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Cottages At Coffeepot Is First Sedona Community To Be Certified As “Firewise”

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Luxury Townhouses

Cottages At Coffeepot Certified “Firewise” 

First Sedona Community To Earn Designation

Cottages At Coffeepot Firewise Certified

Image courtesy of Sedona Red Rock News

Sedona Fire District engineer Cooper Carr left, firefighter Josh Combs, Captain Angel Morales, Aaron Casem, prevention and mitigation officer for the Arizona Department of Forestry, Catherine Knox, head of the Firewise steerage committee, HOA board member Caroline Oreel, HOA board president Gila Hager-Sherman, SFD Fire Marshal Jon Davis, HOA board member Bill Baridon, and SFD Battalion Chief “Buzz” Lechowski recognize the Cottages at Coffeepot neighborhood as the only Firewise USA site in the Sedona Fire District on Saturday, Dec. 5. David Jolkovski/Larson Newspapers


Cottages At Coffeepot Borders U.S. Forest Service

Cottages At Coffeepot Gated Entrance

Due to the fact that the Cottages At Coffeepot community borders U.S. Forest Service, it is essential that the community does everything it can to help with wildfire mitigation.  Every year in spring, a memo goes out to the entire community with tips on how to be “Firewise”.  We all need to do our part to protect our community from the risk of wildfire.

Wood Shingle RoofWood Shingle Roof – 2006

Composite fire-retardant roof shingle

Wood Shingle Roofs Needed To Be Replaced

This really came to a culmination when the Brins Mesa Fire broke out on June 17, 2006. This fire was very close to the Soldiers Pass area.  The Cottages At Coffeepot were under evacuation orders.  It just so happened that the Cottages At Coffeepot Home Owners Association (HOA) was in the midst of deciding on new roofing materials.  Prior to the composite shingles that the cottages now have, the roofing material was a wood shingle.  Many homeowners wanted to reroof with this same wood shingle.  This all changed with the encroachment of the Brins Mesa Fire.  These shingles have been found to aid in hastening fires.  Most insurance companies will not even insure properties with this type of shingle. Every cottage has replaced the roof with a fire-retardant composite shingle. On the left is the composite fire-retardant roof shingle that has replaced the wood shingles throughout the Cottages At Coffeepot.

The Cottages At Coffeepot had to be evacuated when it was thought that the Brins Mesa fire was changing direction towards the cottages.  Fortunately, the fire did not encroach any homes in Soldiers Pass.

10 Safety Tips To Mitigate Wildfire Risk

Cottages At Coffeepot Firewire Certification


5 Action Items To Improve Your Home’s Survivability

  • Remove leaves, pine needles, and other flammable material from the roof, gutters, and on and under the deck to help prevent embers from igniting your home.
  • Screen areas below decks and porches with 1/8″ wire mesh to help prevent material from accumulating underneath.
  • Cover exterior attic and soffit vents with 1/8″ wire mesh to help prevent sparks from entering your home.
  • Enclose eaves to help prevent ember entry.
  • Inspect shingles or roof tiles. Replace missing shingles or tiles.  Cover ends of tiles with bird stops or cement to help prevent ember penetration during a wildfire.

5 Tips For Landscaping Around Your Home

  • Remove dead vegetation and other flammable materials, especially within 5 feet of your home.
  • Keep your lawn hydrated and maintained.  If it is brown, cut it down to help reduce fire intensity.
  • Prune tree limbs so the lowest branches are 6 to 10 feet above the ground to help reduce the chance of fire getting into the crowns of the trees.
  • Move construction material, trash, and woodpiles at least 30 feet away from the home and other outbuildings.
  • Dispose of branches, weeds, leaves, pine needles, and grass clippings that you have cut to reduce fuel for a fire.


Shadow Mountain Drive - Cottages At Coffeepot

Cottages At Coffeepot Overhead

Cottages At Coffeepot - Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty - Sedona Lifestyle



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Besides professional photography, – aerial pictures and videos are included.

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Show Me A Sedona Luxury Townhouse Community – Cottages At Coffeepot – Soldiers Pass – May 2023

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Show Me A Sedona Luxury Townhouse/Condo Community

May 2023

Cottages At Coffeepot

Soldiers Pass 

West Sedona Arizona 86336

~ ~ ~

Cottages at coffeepot reverse sunrise Call Sheri Sperry a cottage owner and realtor at 928-274-7355


A Unique and Uncommon Gated Community 


Sedona Townhouse for sale


Cottages At Coffeepot Market Update ~ April 2020

No Active Cottages Available:

Closed in 2023

Cottages at coffeepot closed townhomes in 2023 up to May Call Sheri Sperry for more info 928-274-7355



Cottages at Coffeepot – Closed in 2021 thru 2022


Cottages At Coffeepot - Call Sheri Sperry a home owner and expert REALTOR who lives in the Cottages for accurate pricing for buyers and sellers 928.274.7355


Cottages at Coffeepot – Stats for Closed Cottages From 2021 thru 2022


Cottages At Coffeepot - Call Sheri Sperry a home owner and expert REALTOR who lives in the Cottages for accurate pricing for buyers and sellers 928.274.7355


In the last couple of years, since 2020, most of the homes have sold in the low seven figures in the Cottages At Coffeepot gated community. Each of these luxury townhomes is very unique. They have custom floor plans, different lot sizes, and different views.  Many of the luxury townhomes have been updated to varying degrees which makes the pricing per square foot vary so much. 2 townhomes were built on double lots.  Each of these pays twice the quarterly HOA fees.

Most homeowners love the fact that these homes are lock and go. Each is perfect for a second or vacation home.



Cottages At Coffeepot Are Maintained With Your Safety & Aesthetics in Mind

Cottages At Coffeepot Gated EntranceLock and Go Lifestyle

The Cottages At Coffeepot in West Sedona is a community for those who want a lock and go lifestyle. The community has a full-time groundskeeper who maintains the front landscaping of each home.  There is only one way in and one way out and it has a security gate to maintain your privacy.  The Cottages are very safe. Because they sit over a mile off the main highway (89A) and are tucked in at the foot of the forest preserve, there is little traffic that is not accounted for.

Designed For Low Maintenance and Relaxation

There are 34 homes and generally 10-12 full-time residents who live in the Cottages while other residents travel to homes based on the season.  Some spend summers here and others spend their winter months in this community.

Neighborhood Amenities  

(There is a detailed 1-minute 18-second video below)

Some of the unique features that the Cottages have for the residents, is a heated swimming pool that is available from May through October.  The pool area sits higher than most of the luxury townhomes and has a great view of the surrounding red rocks.  Straddling one of the famous rocks in Sedona. ..Coffeepot Rock, the pool is located right below. From the main street of the 89A, it looks just like the old percolator coffee pot, but as you move around the rock, it can take on another appearance of a “Standing Eagle” a name given to the rock by the Native Americans who inhabit the area.

Besides the pool, there is a covered ramada and BBQ. There is even a small park with a bench to relax. You can play a set of tennis anytime you choose at the tennis court located right below the pool area.  Anytime you decide you want some fresh air and a nature walk, there are trails by Coffeepot that lead to Boynton Canyon to the west and Jordan Park to the east.  The Seven Pools and Devil’s Kitchen are a ten-minute hike right outside of the community.  There are Jeep trails also that you can take to get to those features (permit required). Just make sure you have a narrow rock climbing vehicle to get you back there!

Coffeepot rock
You enter the community from the top of the hill and the street monuments meet the dark sky requirements.  These monuments throw a soft light down onto the pavement and each townhome has one or more in front of their home.

As you can see, there is green grass where you might expect rocks and desert plants.  Most of the community has grass in front of the townhomes. However, the HOA is modernizing the landscaping in increments as needed to bring a fresh young look to the complex.

Sedona townhouses for sale

The picture below is looking down at Coffeepot Rock. There are 34 units.  Two of these units sit on two lots. Most of these luxury townhomes are two and three units to a building. Each unit has some sort of courtyard in the front and a backyard garden area. Many units have built-in BBQs and all have a slab patio front and back.  About half of the units back up to the forest with a direct view of Coffeepot Rock.  Those units that sit on the east side of the street have a view of Coffeepot Rock from the front of the townhouse.

The Cottages At Coffeepot Architecture Is Timeless & Built To Last 

The architect was a prominent local resident who built a quality home that has remained pretty timeless. Don Woods designed more than 200 local homes including businesses such as Junipine Resort in Oak Creek Canyon to Heartline Cafe and the Sedona Racquet Club according to Sedona Monthly Magazine. Since his recent passing, The value of homes he designed will, without doubt, increase in value.

This article was back in 2006. The builder is still active in the community.  He is Phil Morris.  His most recent multi-million dollar project is about 2 minutes from the Cottages located right on Soldier’s Pass. Again, Phil Morris provides a quality product that a homeowner can be proud of.

Soldiers Pass an Uncommon Area

The Soldier’s Pass area of Sedona is one of the more pricey areas in Sedona. The average home price in Soldier Pass right now is around $2,000,000 plus.  On the other hand, The Cottages At Coffeepot sit on some prime property at the very end of Soldier’s Pass with forest service on multiple sides. There are gorgeous views from all the residences and pool, tennis court and community park areas.

Just 4 Minutes Away…


 The Soldier’s Pass Location Is 4 Minutes To Shopping & Dining

The location is far enough away from the main highway traffic to relish the quiet solitude of nature.  Surrounded by pine and juniper trees, your Cottage is nestled deep into nature yet you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing you are located in a gated community that looks after it’s own.  

Whole Foods Sedona ArizonaA recent study has shown that living within a mile of a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s increases the value of your home. The Whole Foods of Sedona is right at the beginning of Soldiers Pass just 4 minutes away.  

Medical & Professional Services Are Just 4 Minutes Away

A question often asked is “How far are the medical facilities located?”  The intersection of Soldier’s Pass & SR 89A is the start of all the businesses located in Sedona.  Besides Whole Foods at that corner, there are two banks, restaurants and professional services which include, doctors’ offices, eye care, dentist and lawyer’s offices as well as other professional services. Within 5 minutes of that corner are all the services you may possibly need.  If you need any specific questions answered please reach out to me through my cell phone or email.

Contact Sheri Sperry 


Search Homes For Sale in Coffeepot Cottages –

– Soldier’s Pass – West Sedona AZ 86336

There is one Cottage pending currently on the market. In the recent past, no more than two or three of these special luxury townhomes are available at any given time.

  More Information For Sedona Home or Cottage Buyers


If You Are Selling Your Sedona Home or Cottage At Coffeepot

You can find a number of sites that will provide you with an ‘estimate‘ of what your home is worth.  These sites use public records and algorithms to determine an ‘estimate‘. They must also publish their ‘error rate’ as well. The human factor is left out of the equation in these estimates. I live in this community and can give you a more accurate estimate of what your home or townhouse will sell for.  This is what I do for a living.

Complimentary Comparative Market Analysis 

Sellers - Exceptional Marketing from Sheri Sperry of Coldwell Banker Sedona

I am an expert in the Sedona market and the surrounding communities.  I also network with the top REALTORS® in the area. As a past-president of the Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals, I bring an added dimension to the luxury market. We meet every 2 weeks to discuss current market conditions and what the forward-looking picture is indicating for the market.

National and even county-wide news sources are slow and do not accurately represent what is happening in the Sedona area. I contract with a National Research firm to provide you with COMPLIMENTARY, real-time up-to-date market reports and statistics showing homes and condos for sale in Sedona. These reports are updated every few days to keep you current on Sedona market conditions. This is a valuable tool for you that only I provide through quick website graphs or detailed reports you can get FREE in your email. Just select this link, “How is the market is doing?“.  You can subscribe to any report you need and it will be delivered to your email inbox on a weekly basis.  If you have any questions, feel free to call me.  I will walk you through it.

Also, monthly I provide you with a Market Report Analysis for each of the main zip codes and communities in the area which include: Sedona 86336, Village of Oak Creek 86351, Cornville/Page Springs 86325, Cottonwood 86326 and Clarkdale 86324.

More Information For Real Estate Sellers

Video Of Cottages At Coffeepot Amenities 

(1 minute and 18 seconds)


Additional Pictures 


Cottages at coffeepot

Cottages At Coffeepot Park


Homes for sale Soldiers Pass Sedona AZ

Shadow Mountain Drive

Sedona Pool homes for sale

Coffeepot Rock

West Sedona Arizona

Find West Sedona Arizona Luxury Real Estate ~ See Why People Specifically Ask For West Sedona

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West Sedona Luxury Real Estate

Courtesy of

Sheri Sperry REALTOR - Coldwell Banker Realty 928-274-7355

West Sedona Luxury Real Estate – The luxury homes of West Sedona are conveniently located throughout the neighborhoods and are sought after due to the convenient location for business, shopping, and professional services. Medical services include eye care, eye surgery, dental and orthodontic services, and other medical professionals. Four major grocery stores are located within five minutes of each other. Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Bashas, and Safeway, are conveniently located on the 89A. Of course, there are 3 Starbucks locations in West Sedona. One is a stand-alone store.  This does not include the location in Uptown in the Shops at Hyatt Piñon Pointe.  There are galleries, restaurants, and unique stores peppered up and down SR 89A in West Sedona.  There are also two places of worship right off of Soldiers Pass Road and more in close proximity.

I live here if you want to buy or sell West Sedona Luxury real estate! I can help you find the right property to fit your needs. Just call 928.274.7355.  I am always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Why Do West Sedona Luxury Real Estate Buyers Specifically Ask For West Sedona?

Buyers familiar with West Sedona know they want luxury properties with outstanding views of the red rocks.  The areas can have a modicum of privacy that is acceptable to most people looking forward to the solitude, especially if they come from a metropolitan atmosphere.  The proximity of the West Sedona business district and the advantages this offers for efficiency and timeliness is much appreciated by West Sedona residents as well as future residents. Neighborhoods like Casa Contenta and The Cottages At Coffeepot are private gated communities offering pools and tennis courts. Residents also know that traffic, though it may look bad, is nothing compared to other areas. You can get from one end of West Sedona to Uptown in approximately 10 minutes or less…with traffic!  Trails also cover the West Sedona area. In fact, these trails go beyond the Jordan Park area in Uptown all the way through and beyond Boynton Canyon on the west side of Sedona.

Sellers - Luxury Home Listing by Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty

Examples of West Sedona Luxury Listings that SOLD in 10 Days or Less…

57 E. Dove Wing

15 E. Dove Wing

Shouldn’t Sheri be your REALTOR®

See the map below…

Map of West Sedona map


Casa Contenta Luxury homes

Search for West Sedona Luxury Homes

~ ~ ~


Crimson View West Sedona Luxury

As a Coldwell Banker Sedona Arizona REALTOR®, my primary goal is to help my customers obtain their dreams and satisfy their financial goals and objectives through real estate. From the moment I am contacted, you will observe my seasoned ability to provide you with “World Class Service” and that “personal touch” while utilizing a complete package of technology options that are of the utmost importance and critical in today’s market.

I will tailor real solutions to fit your specific needs. – Sheri Sperry –


See Reasons Why Sheri Is Your Solution

Solutions For Buyers

Solutions For Sellers


The Sedona Real Estate Experience Is All About You!

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Rick&Sam_Wedding 174 copy

As customers, there is no magic formula that tells us how we can make our journey as trouble-free as possible. But a good Realtor® can help navigate the journey with you in mind. It takes real flair to be able to make it look easy and make the experience … all about you!

One of my foremost traits is the ability to connect with people. I genuinely care for people and want to share my love of real estate with all my clients and customers. I will listen to your request and concerns and you will find that not only do I LISTEN to what you say, I put what you say into effect! My enthusiasm for real estate is contagious and the more you see me in action, you will realize the choice you made was the right one.

The experience is all about YOU! It is not about your Realtor® or anyone else. You are the one who will be buying or selling the property. No one else matters. I get this. You will find that I will help you and work with you anyway you see fit. The Realtor’s goal should be to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. If nothing else, your Realtor® should make the process transparent and be able to smooth out the ebb and flow of each wave that the real estate process brings. All real estate agents provide services, what makes me different and better is that I will provide solutions that are unique to your situation.  I am YOUR Solutions Realtor®.

You can learn more about me at or go to the About Me” menu item in the header.  I can help you.  Get started today!

Here are some of the features of my amazing and fast website.

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Not Your Typical Teenager…My First Home Buying Experience

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51 years of home ownership, and marriage - Rick & Sheri Sperry - Call Sheri Sperry for all your Sedona real estate needs - 928-274-7355

First Home Buying Experience


1313 Brooktree Cr Woodside Village West Covina CA

1313 Brooktree Cr.  Woodside Village West Covina CA 91792


Our first home-buying experience needs a little context because of our young age. Buying a home back in 1972 was much different than it is today. My story starts out of high school in the fall of 1970, when I met my future husband in college.  It was Psychology 1A.  Our professor grabbed Rick on the first day of class and grabbed him on the QT. She asked him to have an outburst while she was explaining the syllabus to the class. 

He stood up and stated that what she expected from us was outrageous and that he would drop this class.  He then ripped up the syllabus and stormed out.  Our professor asked us to describe what we had just witnessed. 

Psych 1A was not easy, so a tutoring session was offered.  I attended and saw Rick.  Obviously, I recognized him from his performance on the first day of class.  So I struck up a conversation. He thought I was the tutor, so he was extra nice to me. Back then, we called that “kissing up.”  A friendship was struck, and after several outings with mutual friends, he took me to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.   Then in 1971, we went steady on Valentine’s Day, and by June, he asked me to marry him. We were only 19 years old!

Sheri Rick Azusa Canyon Xmas Vacation 1971
Sheri and Rick driving in Azusa Canyon during Xmas Vacation 1971

Why Was That Preface Important?

We both lived with our parents and had never been out on our own.  We were laser-focused on our future together.  In late 1971, we started discussing where we were going to live.  We decided on West Covina.  Rick had transferred to Cal State Fullerton and worked at UPS in LA on the twilight shift.   I was working a part-time job at May Company in the Whittier Quad and a full-time job in the City of Industry. During Christmas (Peak) season, Rick got a temporary route near our home.  He loved it.

Rick standing in front of our townhouse during Peak Season 1973
Rick standing in front of our home in 1973


Most of you may not know Southern California, but the traffic was not good even back in 1972!  So the location was very important.

Living in West Covina was a perfect choice because of the distance Rick traveled to school and work.  We also decided that we would live between the two freeways.  US 60 and the I-10.  We honed in on Woodside Village.  There were brand new apartments there.  A one-bedroom apartment was going for $165.  A two-bedroom apartment was $185. 

2 BD – 1 BA – Laundry Room – Courtyard – 1 Carport and One Extra Space – 764 SF – Also a Community Pool and Park

We decided to look at the brand-new Woodside Village townhouses.  For $800 down and $800 in upgrades, we could get a 764 SF, two-bedroom, one-bath townhouse. It even had a laundry room!  This was $16,500.  The payment would be $165 a month.  This was a proverbial “no-brainer.”    We didn’t look around for homes.  This was the perfect option for a newlywed couple just starting out in life.

Just One Small Problem

A woman’s salary didn’t count for the mortgage back then!  So, we needed my dad to co-sign for us.  He was on the deed also.  Those of us who were around during the early 1970s might remember that the minimum wage was $1.65 an hour.  When Rick started with UPS, he made $3.50 an hour with great benefits and health insurance for the whole family.  It took me a while to save the $1,600 for the down and upgrades.  We upgraded the entire flooring to a deluxe shag carpet and premium vinyl flooring.  We were able to pick the colors because we bought this brand new. 

Buying A Home Was Simple In 1972

First of all, we didn’t have a real estate agent.  We just walked into the sales office and filled out the paperwork.  The best comparison I could use would be that the process was more simple than buying a car in 2022.  There was not much paperwork.  Our biggest hurdle was my dad cosigning for us.  We didn’t want anyone consigning, but we didn’t have a choice in 1972.

Why Own vs. Renting?

We spent one day every two weeks together for the first year of our marriage.  I worked two jobs.  Rick had the weekend off, but I only got a Sunday every two weeks where we were off at the same time.  We knew this was temporary and things would change.  Again, when you are laser-focused, you make things work!

In the 3.5 years of living in this townhome, we lived well.  We made around $13,000 a year.  We bought a new Datsun 240Z and a boat.  Why do I mention this?  Because we didn’t save any money for our next home purchase.  It came from the sale of the townhouse.  OH, by the way, no more cosigning! We did it on our own.

How Did We Buy Our Next Home?

We sold this townhouse in 1976 for $25,000.  This was a gain of 52% or around 14.8% a year.  We could not have saved what we needed for a down payment. This is how I learned about leveraging.  What is that townhouse worth today?  The current market value is $394,000 for 764 SF.

Back then, in California, the further away you moved from LA, the newer the neighborhoods and the better the house price. They were building homes like mad. It wasn’t one at a time.  It was a whole “phase” at a time.

13437 Arvidson Rd Chino CA 91710.
Our first single-family home (brand new) was located at 13437 Arvidson Rd, Chino, CA 91710. We lived here from 1976 until 1984.

13427 Arvidson Rd. Chino CA 91710

3 BD – 2 BA – 1490 SF – $42,000 in 1976 ~ Value in 2023 = $713,000

We moved 1/2 hour further away to a new area in Chino, CA.  Our new home was a single family – 3 BD – 2 BA home with a big backyard for $42,000.  We had good friends that moved there in 1975.  They bought a 2-story, four-bedroom home for $38,000.  Just a few months later, we paid $4,000 more for one less bedroom! 

We encountered another challenge when we moved. We were getting six paychecks every month.  About six months into our new home, I became pregnant and quit working.  Rick was promoted into management and was paid monthly.  It was a real challenge going from 6 paychecks to 1 a month!

Regrets or Mistakes

When we bought the townhouse, we didn’t realize our bedroom would be up against the wall of the living room in the townhouse behind us. YIKES!  You can imagine what sleeping was like.  We had to have a chat with the neighbors.  We never made that mistake again.

We also didn’t realize that these townhouses would eventually become more of an investment property.  We started seeing renters while we were living there.

I make sure I explain any of the mistakes or regrets I have had in my 50 years of owning property to my clients if I see a concern.  This is an invaluable experience that I pass down to my clients.

When We Moved The Second Time

We could have bought the brand-new house with four bedrooms right next door for just $50 a month more on the mortgage. We felt that was more than we could spend.  This was a big regret.  Within six months, our earnings exceeded that $50 a month.

Another regret was not knowing we could have a buyer agent represent us.  We bought four brand-new homes through the seller reps.  It wasn’t until I became an agent that I realized we could be represented.

Back then, we didn’t know a lot.   We were only 19-20 years old!  We didn’t know we could shop around for a mortgage.  However, I did my own refinancing, and this is where I learned how to value or appraise a home.  I actually had appraisals reversed based on my comps.  That is a skill I have had for decades.

The Cost of Living in 1972

New House – $27,600

Average Income – $11,859 per year

New Car – $3,853

Average Rent – $165 per month

Tuition to Harvard University – $2,800

Movie Ticket – $1.75

Gasoline – $.55 per gallon

Postage Stamp – $.08

Bacon – $.83 per pound

Eggs – $.45 per dozen

Fresh Ground Hamburger – $.64 per pound

Milk – $1.20 per gallon

In Conclusion

Life was pretty simple and pretty great back in 1972.  Back then, I am pretty sure I understood the value of owning your own home, but there was no one who explained it to me.  I experienced it when we sold our first townhome, as well as when we sold our additional four homes before moving to Sedona.


We purchased our current home in Sedona, Arizona, in 2003.  We owned two homes for almost a decade before finally selling our last California home, pictured below.  The Corona home was built for my entire family. It was the home we gathered at for almost all events.  We were not sure about selling it.  Should we buy a home at or near the beach?  But the choice was more apparent once we realized our hearts were in Sedona.  It took about five years for my family to detach. Once they did, we were able to sell it. 

What I found surprising is that the original listing pics that my husband took are still showing on this home!  Some of the pics are from 2008.  I don’t think the house has sold since!

1280 Tesoro Way Corona CA 92789
Our last family home was located in Corona, CA 92879


1280 Tesoro Way Corona CA 92879 listing pics from 2008

BTW, we were 4th in line on the above home to purchase this lot and have the home built.  We got a call on Father’s Day and went down to sign the papers.

So, I constantly tell my buyers to submit a backup offer.  You never know what will happen.  You might get that home you really love.

20 years in Sedona, July 30, 2023

Currently living in the Cottages At Coffeepot in Sedona AZ 86336 - Call Sheri Sperry at 928-274-7355 with all your Sedona and Verde Valley real estate needs.
Currently living in the Cottages At Coffeepot in Sedona, AZ 86336 – Call Sheri Sperry at 928-274-7355 with all your Sedona and Verde Valley real estate needs.


God made the Grand Canyon …but He lives in Sedona!

Fab Lentz created the FREE graphic “Go up and never stop.”

Do Mae West, John Wayne, and Elvis Presley Have In Common?

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The Biggest Little City in Arizona 

 ~ ~ Cottonwood ~ ~

Mae West - Call Sheri Sperry for Cottonwood or Sedona Real estate at 928-274-7355

What Do Mae West, John Wayne, Burt Lancaster, Elvis Presley, and Al

Capone Have In Common?

A Little Western History

It was the 1800s, and the land rush was on in Northern Arizona.  Farmers & ranchers were looking for land to start a new life. The Verde Valley looked promising, so many settled in the area.  

Other people were looking to establish businesses and homes in the area to support these settlers.  They decided to establish the town we know as  Cottonwood today. Cottonwood got its name from the (Cottonwood) trees that line the Verde River behind the old jail.  By the way, Al Capone carved his name in the jail cell of the Cottonwood Jail.  (Below)

The Cottonwood Jail. The first “tenant” of the jail was Bootlegger Joe Hall.

The Old West With A New Twist!

In the early 1900s, other more unsavory characters, who were driven out of the Cottonwood Historic Jail and Sheriff Office - - Call Sheri Sperry for Cottonwood or Sedona Real estate at 928-274-7355company (mining) towns, such as Clarkdale and Jerome, decided to give Cottonwood a go.  The town developed a reputation of lawlessness even though there was a strong foundation of law-abiding families.  

Prohibition and Bootlegging

Then Prohibition hit the nation, and Cottonwood was no exception other than the fact that they developed some of the best bootlegging around.  The bootleggers in and around Cottonwood were infamous and were known far and wide.  People came as far away as Phoenix and Los Angeles.  

Enter Mae West!

Before Mae West was famous, she spent much of her time on what is Main Street in Old Town Cottonwood.  She was known in every Speak-Easy in the area.  Her Hollywood character was developed here in Cottonwood long before she hit the silver screen.

Cottonwood Hotel – 930 N. Main St. Cottonwood, AZ 86326

The Old Historic Cottonwood Hotel - Call Sheri Sperry for Cottonwood or Sedona Real estate at 928-274-7355

Stage left…The oldest business in Cottonwood; enter “The Cottonwood Hotel.” It continues to have the same name and location for 106 years. Initially, there were ten rooms for rent.  In the 1950s, the rooms were converted into four suites of 2-3 rooms each.  Arizona’s bootlegger king (Joe Hall) stayed in this hotel in 1917.


Coffeepot Rock Movie Set 1962 Sperry - - Call Sheri Sperry for Cottonwood or Sedona Real estate at 928-274-7355

The above image was taken in 1962 by a Sperry family member. 


The image below is the Sedona West Subdivision as of 2009. Rick and I drove the area to get as close as we could to the 1962 image.


Sedona West Subdivision - - Call Sheri Sperry for Cottonwood or Sedona Real estate at 928-274-7355


Another image shown below highlights the Telegraph Office and the rest of the set made famous by the movie “Johnny Guitar.”  It was created by Sally Hallermund of the Red Rock Ranch. Learn more below.

Johnny Guitar was one of over 100 movies made in and around Sedona.  It was made in 1954 and starred Joan Crawford, Sterling Hayden, Ward Bond, and Mercedes McCambridge.

The Coffeepot Rock movie Set - For information on Cottonwood or Sedona real estate call Sheri Sperry @ 928-274-7355


 Others who spent their downtime during the making of Sedona/Cottonwood movies were stars such as  John Wayne, Burt Lancaster, and Elvis Presley.

John Wayne and Cathedral Rock in Sedona - - Call Sheri Sperry for Cottonwood or Sedona Real estate at 928-274-7355

John Wayne

John Wayne sipping coffee with Cottonwood Hotel pic behind himJohn Wayne’s 1947 movie “Angel and the Badman” was filmed in Sedona. Wayne and his costar Gail Russel would sneak off to Cottonwood and enjoy romantic time alone. Interestingly, the Tavern Grille, just a few doors down from the hotel, was once the Rialto Theater.  The “Angel and the Badman” had regular screenings at the Rialto.

John Wayne and Gail Russel – Angel and the Badman

John Wayne and Gail Russel Angel and the Badman in Sedona - - Call Sheri Sperry for Cottonwood or Sedona Real estate at 928-274-7355

Movie Prop Finds Home At The Sedona Heritage Museum

Sedona historic Telegraph Office and future home of Sally Hallermund -- Call Sheri Sperry for Cottonwood or Sedona Real estate at 928-274-7355


This “telegraph office” was constructed well over 100 years ago in Winona, AZ.  Over 100 westerns were filmed in Sedona during the Golden Age of western movie-making. It was brought to Sedona for those movies and was featured in “The Angel and the Badman,” when Gail Russel helped wounded John Wayne send a telegram.

Sally Hallermund bought and lived in the “Telegraph Office.”  on the Red Rock Ranch.  The Red Rock Ranch was the last cattle ranch in Sedona (1938-1979).

The Sedona Heritage Museum has restored it to its former glory, and there are movie props inside the building from many of the westerns filmed in Sedona.

History of the Telegraph Depot

Elvis Presley and His Sedona/Cottonwood Connection

“Stay Away Joe” was a 1968 Western comedy starring Elvis Presley.  He filmed this in Sedona and Cottonwood. As you might suspect, Elvis also stayed in Cottonwood during the filming of the movie.


Elvis Presley at Schebly Point in Sedona Red Rocks behind him -


The Academy Award-Winning cinematographer Fred J Koenkamp worked on this movie.  It takes a cinematographer to showcase Sedona, and he made the red rocks of Sedona shine like red rubies.  Sedona remains a favorite location for the movie industry.

Poster for Elvis Presley in Stay Away Joe 1968 comedy - - Call Sheri Sperry for Cottonwood or Sedona Real estate at 928-274-7355


Here is a clip that shows the different locations where Elvis did filming.  There is a National Bank of Arizona location in the clip below. That bank has moved from Uptown to West Sedona.  You can imagine how different uptown looked fifty-five years ago!  Enjoy the clip!




The Resurgence of Cottonwood



The city of Cottonwood took on a large project to refurbish the Old Town area and make it an attractive place with unique stores, great wine-tasting rooms, and eateries.

Today it is a fun place to go to stroll Main Street and check out all the shops while tasting a little of the flavor of the Old West. 

Cottonwood is not far from Sedona, about a 20-minute drive, but it has a couple of the key big box storefronts; Super Wal-Mart and Home Depot are located kitty-corner to the main intersection of the 89A and the 260.  There is also a central Regional (Verde Valley) Medical Center. This gives support to a lot of doctor offices and other medical facilities nearby.

Throwback Thursday!

A Look at Home Prices from 10 Years Ago (2013)

The Cottonwood real estate market had an average listing price of $182,820 and 58 days on market.  The distressed listings average is low at 8%.

Where Is The Cottonwood Market in 2023?

This week the median list price for Cottonwood, AZ 86326 is $486,250, with the market action index hovering around 48. This is an increase over last month’s market action index of 41. Inventory has decreased to 26. The average days on market is at 78 days.

Home sales continue to outstrip supply, and the Market Action Index has been moving higher for several weeks. This is a Seller’s market, so watch for upward pricing pressure in the near future if the trend continues.


Other Old Town Cottonwood  Pictures

Cottonwood Gas Staton and Restuarant- - Call Sheri Sperry for Cottonwood or Sedona Real estate at 928-274-7355


Cottonwood Historic stone Building - - Call Sheri Sperry for Cottonwood or Sedona Real estate at 928-274-7355

Main Street Cottonwood Arizona

Verde Valley Sedona Cottonwood - Call Sheri Sperry for Cottonwood or Sedona Real estate at 928-274-7355

Main St in Historic Old Town Cottonwood - - Call Sheri Sperry for Cottonwood or Sedona Real estate at 928-274-7355

Many images courtesy of,, and IMDb.

29th Annual Sedona International Film Festival – February 18-26-2023

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29th Annual

Sedona International Film Festival 

Sedona International Film Festival - Feb 18 thru 26 2023 - Call SHERI SPERRY for all your real estate needs - 928-274-7355


Judd Hirsch  

Judd Hirsch - Honoree at SIFF“Join us as we honor our festival LIfetine Achievement Award Honoree and Academy Award-nominee Judd Hirsch who will be here in person for his new film “Rally Caps”, Friday, February 24 at 4:00 p.m. Judd Hirsch and Amy Smart will be providing Q&A for this special premiere. – Sedona Film Festival Website

Judd Hirsch is an American actor. He is known for playing Alex Rieger on the television comedy series Taxi, John Lacey on the NBC series Dear John, and Alan Eppes on the CBS series Numb3rs.

He is also well known for his career in theatre and for his roles in films such as Ordinary People, Running on Empty, Independence Day, A Beautiful Mind, Independence Day: Resurgence, Uncut Gems, and The Fabelmans.

He has twice won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, twice won the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play, won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Musical or Comedy, and was nominated twice for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performances in Ordinary People (1980), and The Fabelmans (2022), the longest gap between Academy Award nominations in history.                                                                                                Wikipedia


An International Draw…


The Sedona Film Festival which is in its 29th year draws independent movie enthusiasts from around the world.  In the 9-day festival, you will find fascinating, panel discussions with some of the stars, directors, writers, and producers of these films. This festival gets better and better every year. 

Yavapai College Sedona Campus

Yavapai College


Also, you can attend the “Filmmaker Conversations Workshop Series” Tuesday thru Saturday at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. MST at the Yavapai College Sedona Center

Film Schedule 

Performing Arts Center

Sedona Performing Arts Center call SHERI SPERRY for all your real estate needs at 928.274.7355

Mary D. Fisher Theatre

Mary D Fisher Theatre for all your real estate needs call SHERI SPERRY 928.274.7355

The film presentations, workshops, and schedule will include shorts, documentaries, animations, and foreign films.  The films are screened at the Sedona Performing Arts Center, Harkins Sedona Six, and the Mary D. Fisher Theatre. 

Harkins Sedona Six

Harkins Six Sedona - for all your real estate needs call SHERI SPERRY at 928.274.7355


The Sedona International Film Festival Mission Statement

 “The Sedona International Film Festival is a yearlong celebration of the power of independent film and multi-cultural programming to inspire, educate, entertain and enlighten.”

Sedona International Film Festival FAQs

~ ~ ~

NOTE: All information presented including, event scheduling, directions, and pricing are deemed reliable but not guaranteed. You should check with the organizers, event and attraction website, or management, and organizing team for current information. is not responsible for inaccuracies or changes to the information provided. Information is provided as a convenience to you., Coldwell Banker Realty, and Sheri Sperry are not affiliated with or are provided any fees, promotions, or otherwise for this information contained here.  This is merely a public service posting.

Happy 111th Birthday to Arizona. – The Grand Canyon State – 6 Fun Facts

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Happy Birthday Arizona - Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty 928-274-7355

Happy Birthday Arizona!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Unless you follow Arizona’s history, you may not know that back in 1912, Arizona was admitted to the Union as the 48th state on February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

Now that LA has hosted and won the Super Bowl, the torch was passed to Arizona which will host the 2023 Super Bowl on February 12th. Preparations are completed for this huge event and Superbowl week is underway!

2023 Superbowl Glendale AZ Call Sheri Sperry for all your Sedona real estate needs - 928.274.7355

All of the events scheduled including the TPC Waste Management Phoenix Open Golf Tournament will probably bring a revenue north of $1.5 billion to Arizona.  Those who experience the 16th hole at TPC during this tournament will tell you there is no better fan experience in golf.  

The effects of this Superbowl will be felt in years to come. It is a big boom to the economy including Sedona!


Sedona’s Fabulous Winter Weather…

Sedona and Arizona are blessed with fabulous weather on this special day.  The temperature will be close to 70º in Phoenix with clear skies. This February the weather in Sedona has been a little crisper than normal. We did get up to 64º a couple of days ago.  The cooler air is not stopping people from getting out there and going on a hike. The air is fresh, clean, and invigorating.  


Hiking - Coffeepot Trail - Sheri Sperry can help you with all your Sedona real estate needs. Call 928.274.7355

Find Abundant Outdoor Activities

In this land of sunshine in the middle of winter, many people are celebrating by getting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. I can tell you that the amount of people hiking right now in Sedona is more than I would have thought.  I was driving on Soldiers Pass this morning and there were at least 50 people walking on the side of the street to get to the entrance of the Soldiers Pass Trail. 

Seven Canyons Golf Resort - Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker 928.274.7355

Of course, others are playing golf or tennis. Many are enjoying their mountain bikes on the red rock trails.  Even fly fishing in Oak Creek is popular. The above pic is Seven Canyons Golf Club which will be going private once again. 

Besides the climate, and all the seasonal activities, the majestic red rocks of Sedona are what really attract the 3 million visitors we get every year. 


6 Fun Facts About Arizona – The Grand Canyon State


Grand Canyon - Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty - 928-274-7355

6 Fun Facts About Arizona – The Grand Canyon State

  • Arizona was part of the New Mexico Territory in 1848 but became a separate territory in 1863. Zonies voted against being combined with New Mexico as a single state.
  • President Taft signed the Arizona Statehood Act after 49 years as a territory.
  • Governor George W. P. Hunt was the 1st Governor of Arizona.  He served 7 terms as governor!
  • Arizona had only 200,000 residents when Arizona achieved statehood. 
  • According to the History Channel, Arizona has the greatest percentage of acreage for Native American Tribal Land.
  • The Grand Canyon (besides being the second most visited of the National Parks – 6 million people visit each year), is larger than the state of Rhode Island. 


Reference – U.S. Department of the Interior – “13 Things you Didn’t Know About Grand Canyon National Park”

www.12news .com  – Happy birthday, Arizona

~ ~ ~

A February Tradition ~ Sedona International Film Festival!

Sedona International Film Festival - Call Sheri Sperry for Sedona Real Estate 928.274.7355 or visit

You can find out more about it here.  Individual tickets go on sale on February 13th, 2023! 

❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

Let’s face it.  Most will actually celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Many of Sedona’s restaurants will have special romantic themes with a 4 or 5-course prepared menu. There is no better place to watch the sunset than on the romantic red rocks of Sedona. 

Here is a list of restaurants that still have timeslots available in the greater Arizona area through Open Table.  But hurry!  They are down to less than a handful of slots. Make sure you check out the location to be sure it is in Sedona. 

Reference – U.S. Department of the Interior – “13 Things you Didn’t Know About Grand Canyon National Park”

www.12news .com  – Happy birthday, Arizona

~ ~ ~

If You get bitten by “Red Rocks Fever” …


Dusk at Summer - West Sedona Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty - 928.274.7355


I can help with that condition!  I had “Red Rocks Fever” once and the cure was buying a home in Sedona!  I will assist you with all your real estate needs. This is the essence of what it means to be “YOUR Solutions Realtor”.


Whether you are a buyer or seller, together we will design the right solutions to fit your needs.


For example, sellers… Every inquiry I receive on your listing is expertly handled with professional courtesy by me, Sheri Sperry, a licensed and highly trained Sedona Real Estate Expert. It’s the best way for me to assure that YOUR critical needs are being met to exceed expectations. Absentee owners who list with me can count on “White Glove” hands-on special care of their properties.

If you are interested in purchasing Sedona real estate I can help with that also!

Contact me for more information to see how I can tailor solutions and services to your needs. It is all part of my Concierge ~ White Glove ~ Service.

Sheri Sperry 928.274.7355 Coldwell Banker real estate agent


I love Arizona! Call Sheri Sperry for all your sedona and the verde valley real estate needs. 928.274.7355 or visit

Ambiente – A Landscape Hotel – Now Open! Soldiers Pass West Sedona on SR 89A

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Ambiente Landscape Hotel


Now Open ambiente Landscape Hotel - call Sheri Sperry for all your real estate needs at 928.274.7355 or visit



Ambiente – A Landscape Hotel. There are only four other Landscape hotels in the world. Sedona Arizona has just opened the 5th on February 1st, 2023.  (travel away)


call Sheri Sperry for all your real estate needs at 928.274.7355 or visit

View into Soldiers Pass

This unique Landscape Hotel looks toward the end of Soldiers Pass.  I live in Soldiers Pass, about a 4-minute drive from this hotel.  The hotel is close to the Mariposa Restaurant. 

Soldiers Pass Sedona at Dusk - Call Sheri Sperry for all your Sedona real estate needs at 928.274.7355 or visit

View from Mariposa Restaurant Grass Area – located next to Ambiente Landscape Hotel


This is a link to the article I wrote in August 2019.  At that time this was just a concept. The video below explains why these are called Guest Atriums. 

This Upscale Romantic Sedona Getaway is opening just in time for Valentine’s Day.  You can check out the Ambiente website here

There are only 40 Guest Atriums.  You can check out the dates available and pricing here.  This month in February, the pricing is about half the cost of seasonal pricing that starts in April 2023. (Pricing subject to change).

This Ambiente Video Showcases The Magnificent Red Rocks of Sedona

NOTE: All information presented, including, event schedules, directions, and pricing, is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. You should check with the organizers, event and attraction website, management, and organizing team for current information. is not responsible for inaccuracies or changes to the information provided. Information is provided as a convenience to you., Coldwell Banker Realty, and Sheri Sperry are not affiliated with or are provided any fees, promotions, or otherwise for this information contained here.  This is merely a public service posting.  

Do You Have Red Rocks Fever? See what the symptoms are…

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 What is Red Rocks Fever? 

West Sedona Real Estate 


Red Rocks Fever Symptoms

Those with a severe case of red rock fever may lose some sleep and become anxious and frustrated because they did not plan enough time in this beautiful and breathtaking area. Some of the symptoms of a person with the “fever” are: they may try to pack too much into their time in Sedona red rock country. Other symptoms include an extra hike or bike ride, maybe a Red Rock Jeep tour, or just one more visit to a vortex before you leave.

I know you don’t want to leave, but you must return to where you came from… or do you?

Maybe you do like my husband did….“Sheri, find us a REALTOR®!” 


I am not saying everyone who comes to Sedona gets the bug, but many do. They will wander into my office and ask to see some property. Just like myself, they didn’t plan it, but come hell or high water, they will find a place for a vacation home or second home.  Maybe they will retire near one of the golf courses or get a home near a trailhead, so they can go hiking every day.

If you know someone who the Red Rock Fever may have bitten, please send them my way.  I can help them find a cure for their “fever.”

Red Rocks Fever …Catch It!

See more pics at

Instagram Images



Search For Sedona Homes For Sale

Solutions For Sellers

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Solutions For Buyers

As a Coldwell Banker Realty Sedona Arizona REALTOR®, my primary goal is to help my customers obtain their dreams and satisfy their financial goals and objectives through real estate.  From the moment I am contacted, you will observe my seasoned ability to provide you with “World Class Service” and that “personal touch” while utilizing a complete package of technology options that are of the utmost importance and critical in today’s market. I will tailor real solutions to fit your specific needs. 

Contact Sheri Sperry

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Learn about Sheri Sperry and the


Top 5 Years for Monsoon in Sedona Arizona…

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Last Day of Summer - Southern Belle and Lemonade

When It’s The Last Day Of Summer In Arizona…

Do you know what that means? 

Last Day of Summer Beautiful Cactus


Monsoon is over, In general, many Zonies are glad that the triple digits are gone   In fact, Arizona is in a “cold snap” currently (Oct. 2022). Temperatures have been in the 70ºs and barely into the 80ºs for Phoenix. In Sedona, the temps are in the 60ºs and barely reaching the 70ºs.  Starting in October, the Snowbirds will be setting up camp and enjoying that wonderful warm winter sunshine that you only get in the sunbelt states.  The most popular states for the migration of Snowbirds for winter are Florida and Arizona.

How to tell when it is Fall in Arizona


Sedona is a transition area.  Many people have second homes in Sedona to get away from the extreme temperatures of the cold or very warm climates.   Before the cold snap hit, temperatures were in the 80ºs with much cooler temps starting in the 40ºs, with some areas experiencing Mid 30ºs  during the early morning.  The leaves on the trees are already changing.

Soldiers Pass – Last Days At 90º or More

In Soldier’s Pass West Sedona, as in some past years,  in 2021, our last day of 100.3º was August 5th!  Usually, there are very few days in August with 100º + temps. In August of 2022, August 1st was the only day that reached 100º.  However, we had a mini-heatwave on September 5, 6, and 7th. So the last day of 100º was on September 7th at 100.4º.

When there are many thunderstorms, the temperatures rarely go over 100º.  This year *Sedona experienced the 4th best monsoon in the last 11 years.   The Cottages At Coffeepot and Soldiers Pass average 6.41 inches of rain during monsoon (June thru September). This year so far, there was 8.63 inches of rain. The monsoon ends on September 30th.  However, we continued to have monsoon conditions well into October, primarily because of the hurricanes coming up the Mexican coast of the Pacific Ocean. As these hurricanes move north, the moisture moves into California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Top 5 Years For Monsoon In Soldiers Pass West Sedona

2016 – 10.16 inches

2021 – 9.61 inches

2012 – 9.01 inches

2022 – 8.63 inches 

2013 – 8.18 inches


In Comparison, 2020 had only 0.91 inches of rain in those four months of monsoon!

Discover more at

~ ~ ~

Tristan Happy and Sad Face



Quotes They Might Be Saying In Other Parts Of The Country on the Last Day of Summer…

“If it could only be like this always–always summer, always alone, the fruit always ripe.” – Evelyn Waugh


“I could never in a hundred summers get tired of this.” – Susan Branch


“The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.” – Unknown


“With all these lovely tokens of September days are here, with summers best of weather and the autumns best of cheer.” – Helen Hunt Jackson


“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”

– William Shakespeare

~ ~ ~


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Complimentary Homeowner Consultation

As a Coldwell Banker Realty Sedona Arizona REALTOR®, my primary goal is to help my clients obtain their dreams, as well as satisfy their financial goals and objectives through real estate. From the moment I am contacted, you will observe my seasoned ability to provide you with “World Class Service” and that “personal touch” while utilizing a complete package of technology options that are of the utmost importance and so critical in today’s market.

I will tailor real solutions to fit your specific needs. – Sheri Sperry –


See Reasons Why Sheri Is Your Solution

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*Sedona weather information taken from historical records of the Cottages At Coffeepot Weather Station.

A Look Back At Coffeepot Rock’s Different Faces & The Cottages At Coffeepot

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Coffeepot Rock – Different Faces – Different Times in Sedona Arizona

As Coffeepot Rock is viewed from many different angles, it will take on a different look. It may appear to be a different rock. It got its name from the coffee pot that cowboys used on the range.
There are several examples below.
Can you see the different faces?

Coffeepot Rock At Coffeepot Cottages

Coffeepot Rock ~ Monsoon – Magic Time At the Coffeepot Cottages


Coffeepot Rock in 1962 by my husband’s uncle who was visiting from Chicago. It is prior to sub-division development (Sedona 1-2) in this area. Most of the roads were dirt.

This is an old movie set (see picture below) from “Johnny Guitar” (1954) starring Joan Crawford and Sterling Hayden.

We have the original photo (above) and have scanned it and improved the color quality through photo apps.

By accident, I found the picture above on the internet being offered for sale as a postcard! Imagine my surprise!

Taos Unlimited - Johnny Guitar

(above) Photo courtesy of Taos Unlimited


(above) This is the area where the film “Johnny Guitar” was filmed – The subdivision is Sedona West 1-2

CoffeePot Rock

Winter Dusting

Sedona Real Estate For Sale

Coffeepot Rock is known as ‘Standing Eagle’ in the Native American community

This was taken during Summer Monsoon

Coffeepot Rock, Cottages at Coffeepot, Soldiers Pass, sedona lifestyle, sellsedona, sheri sperry, coldwell banker,

This picture is taken about 300 ft up the street from the image below in the Cottages of Coffeepot

Sedona Real Estate For Sale

A rainbow from mist moving behind Coffeepot Rock – rain clouds are out of view on the left8-coffeepot2-copy

On the trail below Coffeepot Rock


This picture is right below Coffeepot on a trail halfway up the rock

monsoon, twilight, soldiers pass, west sedona, coffeepot rock, red rocks, cottages at coffeepot,

This image of Coffeepot Rock is from Soldiers Pass Rd


Right outside the gates of the Cottages of Coffeepot

This angle is where the iconic rock looks most like the native American depiction of “Standing Eagle”

Coffeepot Rock Standing Eagle The Sedona Lifestyle Live in beauty

On the other side of the gates to the Cottages At Coffeepot

This is where the “face” of the eagle shines through. At one angle, the rocks behind it appear to be the wings starting to spread.

Cottages at coffeepot

Aerial View of the lower portion of Coffeepot and a small look at the luxury townhomes of the Cottages At Coffeepot.

sheri sperry, sedona real estate, coldwell banker realty, sedona homes for sale, sedona luxury real estate,

The back of my business card was shot from the Soldiers Pass Trail at the Seven Pools

The only way to see this angle of the rock is to hike or use a 4-wheel drive vehicle through Soldiers Pass Trail

A Unique Gated Community Borders Forest Next to Coffeepot Rock

See Additional Pictures and Information About This One-of-a-kind Subdivision

See the picture taken approximately 250 feet up the side of Coffeepot Rock looking down to Soldiers Pass

A Closer Look at Luxury Town Homes – Cottage At Coffeepot 

Find more photos at

What is the Sedona Weather Like in Summer?

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Summer, Weather, monsoon, rain, thunder,


What Is The Sedona Weather Like In Summer?

2022 Six-Month Recap

Summer,Rain, Monsoon, pool, redrocks, thunderstorm,thunderhead,


The Cottages At Coffeepot pool sits higher than the cottages below it so we get some awesome views of the surrounding red rocks.  The developing weather is something we can see very well from this vantage point and gives us an astonishing look at the power of Mother Nature.


sedona, summer, solstice, shadows, cofffeepot rock,

The above image is Coffeepot Rock on the Summer Solstice

You can see in the image below, the comparison of the shadow on Coffeepot Rock

winter,summer, solstice,comparison of shadows, coffeepot rock


So far in 2022, we have had 5 inches of snow. spread with another 3.25 inches of rain. The monsoon officially starts on June 15th, but we never see any real change until the second week of July.  However, the monsoon kicked in right after the official start.  We got much-needed rain at .79 inches of rain.  The entire state was inching deeper into drought conditions but this early monsoon has helped a lot.  In fact, the Forest Service has lifted the ban on campfires in the Coconino Forest.

Sedona, Weather, sedona weather, categories, sunshine, rain, temperature,


As for the temperature …

Because of the early monsoon, we only had 23 days of sunshine whereas last year there were 29 days.  There were 5 days of rain.  Since 2010, our weather station has only recorded 1.4 inches of rain total in the month of June. Because of all the rain we got, the trees were greener and the red rocks were redder.

Coffeepot Rock, Monsoon, sunset, clods, sellsedona,


Once the monsoon comes, the clouds create a very dramatic backdrop for the Sedona landscape.


sunrise,monsoon, clouds, dramatic sky, soldiers pass,


This time of year, you never know what kind of weather you are going to get.  But even when it rains, the average humidity is low.  For June of 2022, we had 34% average humidity.  The warmer temperatures do not feel hot or muggy because of the lack of moisture in the air.  Most of the country will experience high humidity this time of year.


Sedona Borders The Colorado Plateau


Sedona sits on the transition to the Colorado Plateau

The monsoon should keep the temperatures down during the summer months.  It is all because of the cloud cover.  Our 100º temps are usually just above 100º. We can get a heat spell or two, but it is nothing like the Sonoran Desert that can get into the 110ºs for 30 days or more. After all, Sedona borders the Colorado Plateau.  We have actually experienced the last day of 100º in July in 3 of the 10 years.  We do not see a lot of 100º days once the monsoon comes.  Summer is pretty pleasant in Sedona.


kayaking Verde River Spring summer


Besides my years of experience living in Sedona, I get all my stats from the website below. Rick updates it monthly and publishes a journal from the last month. He then moves it into a seasonal journal so that those moving here or visiting can better understand the type of weather they will get. – Charts and Stats

Seasonal Weather Summaries and Videos

Ricks World Sedona

Check out this blog for more information on humidity and summer weather.

Does Humidity Make Us Feel Uncomfortable in Sedona?

You might also enjoy the article below…

Monsoon! ~ What is it? ~ How Does It Affect Sedona and Arizona


Does Sedona AZ Allow Fireworks? See Fun Things To Do On Independence Day!

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4th of July Events

Sedona & Surrounding Cities in Arizona

Courtesy of

Sheri Sperry of Coldwell Banker Realty  Sedona

Sedona 4th of July Events 2021 - Sheri Sperry Luxury Home Specialist

Please note:  As we move forward after COVID-19, many areas are getting back to normal with modified restrictions affecting events in their communities.  Modified restrictions may change up all the way forward to the event.  Checking ahead will help you make the best decisions and aid in your planning.

FAQ – Does Sedona AZ Allow Fireworks?

FIREWORKS! Many locals and visitors alike want to know what is going on in our great city Sedona on the 4th of July.  The most often asked question (FAQ) is: “Can you buy and shoot off fireworks?” Is there a fireworks celebration? (YES!… See Below) Unfortunately, no fireworks are allowed in the city limits. Without getting too far into the weeds on this, the AZ Legislature passed a bill to allow ground consumer fireworks. It took effect on December 1, 2017. Each city will still be able to ban fireworks. Please remember that Federal and Tribal lands have their own restrictions. Call your local government or Fire District to determine if your area allows fireworks and remember, Arizona is a tinderbox for wildfires.  We all need to act responsibly when it comes to fires or firework celebrations.

Fun Things To Do In Sedona and the Verde Valley On Independence Day 

4th of July Wet Fest – 12p to 4p – 570 Posse Ground Road – (Sedona Community Pool) Sedona 86336 – 

In previous years the event has been free.

Spend your afternoon enjoying some cool wet fun and drive to your favorite fireworks show at night. Enjoy lunch (food not included) and music at the swimming pool and water slide fun. Every once in a while, look up and take in the views of the red rocks. Plenty to see from this location.

There will be food for sale and outside the pool gate, fun water games, and toys meant to beat the heat.

Firecracker Express at Verde Canyon Railroad – 300 N Broadway Clarkdale Railroad

Tickets $99.00  Limited Supply for 4th of July –  7a to 5p – Call 877-674-3835 for reservations or book here

Note: the 7 PM train is already sold out.  Only First Class tickets are currently available for the 1 PM departure.

Verde Canyon Railroad

Start off with an old-fashioned morning parade in the historic small town of Clarkdale. Enjoy the children’s parade and other fun activities. After that have an All-American BBQ lunch prior to the train departure at 1:00p.  Then take a scenic train ride adjacent to the Verde River from 1p to 5p. You will get to see America’s national bird nesting area. Hopefully, you will catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures.

Annual Fantastic Family Fourth of July (Modified) – Cottonwood 7p to 9:30p

Cottonwood Kid’s Park – in front of the Verde Valley Fairgrounds on 12th Street

Cottonwood FireworksIf you really need to see a fireworks show. This will be a fun event. It is about a 30-minute drive from Sedona. Parking will be open at 7:00 PM and the Fireworks will start at around 8:45 PM.  Distance viewing is encouraged.  Normally this would be an afternoon event with kids’ games and hot dogs, etc. This year will be scaled back because of the pandemic.

Jerome –

There is no event scheduled currently. In past years, community members assembled at the Firehouse around 9:30a with a parade around town starting at 10a, Featuring classic cars, etc., and Jerome Ukulele Orchestra.

Camp Verde – 

Cliff Castle Casino will host its own Independence Day with food, fireworks, and activities starting at 4p. Fireworks if weather permits, start at 9:15p. Check with Cliff Castle for any changes to the schedule or event.

Women of the Moose – “Paint the Town Red (White & Blue)”

The Women of the Moose would like to invite you to participate in the 1st Annual, Paint the Town Red (White & Blue) Business Challenge to benefit the American Legion Donald C. Thompson Post 135, Business Fund.  Our goal is to challenge all Verde Valley municipalities to recruit their local businesses to hang an American Flag and decorate their business in a patriotic fashion by the 4th of July. The fee to participate is $10 per business.  As an additional fundraiser, flags of all sizes can be purchased from the American Legion.  There is no fee to the municipality’s business organization for participation but donations towards the cost of the awards would be greatly appreciated.  All proceeds will be directly donated to the American Legion.  Awards will be given to the municipality with the highest percentage of participation and to the most patriotic business as designated by the American Legion Family Board of Officers.


Verde River Kayak

Other Outdoor Activities

Other outdoor activities to keep in mind that are always available are trolley car rides, Verde Valley rafting (see above), biking, hiking, tennis, golf,  swimming, fishing, birding, and enjoying a picnic by Oak Creek. Don’t forget shopping or exploring art galleries and other sightseeing tours such as tours: segway, jeep, air, helicopters, wine, vortex, and balloon rides! There is a lot to do in Sedona and the Verde Valley!

Happy Fourth of July!

Got RedRock Fever? Want To See Some Homes – Select This!


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Let’s face it, you won’t really know that I am not a typical salesperson until you get to know me. I am confident you will feel at ease and comfortable knowing I can find solutions for you. If you don’t feel that way, please let me know. I want to be the best I can for you.”

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Does Humidity Make Us Feel Uncomfortable in Sedona ?

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Sedona Weather Information

Courtesy of Sheri Sperry – Coldwell Banker Realty & Rick’s World Sedona 

Monsoon Weather

Final Sedona Weather for 2022 Temperature Chart Below

Final 2022 Temp Sedona Cottages


Final 2022 Precipitation Chart Below


Final for Cottages at coffeepot

Final Category for 2022 Cottagews at coffeepot


Soldiers Pass Sedona Rain Recap

monsoon downpour Cathedral Rock


Why Does Humidity Make Us Feel Uncomfortable?


AUGUST 2022 Humidity for SedonaWhile most of the country can be in stifling heat and humidity during the summer, the weather in Sedona, Arizona, is about average for this time of year during the monsoon. These 2021 temps are about average and should be similar in 2023.  It is very rare to see 107º temps.

Sedona Lacks Stifling Humidity

One big difference in all of Arizona is the lack of stifling humidity.  The human body cools when perspiration escapes the millions of pores in our skin and evaporates, causing the skin to cool (evaporative cooling). However, humidity forces the perspiration process to slow down or work harder. With all the surrounding moist air, the skin cannot cool, causing discomfort.

Humidity makes warm weather feel warmer and cold weather feel colder. Very low humidity can also be an issue for some. It may cause cracked skin and nose bleeds.

Drink Plenty of Water…

Evaporative cooling speeds up in these conditions and may cause dehydration very quickly. Drink plenty of water in dry conditions. Know the limits of your exercise and exertion, especially when outside. We can adapt well to relative humidity between 30% and 70%. Ideal conditions have a humidity level of between 50% and 60%. The average humidity in Sedona is 47.5% (year-round), but humidity is a little higher during the monsoon, as noted by the chart above. But it still falls within the comfort zone!

Beautiful Sedona monsoon sunrises

Thankful For A Full Monsoon 

Besides all the beautiful images of sunrises and sunsets with colorful and dramatic clouds, we are usually blessed with a full monsoon. In 2022 it started a little earlier than usual. Tropical storms off the Baja Coast in the Pacific Ocean in late June brought a lot of moisture to Arizona and the Southwest. Since 2010, Soldiers Pass, Sedona, received the most rain at 25.92 inches in 2018. Using that year as a gauge for our rain so far this year, we are ahead of 2018. We already have 14 inches of rain through April of  2023.


Visit –  “MONSOON! ~ What is it? ~ How Does It Affect Sedona and Arizona?” 


lightning monsoon July 2021

What Stands Out…

There were a total of 39 days of rain recorded for all of 2020.  So far in 2021, we have had 37 days through 7 months.  Last year we were right at 301 days of sunshine.  We are looking at 285 days of sunshine this year.  There are more cloudy days because of the monsoon so far this year.

Overall – Sedona is a beautiful place to live every season of the year. You get seasons, but they are bearable compared to other parts of the country. So, if you are in need of thawing out, Sedona might be an option for you!

Visit – “Sedona Weather – A Climate Sedona Homeowners & Visitors Enjoy Year Round!”

The pool at the Cottages At Coffeepot – A Luxury Townhome Community in Soldier Pass, Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona weather June 2018 cottages at coffeepot

Outdoor Activities Thrive All Year Long In Sedona – Above…Cottages At Coffeepot

Many locations in Sedona, Arizona (and Arizona in general) have outdoor pools where you can enjoy swimming during winter. Outdoor activities, including hiking, tennis, and biking, are year-round favorites right here in Sedona! If you enjoy winter skiing and snowboarding, Snowbowl is our nearest resort is around 1 hour and 24 minutes north.


Search For Sedona Homes For Sale

Solutions For Sellers

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Solutions For Buyers

As a Coldwell Banker Realty Sedona Arizona REALTOR®, my primary goal is to help my clients obtain their dreams and satisfy their financial goals and objectives through real estate. From the moment I am contacted, you will observe my seasoned ability to provide you with “World Class Service” and that “personal touch” while utilizing a complete package of technology options that are of the utmost importance and so critical in today’s market. I will tailor real solutions to fit your specific needs. 

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What is The Sedona Weather Like in Spring? Winter Recap 2022

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What is Sedona Weather like in the. spring of 2022

What Is The Sedona Weather Like In Spring?

Winter Recap

Winter Dusting of Snow in Sedona on Coffeepot Rock and Thunder Mtn

The dusting of the snow above was captured on February 24th.  During the last 3 months, a scene like this has been uncommon. Sedona is known to get snow from time to time, but you better enjoy it while it is there because it doesn’t last long.  This is why many of us appreciate it.  Sedona doesn’t see “deep freeze” conditions. It makes you appreciate the beauty of the red rocks such as Coffeepot Rock and Thunder Mountain above.  The red rock goes crimson in contrast to the green pines, junipers, and snow. It’s Mother Nature’s way of putting on her make-up and letting you know how beautiful she is.

So far in 2022, we have had 5 inches of snow spread out over the last 4 months with another 2.43 inches of rain.  We had 45 days out of 90 in the first quarter to dip below 32º for a short time.  The last day the temperature dipped below freezing was March 22, 2022.  It got up to 70º that day.  All the plant coverings have been removed, and we won’t see them until the last week of November. Bye-bye!

!st Q Sedona Weather by the numbers


As for the temperature …

During the first quarter, it is interesting to see the split between the 50ºs and 60ºs. Out of 63 days, there is just about an even split.  There are 15 days above 70º and 11 days below 50º.  For some areas, this is spring or summer weather. We are very fortunate to have mild but distinct seasons. 


How Pleasent is Sedona Weather in the Spring?

Usually, Sedona experiences a long spring.  We have had years that the weather started to change during mid-February and lasted through June. 

Mountain Biking in Sedona on the trails

Probably the most noticeable change is the lack of rain.  The second quarter has the lowest total for the year. For many of the years in the last decade, there has not been a drop of rain in June.  This is a great time to come to Sedona if you like the outdoors.  Just remember to drink a lot of fluid. You don’t even realize that you are dehydrated when hiking or biking. 

Sedona Borders The Colorado Plateau


Sedona sits on the transition to the Colorado Plateau


We should look to last year to see what Sedona can expect for temperatures this year. In 2021, April had 4 days in the 60ºs.  Most of the temps were in the 70ºs and 80ºs, with one day creeping into the 90ºs. May did have 11 days in the 90ºs.  This is still delightful weather because of the lack of humidity.  In June, almost the entire month was above 90º.  Our 100º temps are usually just above 100º. We can get a heat spell or two, but it is nothing like the Sonoran Desert that can get into the 110ºs for 30 days or more.  After all, Sedona borders the Colorado Plateau.


kayaking Verde River Spring summer


Besides my years of experience living in Sedona, I  get all my stats from the website below.  Rick updates it monthly and publishes a journal from the last month. He then moves it into a seasonal journal so that those moving here or visiting can better understand the type of weather they will get. – Charts and Stats

Seasonal Weather Summaries and Videos

Ricks World Sedona

Check out this blog for more information on humidity and summer weather.

Does Humidity Make Us Feel Uncomfortable in Sedona?


What Makes The Red Rocks Of Sedona So Special? Why Should I Move To Sedona Arizona?

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What Makes the Red Rocks of Sedona so Special?

Red Rock Fever SedonaShip Rock from my backyard with a telephoto lens

Sedona Hikes
Jordan Park Trail

“God Made The Grand Canyon, But He Lives In Sedona!” 

Ah! The Red Rocks of Sedona, the first time you see Sedona’s majestic red rock beauty, the image you see burns into your memory. What makes this landscape unique is how it changes as you move through it. A certain “Wow Factor” can take your breath away as the scenery seems to change right in front of your eyes. There is an old saying that “God made the Grand Canyon, but He lives in Sedona.”  Also, Sedona is one of the few cities where you can go outside at night and see the Milky Way. We will discuss that later!

Red Rocks Fever


Sedona Real Estate
Soldiers Pass Trail – Piano Rock at Devil’s Kitchen

Red Rocks Fever – I have talked about this many times before. We have a dedicated domain that showcases some of the landscape and photography of Sedona’s red rocks.

Sedona Brings A Sense of Adventure

As you analyze the phrase, there is an anticipation of what you might see around the next turn, whether you are hiking or driving. When you experience the sights, the sounds, and the smell of pine trees, nature, and the red rocks, a feeling of euphoria may come over you. Hence, the name “Red Rocks Fever”!

Those with severe “red-rocks fever” cases may lose some sleep, become anxious, and possibly frustrated because they did not plan enough time in this awe-inspiring area. A person with the “fever” may try to pack too much into their time here, such as an extra hike or bike ride, maybe a red rock jeep tour, or just one more vortex before you leave. I know you don’t want to leave, but you have to go back home to work.

They didn’t plan it, but they are, looking at property for a vacation home or a home for future retirement.

If you know someone with red-rocks fever, or you may have it yourself, please see me. I had a severe case of the bug, and I can find a “cure” for you!

Find Sedona Property Solutions HERE!

Here is a look at the latest up-to-date Sedona Market Report for zip code 86336, including West Sedona, Uptown, Red Rock Loop, and the Chapel Area. The Market Reports for zip codes 86336, (86351–> VOC), (86325–> Cornville), (86326–> Cottonwood), (86324–> Clarkdale).  You can find other market reports at

Red Rocks Fever Catch It!

Cathedral Rock - Sedona Real Estate
The image above is Cathedral Rock in the Spring – with the pump house to create electricity and pump water.


I Love the Red Rocks and the Landscape, but why should I move to Sedona?

Another significant factor people move here is the weather, climate, and year-round outdoor activities. Buyers say they love the healthy mild climate. The air is clean. All year long, there are outdoor activities, including hiking and mountain biking among the red rocks. Golf and tennis are other popular activities. Living in the red rocks and enjoying a dark sky is a powerful draw for buyers. Mild weather with very little noticeable humidity and around 300 days of sunshine is another big reason to move to Sedona. Is it any wonder why Sedona is a second home, retirement, and relocation destination?

Verde River rafting

How Is The Weather in Sedona?

I get a lot of questions about weather and climate. Before we moved here full-time, we decided to visit every season to understand the nuance of the Sedona climate. My husband erected a weather station to record the weather. His records are pretty extensive, going back to 2010. In my neighborhood of 33 homes, only 10 are full-time owners. In winter, many residents come here to avoid the fridged cold of the midwestern and northeastern states, while others beat the heat from areas such as Phoenix in those long summers of 110º plus days. Sedona averages 15º cooler than the Phoenix area and 15-20º warmer than the Flagstaff area.

Sedona has a mild climate compared to other areas, with high humidity in the summer months and frigid freezing weather in the winter months. As a result, both seasons are relatively short, with a more extended period of pleasant spring and fall weather.

How Does Low Humidity Affect How You Feel?

Many people don’t realize that low humidity in summer and winter months means temps over 90º do not feel as warm as areas with humidity. This same climatic condition goes for winter weather as well. Days below 50º feel less chilly than other areas with humidity and wind. If you are looking for four distinct seasons, Sedona may be what you are looking for! You may see snow. However, it evaporates quickly. Since 2010, there have only been a handful of days that the temperature remained below freezing all day. Our climate minimizes the chance of icy conditions. You can see this complete documentation at

How Does Sedona Compare To Large Metropolitan Areas?

Besides the beautiful weather and gorgeous views, people move to Sedona because of the small-town atmosphere, commitment to the Arts, easy access to businesses, doctors, dentists, and other professional services. Sedona has 5-star resorts and first-class restaurants. Just in West Sedona alone, there are four grocery stores: Bashes, Safeway (Albertsons), Natural Grocers, and Whole Foods. Besides the pharmacies in Bashes and Safeway, there is a CVS and Walgreens for convenience.

Five minutes east of Whole Foods, you will find Uptown Sedona. Uptown is home to jeep touring companies, restaurants, wine tasting rooms, stores tourists enjoy shopping in, and lodging accommodations. The Hyatt at Pinon Pointe Shopping Area is the transition from West Sedona to the Uptown area.

You can find all of this within a short drive. Even if there is an appearance of traffic, you can get just about anywhere in Sedona 86336 within minutes. For example, my home at the very back of Soldiers Pass is only 4-5 minutes to Whole Foods, including my doctor and other professional services. Big-box stores such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot are located 25 minutes to the west in Cottonwood. Verde Valley Medical Center Sedona Campus Emergency Department is 6-minutes from Whole Foods. Traveling short distances for your shopping, professional and medical needs does spoil me. If it takes me an extra couple of minutes to get somewhere because of traffic, my husband reminds me how much traffic we came from in the Metropolitan Los Angeles area.

Sedona is an International Dark Sky Community

One of the main reasons Rick got Red Rocks Fever was the night sky. You could see the Milky Way at night along with shooting stars. Sedona reminded him of being a kid again when there was little light pollution, and you could see stars. Once there was the suburban sprawl, light pollution entered the picture.

International Dark Sky Community Sedona


Sedona has taken great strides to suppress light pollution and preserve the dark sky. An actual city ordinance covers what residents and the business community can do with lighting. In 2014, Sedona was designated as the eighth International Dark Sky community.

Worldwide, you will find 18 other communities, including Big Park Village of Oak Creek, Arizona. Flagstaff, Arizona, was the first city to be designated IDA back in 2001.

Each designated area must meet stringent criteria to carry the IDA designation. There are also 30 International Dark Sky Parks. The Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, Arizona, and Elan Valley Estate, Wales, United Kingdom, are two such parks. In addition, 13 International Dark Sky Reserves were added to the list in another category.

Of the 61 areas worldwide, you can find 36 in the United States, and seven are in Arizona. Four of the seven are located in Northern Arizona.

The image above was shot during a full moon, and you can still see a lot of stars.


~ ~ ~

As a Coldwell Banker Sedona Realtor®, my primary goal is to help my customers obtain their dreams and satisfy their financial goals and objectives through real estate. From the moment you contact me, you will observe my seasoned ability to provide you with “World Class Service” and that “personal touch” while utilizing a complete package of technology options that are of the utmost importance and critical in today’s market. I will tailor real solutions to fit your specific needs. – Sheri Sperry

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This post was published on March 28, 2020, and revised on March 31, 2022.

Sedona History – Then and Now

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West Sedona from Airport Mesa - a Bob Markow Photo

Sedona History Then and Now

I saw this image (above) and couldn’t believe it.  I have seen a lot of historical images but this hit home. This was taken in 1968.  Where I live in Soldiers Pass won’t be built for another 20 years – (1988).  I can’t believe that none of the roads are paved.  This image was taken from Airport Mesa. It is a picture of West Sedona.

It spurred me to look up when the Sedona airport was founded.  It was founded in 1955.   You can find out more information here.  Obviously, there must have been a road, probably a dirt road like all the others you see below.  It is very hard to see, but those roads are not flat as they appear.

Recent Images

West Sedona Soldiers Pass Iconic Red Rocks


Capital Butte, thunder Mtn, Coffeepot rock

Sedona Tourism

Sedona has 3 million visitors a year.  This is a town that has a little over 10,000 residents that call Sedona “home”.  As beach city residents have seen during the summer months, Sedona residents have to plan their trips around the traffic.  

There is a Sustainable Tourism Plan that Sedona has implemented and it is helping.  But social media continues to play a role in more and more people coming to see the Red Rocks.  Just last Thursday, the Sedona Shuttle was implemented to take Tourists and hikers to the most used trail systems.  One of those trail systems is a 5 minute walk from my house!  



Sedona Shuttle


Sedona Shuttle

From Thursday through Sunday, the parking lots at the 3 heaviest trailheads are shut down and the shuttle takes traffic from other parking lots to the trailheads.  I have already noticed a huge change in footing car traffic. Keep up the great work Sedona!

Find out more about Robert Markow who passed away in 2009.  There is 80 years of old and historical photos stored in an old bank vault. Paul Markow took over the family business and has an instagram account that has a lot of historical images from Arizona. 


Social Media – One Reason Sedona Tourism Has Blown Up!

After I posted this, I was on Instagram.  I had to share this photo because this is exactly why Sedona Tourism has blown up.  For the last 2 weeks, Spring Break has inundated Sedona with traffic, full restaurants, and heavy hiking trails.  

This particular area is part of the Soldiers Pass Trail and about a 10 minute walk or hike from my house.  It is a gorgeous area so people want to come and see it.  

Soldiers Pass Trail - 7 Sacred Pools

A Wonderful St Patrck’s Day 50th Anniversary Parade in Sedona

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happy St Patricks Day from Sedona AZ - 50th Anniversary Parade

Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Sedona!


In the 15 years, I have lived in Sedona, we have never attended a St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  For many of those years, we were traveling.  So, we thought this was the perfect time to support the community and see what it was all about.  I would have posted this yesterday but yet again, we were traveling!

No disappointment here!  Even though a whole lot of people showed up. It was easy parking and plenty of space to find a spot to enjoy the parade.  It lasted about 45 minutes.  Just about every participating float and venue were handing out candy, rulers, or pencils to the kids.  Next time I need to bring a bag for Tristan!

The mayor and city council were out walking the parade with lots of goodies for the little ones.  Besides all the Fire and Police vehicles with the lights flashing, I think Tristan liked the “Red Rock Dinos” (pictured above) the best.

Coffeepot rock Rainbow in Soldiers Pass West Sedona Sheri Sperry - 928.274.7355 buy or sell

If you are looking for that special home at the end of the rainbow…I can help with that!

  Sedona Homes For Sale


Sedona & Verde Valley events, happenings, and Sedona-Lifestyle are brought to you as a courtesy of Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty Sedona REALTOR®.  If you are contemplating selling your home, a prospective buyer, or just curious about real estate in Sedona I would be honored to discuss our market. 

You can contact me at (928) 274-7355.  From the moment I am contacted, you will observe my seasoned ability to provide you with “World Class Service” and that “personal touch” while utilizing a complete package of technology options that are of the utmost importance and so critical in today’s market.

I will tailor REAL solutions to fit your specific needs.



Sedona AZ Weather – Did Sedona Get Snow? – 2021 Recap – January 2022 Update –

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Sedona Weather 2021 Recap



Coffeepot Rock dusting of Snow - Soldiers Pass Sheri Sperry 928.274.7355 Coldwell Banker Realty



283 Days of Sunshine in 2021


All the stats come from the weather station in Soldiers Pass – the Cottages At Coffeepot.  We didn’t quite make 300 days of sunshine in 2021.  Mostly because of a lot of storms that brought much-needed rain and snow.  We had a total of 15.75 inches of snow in 2021.  That snow came on a couple of days in January and the same in March.


Warmest Sedona Weather Stats For 2021


The warmest day of the year was 112.3º recorded on June 15th, 2021. In most areas, August has the warmest days.  Generally in Sedona, you will find the warmest days in June.  There is very little rain or cloud cover.  Monsoon does not usually kick in until right after the 4th of July.  We did have an 11-day heat spell from June 12th thru the 22nd of June. Don’t forget that there is very little humidity in Arizona.  It is the second least humid state in the country.  It is the humidity that makes warm and colder weather uncomfortable.

1st Day of 100º was on 6/2/21 – (100.7º) ~ Last Day of 100º = 8/05/21!  Think about that stat. The rest of the country usually has the warmest days in August.  In Sedona, we never went past 99º after August 5th, 2021.  The warmest month of the year was July at 77.1º.

Another fact about Sedona: the AC is turned off most days before 8 pm and the windows are opened up especially at night.  Temps drop into the 60ºs during the warmest months.  I do remind friends, visitors, and clients that Sedona does not have the same climate as Phoenix in Central Arizona or Tucson in Southern Arizona.  That area is part of the Sonora Desert.  Sedona is in the Transition Zone.  It borders the Colorado Plateau climate zone. If you travel up SR 89A in Oak Creek toward Flagstaff, you will be in the Colorado Plateau as you hit the switchbacks about 20 minutes north outside Sedona.

What is Monsoon?

Many people don’t quite understand what the monsoon is.  For starters, it is a season.  You don’t add “season” after monsoon when describing it. Another question that comes up is “How does it affect Sedona and Arizona“?

You can learn all about monsoon at this link. 



January 2021 Sedona Snow Event Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty 928.274.7355

Coolest Sedona Weather Stats For 2021


The coolest day in 2021 that dipped below freezing was January 27th, 2021 at 18.3º before sunrise.  There was 1 day that had a high below freezing for the entire year. Only 4 days since 2011 have been recorded below freezing for a high temperature.  Any snow we get always starts evaporating (low humidity) when the sun hits it. January was the coolest month of the year with an average of 40.3º.  You can see the days above where they fall in the temperature scale. The summers and winters are not harsh like many may think.  Sedona does not get many months or days of extreme temperature changes like other areas experience.

I have found that most people want to experience all four seasons.  In Sedona, each season is distinct though mild.


January 2022 Recap



January 2022 Sedona weather Category stats by Sheri Sperry REALTOR - Coldwell Banker Realty 928.274.7355


January 2022

Winter Solstice Soldiers Pass Sedona Cottages At Coffeepot - Sheri Sperry REALTOR - Coldwell Banker Realty 928.274.7355

Winter 2022 starts on December 21, 2021. So the last 10 days of December 2021, are included in this journal entry. The image above is dawn on the Winter Solstice. The east side of our home sits at a perpendicular angle to the rising sun on the Winter Solstice.

During January 2022, we had some of the coldest weather we have seen since last January of 2021. We have already had a low of 18.4º (on 01/02/22). The video above was created on that day.

Storms coming from the arctic and moving down off the west coast brought us a lot of rain and snow in the high country. Sedona had over 4 inches in December but more importantly, it drizzled for 3 days soaking into the ground and creating very little runoff. This is good news for a reduced draught condition.

The rest of January we had 19 days of sunshine and 4 days of precipitation 0.65 inches of rain and 0.25 inches of snow. Interestingly enough with all this cold weather, the average temp was 1º higher than last year. The high last year was 68.6º and this year only 63.8º. I am glad February is around the corner and we will start seeing longer and slightly warmer days as we progress into spring. We might even see the bulbs start to sprout!

Go to Ricks World Sedona for Seasonal Images and Videos as well as all the statistics from 2011 thru January 2022

Soldiers Pass Sedona ~ Seasonal Weather Summaries


Arizona Winters are awesome! Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty 928.274.7355

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