looking for that special home. It is a healthy mild climate. The air is clean, there are outdoor activities all year long including hiking and mountain biking among the red rock formations. Golf and tennis are other popular activities. Just living among the red rocks and enjoying a dark sky is a powerful draw for buyers. Mild weather with very little noticeable humidity and 300 days of sunshine is yet another big reason to move to Sedona. Is it any wonder why Sedona is a second home and relocation destination?

Enjoy the Cinco de Mayo Celebration at Tlaquepaque Sedona

Cinco de Mayo – You will enjoy the color and flowers and rich heritage that this celebration brings. Festive groups singing, dancing, and music will fill every area with rich Mexican heritage and food. Enjoy the 8th annual great Sedona Chili Cook-off, also.

5 Key Steps To Sell Your Home Fast

What makes a home sell fast with buzz, excitement and lots of activity while getting quick offers and a fast sale yet others seem to simmer on the market with little activity? Learn more here!

Enjoy The Mystical Beauty and Golf At Seven Canyons Golf Resort – Boynton Canyon – Sedona Arizona

There is a unsurpassed mystical beauty at Seven Canyons Golf Resort and luxury homes. This is a Tom Weiskopf inspired world class golf course design. Seven Canyons Golf Club is a private club offering unparalleled luxury that shares exclusive privileges with the Enchantment Resort and Mii Amo Destination Spa. 

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