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December 2021 – Will Sedona See Temps Dip Below Freezing?

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Will Sedona See Temps Dip Below Freezing?


Late Fall - West Sedona - Sheri sperry Sedona luxury real state 928.274.7355

(Above) – December 1st, 2021- Leaves Are Falling


Watching the Japanese Maple helps give us some understanding of previous peak color seasons and why the peak may vary each year.  In the last two years,  our peak color on the Japanese Maple has gone well into December.  It really makes for a wonderful Thanksgiving because the color is pretty vivid.  This year, it made it through Thanksgiving but that weekend we got some unusual wind and the tree lost a lot of leaves. Within 3 days, leaves were falling on their own.

This blog post explains why the leaves can fall at different times during Autumn or Winter.


Sedona Late Fall Color Soldiers Pass Sheri Sperry sedona luxury real estate 928.274.7355


One of my favorite things …

Japanese Maple West Sedona December - Sheri Sperry sedona luxury real estate 928.274.7355

One of my favorite things to watch on my Japanese Maple is that the filtered sunlight can make a rainbow effect on different leaves.  Some leaves have multiple colors.  I think it is because the tree is so dense.  However, the leaves that dropped first this year were on the upper branches allowing the light from the sun to hit the lower leaves which were largely green.  The leaves that have not dropped yet, are all red now.  It is very interesting to see the process.



Japanese Maple Comparison West Sedona Sheri Sperry sedona luxury real estate 928.274.7355


Charts For Sedona Weather through November 2021 

Precipitation By Month

2021 Sedona Weather Charts at-a-glance - Sheri Sperry Sedona real estate 928.274.7355

Sedona Temperature Almanac


2021 Sedona Weather Charts at-a-glance - Sheri Sperry Sedona real estate 928.274.7355


Number of Days / Month 


2021 Sedona Weather Charts at-a-glance - Sheri Sperry Sedona real estate 928.274.7355


November 2021 Weather Summary of Above Charts


November – There were 27 days of sunshine bringing the total to 265 days for the year. Two areas that were very prominent were the higher temperature per day and the amount of rain we got in November. We had a total of 29 days in the 60ºs and 70ºs. In previous years there were at least 6 to 8 days in the 50ºs and much lower temperatures in the mornings. In fact, 2020 had 9 days of low temps below 32º before the sun came up with a low of 20º. This year, only 1 day was at 31.2º.

As for rain, we only got 0.17 inches of rain. But that one day, it drizzled most of the day, so the ground got a good soaking. If we do not get any rain in December, this year will be ranked about 8 out of the last 11. However, we doubled the rain from last year. There were only 8.15 inches last year with no measurable snow. Whereas we have received 15.75 inches of snow so far this year.


Will Sedona See Temps Below Freezing?


In the last 2 years (2019, 2020) there were a total of 11 days each year where the temperatures dipped below the freezing temperature of 32º.  So far in 2021, there have been only 2 days total so far below 32º, one day in October and one day in November.  Most of December usually has temps that dip below freezing.  This is rarely a long event during the morning hours but it can be a hard freeze.  Plants and cacti can get burned through the short freeze.  In longer freezing events, plants will inevitably be susceptible to freezing conditions.


Sedona - Cover plants in December, January, February Sheri Sperry 928.274.7355 Sedona real estate


It is December, Is It Time To Cover the Plants In Sedona?


Another example that happened in the last 2 years during December is that 18 to 25 days each month, the temperatures dipped below freezing. So now is the time to cover the plants.  December 10th and the 11th should be the first two days that the temperatures will dip below 32º.  So act now to take care of your susceptible plants, bushes, trees, and flowers.


Oak Creek Canyon form Midgley Bridge - Sheri Sperry Sedona real estate 928.274.7355Oak Creek Canyon and View from Midgley Bridge



For More Sedona Weather Information and Previous Years (2011 thru 2019)

Go to


When Will Sedona’s Fall Color Peak?

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Peak Fall Color Sheri Sperry 928-274-7355

When Will The Fall Color Peak In Sedona Arizona?

Peak Fall Color December 7th 2019 - Sheri Sperry 928.274.7355

(Above) – December 7th, 2019 – Peak Color

Watching the Japanese Maple helps give us some understanding of previous peak fall color and why the peak may vary each year.  The last two years,  our peak fall color on the Japanese Maple has gone into December.  It really makes for a wonderful Thanksgiving because the color is pretty vivid.  

In A Nutshell…What causes the leaves to change color?

As the sun gets lower in the sky during fall, photosynthesis ceases and the chlorophyll in the leaves dwindles.  This brings out the underlying color layered in the leaves.   

Many people (including myself) often think that the first freeze gets the process moving to change the color.  However, the process starts when the sunlight starts to wane in the fall.  Weather can affect the vivid fall colors though.  The best weather is cool nights and lots of sunlight and having favorable weather in the summer.  Drought conditions will delay the onset of the fall color.  This is why the last two years Sedona has had a late fall season.  As noted below in the 2021 Monsoon Summary, we had record rainfall this monsoon. 

One of my favorite things to watch on my Japanese Maple is that filtered sunlight can make a rainbow effect on different leaves.  Some leaves have multiple colors.  I think it is because the tree is so dense. 

Sedona Weather Monsoon Summary Sheri Sperry REALTOR - Coldwell Banker Realty 928-274-7355 

Sedona Monsoon 2021 Summary 

Overall, we had milder temperatures and record rainfall during this monsoon.  Our last day of 100º weather was on August 5th.  For most of the country, August can be a scorcher, but lots of cloud cover and cooler rain kept the temps lower than last year.  

Here are the totals and rank by year for the top 4 years since 2010.

It includes June through September of each year. 

2016 – 10.16 inches

2021 – 9.60 inches

2012 – 9.01 inches

2013 – 8.18 inches

In contrast, 2020 had only 0.91 inches of rain putting 2020 in last place. 

Will Sedona See The Change of Seasons Earlier in 2021?


Fall Color Comparison year to year Sheri Sperry REALTOR - Coldwell Banker Realty 928-274-7355

As you can see, the color change is quite a bit ahead of last year. My guess is that the color will peak before Thanksgiving this year due to all the rain and cooler temperatures during the summer.  

Charts For Sedona Weather through September 2021 

Sedona Weather Category - When will Sedona see peak fall color? Sheri Sperry REALTOR - Coldwell Banker Realty 928-274-7355

Precipitation By Month 

Sedona rain and snow for 2021

Sedona Temperature Almanac 

Sedona Temperature Almanac - weather

For More Sedona Weather Information 

Go to

What is “Plein Air Painting”? Enjoy The Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival ~ An October Event ~ Don’t Miss It!

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Sedona Plein Air Festival


Blog By


Sheri Sperry REALTOR - Coldwell Banker Realty 928-274-7355




What Is Plein Air Painting?


It is pretty simple actually.  Grab an easel and a canvas, some paintbrushes, go outdoors,  paint and capture your favorite outdoor scene on that canvas.  Think of your studio as removing the 4 walls but leaving you and your canvas. This is Plein Air Painting.  


Annual Event


The Sedona Arts Center hosts this event every year around this time. Sedona is the “Shangri-La of the Southwest”! Artists come from all over to participate.  Their canvas can be Oak Creek, one of the many Red Rock Features or golf courses. Some choose water features or special areas such as Rachel’s Knoll


In 2020, Sedona Arts Center celebrated the “Year of the Woman” recognizing the 100th-anniversary passage of the 19th Amendment. It was changed to a virtual event but this year it is in-person, delighting all involved.  There are 23 featured artists from around the country who will be participating.


Week-Long Festival


The October 2021 schedule of events is listed below. Each year the schedule is made available to the public in a timely fashion. Please remember to check the Sedona Plein Air Festival website for any updates.


The festival starts on a Saturday and ends on a Saturday.  This year’s judge and Keynote Speaker is Michele Usibelli.  It will be streaming “live” online.  The title of the Keynote is “The World Through My Eyes; My Journey From Reference Photos To Canvas”.  The live stream will be featured on the Sedona Arts Center Facebook page


23 – Festival Artists will be featured…

UPTOWN Sedona homes for sale Sedona Art Center

2021 Schedule of Events 


Many events are scheduled such as the Opening Wine Reception at the Sedona Art Center on Saturday, October 23. 


Artists will paint in the locations mentioned above from October 23rd thru the 30th


Oct. 23,  Noon to  3 PMThe Main Street Paint Out is one of Sedona Arts Center’s most popular events! Watch Festival artists from start to finish as they brave the local landscape and observe them in action on the streets of Uptown Sedona. The event will feature live painting along Highway 89A from Sedona Arts Center to the Visitor’s Center. The art will be for sale and artists’ awards announced starting at 3 PM at Sedona Arts Center.


Oct. 27, 10:00 AM to Noon – The Festival’s Creekside Paint Out is hosted by L’Auberge de Sedona, and the public is invited to the edge of the water to watch artists as they depict the spectacular scenery and flowing Oak Creek. The location includes still and moving water, reflections, sycamores, ducks, and stunning rock waterfalls. At noon, awards will be presented to the artists and the works created at the event will be available for sale immediately following on the lawn. Attendees can park in the Arts Center lower parking lot and take the free shuttle to and from L’Auberge from 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM




Oct. 27,  7 PMKeynote Speaker Michele Usibelli –   As noted above – the even will be streaming “live” online.  The title of the Keynote is “The World Through My Eyes; My Journey From Reference Photos To Canvas”.  The live stream will be featured on the Sedona Arts Center Facebook page


Oct. 28, 10:00 AM to Noon – Paint Out At Sedona Heritage Museum – Turn back the clock as our Plein Air artists create a painting in just two hours on the grounds of the Sedona Heritage Museum. It’s a chance to get to know the artists and pick your favorites. Watch them paint scenes out of the Old West with horse and buggy and enjoy the spectacular landscape. Awards will be announced and works will be available to purchase at noon.



Oct. 29 – 5 to 8 PMPlein Air Party and Awards – Held at Sedona Arts Center’s Special Exhibition Gallery and Theatre Studio in the Historic Art Barn. Fine wine, fine hors d’oeuvres, and fine art. This is a big event. Artist’s awards are presented throughout the evening recognizing the best work created during the week including Best of Show and merit awards by Festival Judge Michele Usibelli, Artist’s Choice Award, Collectors Choice by ballot, and Sedona Arts Center Awards.


For More Information: Contact the Sedona Arts Center at 928-282-3809, or visit

For other activities in and around Sedona visit

Duality of Work Life Balance…Discover More About Sheri Sperry

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Yin & Yang

The Duality of Work-Life Balance


Why Yin Yang?Work-Life Balance -

Without getting too far into the weeds, yin and yang describe the harmonious and interdependent nature of forces. Good versus evil or light versus darkness can be forces of yin and yang.  In the same thought, work-life balance fits that same interdependent nature. It is up to us to create harmony that balances the push versus pull. 

 The Struggle

As an empty-nester, I don’t have to struggle as I did many years ago when our children were growing up. However, I still have a grandson, Tristan, that my husband and I watch on Sundays. So, there may be a little struggle from my inability to let loose of this little one to get anything done when I am at home. It is frustrating but a happy frustration!

The Issues

Tristan & NanaI want to spend all my time with Tristan, but clients call, houses must be shown, and questions must be answered. Contracts and paperwork need to be done timely. These are just some of the issues I still deal with.  My son and former daughter-in-law are fortunate to have us living so close to them. I do believe they are very appreciative, but it still creates that work/life struggle for balance.

On the other hand, I also realize how blessed I am that we live so close that we can watch Tristan grow up. We recognize and are thankful for this. So,  I am happy to have this yin and yang of sorts! 

The Strategies

As most real estate agents and brokers know, things change on a dime. A free day can become a completely full day in a matter of a few phone calls or emails!

When You Love What You Do Is It Work? 

Amalfi CoastI worked 34 years before taking time off in 2001. Now, I consider that 34 years of work. I was off from 2001 to 2011 and enjoyed doing anything I wanted to do. I even had a personal trainer! My husband and I traveled to many countries. Many were bucket-list destinations. So my “balance” was all “life-oriented” during that time. To this day, I feel delighted with all that I could accomplish. …No regrets and nothing but beautiful memories.

The Real Estate Bug

However, as I have stated before, I have been involved in real estate since I was 19 years Tristan Sheri Rickold. The bug never left me. In 2011, I finally made the decision to get my real estate license in Arizona. My husband and I made this decision together, knowing full well we would have to put our hearts and souls into this to make it work. We were both excited about the anticipation and the challenge. We felt we were natural for this. Why not? We had been preparing our whole lives for this challenge. We owned our own home when we were 20 years old and sold many of our homes without any formal help. Many of those homes were sold during crazy California markets over the years.

Balance Through Teamwork

My husband and I work as a team. I am the Sedona REALTOR®, and Rick helps with the marketing, photography, and other tasks I may need help with. My needs determine Rick’s schedule. We work together to ensure the client gets the best service possible. We schedule a time for ourselves when we can. If it has to change, we don’t have any issue with it. We know we will get our balance when we need it. After all, I do not consider our Sedona real estate business as work. It is our passion and a huge part of our life balance.

Yin and yang – The push and pull are only out of balance if you feel it is out of balance!

As a Coldwell Banker Sedona Arizona REALTOR®, my primary goal is to help my clients obtain their dreams and satisfy their financial goals and objectives through real estate. From the moment I am contacted, you will observe my seasoned ability to provide you with “World Class Service” and that “personal touch” while utilizing a complete package of technology options that are of the utmost importance and so critical in today’s market.

I will tailor real solutions to fit your specific needs. – Sheri Sperry – YOUR Solutions REALTOR®

See Reasons Why Sheri Is Your Solution

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2021 – Soldier’s Pass Sedona – Active Market Analysis – A Magical Place!

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Soldiers Pass

A Magical Place

The Red Rocks of Soldier’s Pass

West Sedona AZ 86336

Courtesy of Sheri Sperry

Coldwell Banker Realty Sedona

Soldiers Pass – Red Rocks and Luxury Homes

Soldiers Pass is a very special place to live. It is located just west of Uptown Sedona. The road goes back a little more than a mile and it winds and bends its way through Soldiers Pass.  You get to see the many faces of Coffeepot Rock as you work your way through the pass. To the right of the road you will see the Sphinx and the Mittens further right you can easily see Ship Rock and The Fin.

Soldiers Pass – Near Everything

Posse Ground Park

Besides being three to five minutes from shopping, grocery stores, professional services, and restaurants, Soldiers Pass is home to the lighted ballparks of Posse Grounds Park along with basketball courts, Sedona plunge, and a first-class skate park and teen center.  It is also home to an amphitheater that holds concerts. Of course, we can not underscore all the wonderful trails to explore. Trails that most homes can access within walking distance from their front door! 

Up Against Forest Service and Red Rocks

At the very end of Soldiers Pass right under Coffeepot Rock, you will find the Cottages of Coffeepot. As you travel toward the entrance you will see Coffeepot Rock in the foreground and Thunder Mountain in the back of Coffeepot Rock.

(above) Entrance to Gated Community ~ Cottages At Coffeepot

Casa Contenta gated community

(above) Entrance To Gated Community ~ Casa Contenta

Casa Contenta view from home

View from home in Casa Contenta

Thunder Mountain

(above) Thunder Mountain Behind Coffeepot Rock

Sedona was a favorite get-away spot for Walt Disney. Thunder Mountain was the inspiration for the thrill ride at Disneyland of the same name “Thunder Mountain”. You can see by the red rock spires where the influence came from if you have been to Disneyland.

Luxury Homes and Townhomes ~ Soldiers Pass Currently For Sale

Homes & Townhouses  Below As Of August 23, 2021

There are only 3 homes available in Soldier’s Pass West Sedona, 86336.

Soldiers Pass Sedona - Homes for sale August 2021



Chart Below As Of August 23, 2021

2021 - Active AverageLuxury Market in Soldier's Pass

As you can see from the chart above, the market has changed dramatically since March of 2019.  Homes are selling FAST. 

** One of the homes is a new build and hit the MLS in January.  It has not been completed and is at 245 CDOM while the other two have been on market for less than 1 month. Back in 2019, it was not unusual to see luxury homes sitting on the market for 10 months or more.

Currently, the Price/Square Foot is at $542 that is 55% higher than 2019.  The Average list price is up from 2019 by 50%.  The entire Sedona luxury market is extremely active.

Soldiers Pass Trailhead

This trail provides a diverse experience beginning in the Soldiers Pass Shadow Rock neighborhood and leading into Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness. The beginning of the trail can be quite busy. Rock Climbing Jeep type vehicles can enter this trailhead and tend to visit Devil’s Kitchen and the Seven Sacred Pools. The picture of the Jeep below sits on the bluff right above the Seven Sacred Pools. You will be surprised at all the trails that connect the entire area.

Caution: Do not attempt to take any vehicle that is wider than a jeep or unable to climb large rocks.  If you cannot navigate the entrance to the trail – don’t attempt to enter. This trail is by permit only. 

Soldiers Pass Trailhead

(above) Bluff Above Seven Sacred Pools

Soldiers Pass Sphinx reverse sunset

(above) Reverse Sunset on the Sphinx & Mittens


Seller Solutions  

I will provide marketing that most agents reserve for luxury homes only.  

Beside professional photography, – aerial pictures and video are included.

Our marketing materials are customized with you and your home or property in mind.

We ask the question. “What type of marketing will attract the right buyers for your property? 


Call Sheri Sperry @ 928) 274-7355 for a custom marketing analysis and consultation designed especially for you.


For more information and expert strategy analysis of your property


Contact Sheri Sperry – Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage of Sedona – REALTOR®.


Solutions For Buyers 


Complimentary Consultation over the phone or in person. 


You should have a Master Certified Negotiations Expert –  MCNE® working for you!

 ~ ~ ~

NOTE: The data relating to real estate for sale on this website comes in part from the MLS.  The listing broker has attempted to offer accurate data but is not guaranteed accurate.  All information presented is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Images may be used from SVVAR listings following Broker Reciprocity.


Sedona Heritage Museum In Uptown Sedona

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Sedona Heritage Museum


Sedona Heritage Museum

Enjoy the Area History at the Sedona Heritage Museum and Orchard

OPEN daily 11 am to 3 pm

735 Jordan Road, Sedona Arizona – Phone (928) 282-7038

Self Guided Tour: $7 Adults – Free for Children 12 years old and under

$3 additional for the Audio Tour (all ages)


Sedona Heritage Museum – is the homestead of Will and Annie Jordan. Going back quite a few years, there were 12 other farmers who filed a suit alleging crop damage due to the smelter’s sulfurous smoke of the United Verde Mining Company located in what is now Clarkdale Arizona. Eventually, the farmers finally were paid for their losses and Will Jordan bought the land where the Sedona Heritage Museum now sits. Over the years Will’s son Walter bought out his father’s share of the land. They farmed Apple trees and grew grapes to make wine. This museum started out as one room and the other rooms were added over time.   
Sedona Heritage Museum

The Sedona Heritage Museum is considered the “Caretakers of Sedona’s History”. Once you visit the museum and outbuildings, you will agree that much of the early history is located throughout the acreage of this museum.

There is a whole wall of journals in one of the offices where anyone can go in and do research on the history of the founding families. Material is everywhere, and if you enjoy early Arizona settler history, this is a treasure trove of data, exhibits, background, and notes.

The barn houses the first Sedona Firetruck as well as hundreds of other antiques used in Sedona, yesteryear. There is even one of the teal-colored “M” s that Mcdonald’s had to use in a historic first for the company.

Sedona Heritage Museum
Sedona Heritage Museum

This is another angle of the barn showing the back of the very first Sedona fire truck. On the left-hand side is a 45 foot “Apple Grading Machine”. Walter Jordan installed this right here in 1952. The sign continues with “He sold it in 1976 but it was unused for 18 years….It was restored to operations condition by Ray Anderson, an SHS member.”

Sedona Heritage Museum






The tent was temporary housing as the permanent buildings were being built. You had everything you needed in this small tent structure.




Uptown Sedona

In this shed, many of the tools to work the land were stored. They have been put on display for your enjoyment. See the images below.

Sedona farm equipment

Sedona farm equipment in Uptown Sedona

Walter Jordan's homestead Sedona


Search For Sedona Homes For Sale

As a Coldwell Banker Sedona Arizona REALTOR®, my primary goal is to help my customers obtain their dreams, as well as satisfy their financial goals and objectives through real estate. From the moment I am contacted, you will observe my seasoned ability to provide you with “World Class Service” and that “personal touch” while utilizing a complete package of technology options that are of the utmost importance and so critical in today’s market.

I will tailor real solutions to fit your specific needs. – Sheri Sperry –


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NOTE: All information presented including, event scheduling, directions, and pricing is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. You should check with the organizers, event and attraction website, or management, and organizing team for more or current information. is not responsible for inaccuracies or changes to the information provided. Information is provided as a convenience to you.


Cottages At Coffeepot – 2021 Summer Summary and Current Market Analysis – Uncommon Homes

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The Cottages At Coffeepot

Soldiers Pass 

West Sedona Arizona 86336

~ ~ ~

A Unique Gated Community 


Luxury Townhouses Cottages At Coffeepot July 2019 Market Report

Uncommon Homes in an Uncommon Setting!

Cottages At Coffeepot June 2019 Market Report



Cottages At Coffeepot

A Unique Gated Community

Each of these townhomes is very unique. They have custom floor plans, different lot sizes and each view is distinctive. Courtyards and garden areas vary as well.  Many of the luxury townhomes have been updated to varying degrees which makes posting price per square foot a challenge.

It takes an experienced REALTOR® who knows the Cottages At Coffeepot very well to position these luxury townhomes.  In the same spirit, a Cottage experienced real estate agent can help buyers when it comes to negotiations with the seller. I have owned a Cottage since 2003 and have 18 + years of history with this community. I can help buyers and sellers get the best value for these special townhouses.

  Cottages At Coffeepot 

Market Report Update

Market Summary Cottages At Coffeepot 2021

2021 Cottages At Coffeepot Summary

Cottages At Coffeepot 2021 Market Analysis Report. This is the most activity I have seen in this small community for many years (7 sold in 2020) and 5 cottages have sold so far in 2021 with 1 pending. Because of the extreme lack of inventory, this is a seller’s market.  So much so that only one of these townhomes sold for under $1 million. All the other listings were updated and fetched up to $1,350,000.

Many of the homes on the forest side of the street can go for $50,000 to $100,000 more because these homes border forest.


Besides the over $1 million price tag for these luxury townhomes, notice the Average Sold Price Per Square Foot.  In 2021, it is currently averaging $588 versus $414 in 2020…and 2020 was a hot market!  Also when these townhomes hit the market, they are selling quickly.  In the past, they were on market for anywhere from 3 months to 6 months.  So far in 2021, these Luxury Cottage Townhomes have been on the market for only 31 days (DOM).


Cottages At Coffeepot Active Listings 2021

See Complete Detail – Luxury Town Homes For Sale 

Soldier’s Pass – West Sedona AZ 86336 – Homes For Sale




Cottages At Coffeepot Are Maintained With Your Safety & Aesthetics in Mind


Cottages At Coffeepot

Looking For That “Lock-and-Go” Sedona Lifestyle? 

The Cottages At Coffeepot West Sedona is a gated community for those who want a lock-and-go lifestyle. The community has a full-time groundskeeper who maintains the front landscaping of each home.  There is only one way in and one way out and it has a security gate to maintain your privacy and safety.  The Cottages are very safe.  Because the Cottages sit over a mile off the main highway (89A) and are tucked in at the foot of the forest preserve, there is little traffic that is not accounted for. Though there are neighbors on either side of each townhome, privacy is maintained very well. You have to see it to believe it!

Designed For Low Maintenance and Relaxation

There are 34 homes and generally 10-12 full-time residents who live in the Cottages while other residents travel to other homes based on the season.  Some spend summers at the Cottages while others spend their winter months in this community.

Heated Pool May Through October 

Cottages At Coffeepot


One of the unique features that residents enjoy at the Cottages is a heated swimming pool that is available from late April May through October.  The pool area sits higher than most of the luxury townhomes and has a great view of the surrounding red rocks.

Coffeepot Rock

Cottages At coffeepot Market Analysis


Straddling one of the famous rocks in Sedona. ..Coffeepot Rock, the pool is located right below. From the main street of the 89A, it looks just like the old percolator coffee pot, but as you move around the rock, it can take on another appearance of a “Standing Eagle” a name given to the rock by the Native Americans who inhabit the area.  Every one of these homes has a “front-row seat” to the special beauty of this iconic rock.  Of course, homes on the forest side of Shadow Mountain Drive generally will command a higher price than those homes sitting on the east side of the street.


Luxury Amenities


Besides the pool, you can play a set of tennis anytime you choose at the tennis court located right below the pool area. Cottages At Coffeepot - Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty - Sedona Lifestyle If you decide you want some fresh air and a nature walk, there are trails by Coffeepot that lead to Boynton Canyon to the west and Jordan Park to the east.  The Seven Pools and Devil’s Kitchen are a 10-15 minute walk right outside of the community.  There are Jeep trails also that you can take to get to those features. Just make sure you have the required permit and a narrow rock climbing vehicle to get you back there! If you can’t make it comfortably through the very first obstacle right out of the parking lot, do not attempt to go any further!

Gated Community


Cottages At Coffeepot June 2019 Market Report

You enter the community from the top of the hill and the monument lights meet the dark sky requirements.  These monuments throw a soft light down onto the pavement and each townhome has one or more in front of their home.

Green Grass

Cottages At Coffeepot Park

As you can see, there is green grass where you might expect rocks and desert plants.  Most of the community has grass in front of the townhomes. However, the HOA is considering modernizing the landscaping in increments as needed to bring a fresh young look to the complex.

Cottages At Coffeepot June 2019 Market Report


The picture to the right is looking down from Teacup Trail which hugs Coffeepot Rock. As mentioned before, there are 34 units.  Two of these units sit on two lots. Most of these luxury townhomes are two and three units to a building. Each unit has some sort of courtyard in the front and a backyard garden area.


Many Properties Border Forest


Half of the community borders the forest. Most units have built-in BBQs and all have a slab patio front and back.  Those units that sit on the east side of the street have a view of Coffeepot Rock from the front of the townhouse. All in all, each luxury townhome is unique and special.

The Cottages At Coffeepot Architecture Is Timeless & Built To Last 

The architect was a prominent local resident who built quality homes that still remain timeless today. Don Woods designed more than 200 local homes and businesses including Junipine Resort in Oak Creek Canyon as well as Heartline Cafe, and the Sedona Racquet Club according to Sedona Monthly Magazine. This article was back in 2006. I am sorry to say that Don Woods recently passed away.  Don Woods homes are already starting to appreciate because you can’t commission a project anymore. I had the opportunity to meet and work with Don Woods.  He was a wonderful man who is missed by the entire community.  Don Woods projects carry his legacy forward. I can recognize one of his projects as soon as I see it and I am proud to have sold and placed buyers in his classic designs.

Fortunately, the builder is still active in the community.  He is Phil Morris.  Currently, he has a multi-million dollar project about 3 minutes from the Cottages located right on Soldier’s Pass. Again, Phil Morris provides a quality product that a homeowner can be proud of.

The Cottages – Affordable Alternative In Soldier’s Pass


The Soldier’s Pass area of Sedona is one of the more pricey areas in Sedona. The average home price in Soldier’s Pass right now is over $1,650,000.  On the other hand, The Cottages At Coffeepot sit on some prime property at the very end of Soldier’s Pass and offer a more affordable alternative choice of living in a luxury setting.

Cottages At Coffeepot June 2019 Market Report

Just 4 Minutes Away…


 The Soldier’s Pass Location Is 4 Minutes To Shopping & Dining


The location is far enough away from the main highway traffic to relish the quiet solitude of nature.  Surrounded by pine and juniper trees, your Cottage is nestled deep into nature yet you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you are located in a gated community that looks after its own residents.  

A recent study has shown that living within a mile of a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s increases the value of your home. The Whole Foods of Sedona is right at the beginning of Soldiers Pass just 3 minutes away.  

Medical & Professional Services Are Just 4 Minutes Away

A question often asked is “How far are the medical facilities located?”  The intersection of Soldier’s Pass & SR 89A is the start of all the businesses located in Sedona.  Besides Whole Foods at that corner, there are two banks, restaurants, and professional services which include, doctors’ offices, eye care, dentist and lawyer’s offices as well as other professional services. Within 5 minutes of that corner are all the services you may possibly need.  If you need any specific questions answered please reach out to me through my cell phone or email.

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You can find a number of sites that will provide you with an ‘estimate‘ of what your home is worth.  These sites use public records and algorithms to determine an ‘estimate‘. They must also publish their ‘error rate’ as well. The human factor is left out of the equation in these estimates. I live in this community and can give you a more accurate picture of what your home or townhouse will sell for.  This is what I do for a living.

Complimentary Comparative Market Analysis 

I am an expert in the Sedona market and the surrounding communities.  I also network with the top REALTORS® in the area. As a past president of the Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals, I bring an added dimension to the luxury market. We meet every 2 weeks to discuss current market conditions and what the forward-looking picture is indicating for the Sedona luxury real estate market.

National and even county-wide news sources are slow and do not accurately represent what is happening in the Sedona area. I contract with a National Research firm to provide you with COMPLIMENTARY, real-time up-to-date market reports, and statistics showing homes and condos for sale in Sedona. These reports are updated every few days to keep you current on Sedona market conditions. This is a valuable tool for you that only I provide through quick website graphs or detailed reports you can get FREE in your email. Just select this link, “How is the market is doing?“.  You can subscribe to any report you need and it will be delivered to your email inbox on a weekly basis.  If you have any questions, feel free to call me.  I will walk you through it.

Also, you will find these reports on my website. The reports automatically update weekly and will provide you with a Market Report Analysis for each of the main zip codes and communities in the area which include: Sedona 86336, Village of Oak Creek 86351, Cornville/Page Springs 86325, and Cottonwood 86326. I can also get Camp Verde 86322 for you.

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Click here for large image – Soldiers Pass highlights in West Sedona

Cottages At Coffeepot June 2019 Market Report - Soldiers Pass West Sedona

~ ~ ~

As the video (above) shows, the Cottages At Coffeepot border forest and red rocks. The pool and tennis courts are right below Coffeepot Rock.

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Cottages At Coffeepot is the first community to be certified “Firewise”

Cottages At Coffeepot Firewise Certified


Cottages At Coffeepot Firewise Community


Sedona Weather – A Climate Sedona Homeowners & Visitors Enjoy Year Round!

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Sedona – Weather Stats & Records

Courtesy of

Sedona Weather Stats

Sheri Sperry Top Sedona Real Estate Agent Realtor

The Sedona Weather – Year In Review…

Update Preface 2021…

Even though this post is well over 3 years old, it will give you a good idea of the type of weather you can find in Sedona.  Of course, every year is different and if you want to see weather from other years as well as the current year we are in, go to  You can find statistics and almanac information going back to 2011.  Also, there are plenty of videos that you can access of our wonderful weather from winter, spring, summer to fall.  Enjoy.  

300 Days of Sunshine! 

Sedona Weather – Tracking “sunshine” as a statistic, was not easy. One has to be cognizant of the weather each and every day. To be accurate, this statistic needs to be recorded on a daily basis. My husband decided to take on this project for one year to see how accurate the claim was. Many areas that boast high tourism and lots of sunshine claim this statistic. But there was an inner curiosity to either prove or disprove the claim in Sedona. So the tracking began.

As the year progressed, the days with sunshine were definitely going to be over 280 but 300 might be a stretch.  As it turned out, the lack of rainfall and more days of high pressure contributed to the credibility of the claim that Sedona does have 300 days of sunshine!  Learn more about all the weather statistics from Our weather station has records and statistics that go back to 2011 in many cases.

If you are interested in learning more about the Sedona real estate market or, please give me a call or visit my website. Many people move here because of the pleasant outdoor weather which is present all year long.

Sedona weather White Christmas


In 2016, Sedona weather precipitation was almost 26 inches of rain and 12 inches of snow. This is the most on record in the 7 years of tracking history of the weather station at the Cottages of Coffeepot. At Christmas, most people want a White Christmas. We were fortunate to get our first White Christmas which was very exciting and really capped off the year. It is extremely rare to see freezing conditions. The days warm up and our sunshine will melt ice and snow rather quickly. Some snow will stay in areas that get no sun at all. Don’t be cavalier though. Winter conditions may cause ice in some areas so be careful when driving or walking.

Winter – “Early” Spring

The rain continued through the first 3 months of the year.Sedona weather spring   Another 7 inches dropped through March of 2017. When others are starting to get cabin fever, Spring had already started near the beginning of February and continued through the beginning of June. So discussing the “winter months” of January and February get mixed into the spring months of late March and April! The trees start blooming in early February. Our winter is more like most of the country’s winter.

With all the rain, Spring was really beautiful. Trees, shrubs, and plants were blooming for many months. The temperature was very pleasant. There were only 23 days below 50º in the first 3 months of the year, (2 more days in December), normally the coldest months of the year. No days were below freezing for a high and only 8 days were below 40º. All but 1 came in January. Twenty-two out of 90 days dipped below 32º, and there were another 20 days in November and December that dipped below 32º as well.

Since our weather is very dry with little wind, you can put on a sweater and be comfortable if you are out running errands. The high in January was 67º. We did get 4.25 inches of snow in January. If you are staying outside for a significant amount of time without going indoors, a hat, gloves, and a winter jacket may be appropriate.



Sedona weather - summer monsoonWe had 23 days over 100º in summer. Fourteen days came in June. June generally has very little to no rain. Monsoon does not normally show up until the second week of July. The clouds and rain cool down the afternoon temperature. From July 10th to September 3rd, there were no days over 100º.

Lack of Humidity

Again, I can’t emphasize this enough. We have very little humidity, even during the monsoon. This makes higher temperatures less noticeable and why we tell people to drink lots of water. It is easy to get dehydrated. When there is less moisture in the air, no matter what season you are in, you do not feel the heat or the cold. This is one of the reasons people like our weather so much. You can enjoy the seasons without the discomfort of feeling the weather.

The hottest day of the year was 110º. The heat spell lasted 13 days. But, once it was over, the days didn’t even reach 100º. There was only one other day in early September that went over 100º. The first day of 100º plus temps. was June 16th. The last day of 100º was July 9th, (other than a fluke day over 100º on September 4th, which was only one day). We did get about 6.5 inches of rain during the monsoon in July and August.


Every season is beautiful in Sedona.sedona weather - Fall Aspens Flagstaff The climate is mild but you actually get the seasons. Fall is no different. There is color throughout the season. It starts in Flagstaff with the Aspens in early October and the change of color meanders down Oak Creek Canyon until you get to Sedona proper.  Fall brings out the visitors from near and far to enjoy the crisp air and beautiful color. The picture below is Oak Creek Canyon taken from Midgley Bridge. Visitors should plan months ahead for accommodations.  If you enjoy hiking, get to your area early or risk walking extra miles before you reach the trailhead. West Fork trail is absolutely gorgeous and is preferred by most residents and visitors alike.

Sedona weather - Fall - Oak Creek Canyon

~ ~ ~

2017 Sedona Weather Category Summary

Sedona Final Weather Statistics For 2017

Weather Statistics for Cottages at Coffeepot

Find 2020 and 2021 PDF Almanac Charts here

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What Do Mae West, John Wayne, Elvis Presley, and Cottonwood AZ Have In Common?

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Cottonwood Arizona – The Biggest Little City in Arizona 

Mae West

What Do Mae West, John Wayne, Burt Lancaster & Elvis Presley Have Common With Cottonwood Arizona 86326?

It was the 1800’s and the land rush was on in Northern Arizona.  Farmers & ranchers were looking for land to start a new life. The Verde Valley looked promising, so many settled in the area.  

Other people were looking to establish businesses and homes in the area to support these settlers.  They decided to establish the town we know as  Cottonwood today. Cottonwood got its name from the (Cottonwood) trees that line the Verde River behind the historical Sheriff’s Office and Jail. Cottonwood Historic Jail and Sheriff Office

In the early 1900s, other more unsavory characters, who were driven out of the company (mining) towns such as Clarkdale, decided to give Cottonwood ago.  The town developed a reputation of lawlessness even though there was a strong foundation of law-abiding families.  

Then Prohibition hit the nation and Cottonwood was no exception other than the fact that they developed some of the best bootlegging in Arizona.  The bootleggers in and around Cottonwood were some of the best and they were known far and wide.  People came as far away as Phoenix and Los Angeles.  

Enter Mae West! Before Mae was famous, she spent much of her time on what is Main Street in Old Town Cottonwood.  She was known in every Speak-Easy in the area.  Her Hollywood character was developed long before she ever hit the big screen.  Others who spent their downtime in Cottonwood include John Wayne, Burt Lancaster, and Elvis Presley. Old Town Cottonwood AZ Irrigation Canal

The City of Cottonwood took on a large project to refurbish the Old Town area and make it an attractive place with unique stores and great wine tasting rooms and eateries. Today it is a fun place to go to stroll the Main Street and check out all the shops while tasting a little of the flavor of the Old West. 

Cottonwood is not far from Sedona about a 20-minute drive but it has a couple of the key big block storefronts. Super Wal-Mart and Home Depot are located kitty-corner to the main intersection of SR 89A and SR 260.  There is also a major Regional (Verde Valley) Medical Center. This gives support to a lot of doctor offices and other medical facilities nearby.



Cottonwood Market Update*


The Cottonwood real estate market has a Median List Price of $409,949 and 14 days on market.  The current inventory is 36 homes and there is a Strong Seller’s Market Action Index of 74. 

Other Cottonwood Old Town Pictures

Cottonwood Antiques




Old Cottonwood Municipal Building

Cottonwood Verde River

Main Street Cottonwood Arizona

Old Town Cottonwood Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty

*Subject to change on a weekly basis – current info – July 19, 2021

Cottonwood  AZ Historical References (Cottonwood Hotel)

Sedona Arizona ~ “Javelina On Parade”

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Javelinas On Parade ~ Sedona Arizona


Javelinas on Parade Sedona Arizona

Javelina On Parade” ~ Inside the Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa is their restaurant “Reds”. I like to go there with clients and my husband because it is quiet and you can conduct business easily.  Besides, the food and service are good!  Right in the hotel foyer, you can find the artwork in the featured image above. 

Javelina on parade SedonaBack in 2005, Sedona decided to answer a call to Chicago’s “Cows on Parade” which was established in 1999. In Chicago, you would see cows painted in different artistic ways. 

Here in Sedona, highway construction was about to begin so the Chamber of Commerce and Sedona Arts Festival who were looking for ways to boost tourism, got this idea to create 50 pairs of Javelina. Businesses could sponsor Javelina on Parade Sedonathese for $2000, commission artists, and place them prominently somewhere adjacent to their business.  As you stroll the streets of West Sedona, Uptown, or Village of Oak Creek, you may see one of these pairs all gussied up.

They are a work of whimsical art!

Javelina Are Not Pigs…

What is a Javelina?

Though Javelina may look like a wild boar or pig, they are in the peccary family.  They are native to North and South America.  Pigs were brought to the new world and are not related to Javelina. Javelinas seem to like fruits, vegetables, and garden plants and roots. But they will eat meat as well. Actually, they will eat just about anything.  They go after the grubs in the grass. This means that lawns are constantly being dug up.  They can roam as a large family of between 20 and 30 but normally in a smaller group of less than 10. In some cases, the alpha male will kick out the less dominant male to roam alone. You know when a Javelina is nearby because it stinks….a lot!  

Caution – Javelina are very skittish and they might bite if they are cornered.  Don’t get too close and don’t try to feed them especially out of your hand.  





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Sedona and All of Arizona – Pool Safety for the 4th of July!

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Pool Safety 

Sedona Arizona

Pool Safety and Sun Up Homes for Sale - Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker

Drownings in Arizona Rank Nearly Two Times National Average

Pool Safety – This is a very sad fact to report but a fact that needs to be brought to the attention of those who will be at pools with children over the 4th of July.  There is a spike in drownings on this holiday likely due to the fact that adult supervision of pools may be at a minimum for various reasons.

In 2016, the Arizona Department of Health and Safety (ADHS) started reporting incidents using hospitalization data. Previously, data was acquired mainly through the fire department reports. So data results from 2016 and beyond are not comparable to years prior.   Here is the link to the most recent Annual Report for the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona published April 26, 2021. 


Heartbreaking Results

A heartbreaking reality…

In the mid-1980s, drownings for Arizona pre-schoolers ranked highest in the nation.  Recently, Arizona has dropped to 4th place for drownings of pre-school-aged children and is the number one cause of death for the ages of 1-4 years. 

I live in Yavapai County. In 2020, Yavapai County had 1 incident of the drowning of a child aged 0-4 years old and that number is unacceptable. All age groups equaled 6.  In Arizona’s largest county, Maricopa, where Phoenix and Scottsdale are located,  there were 136 incidents of drowning that were reported for that same age group and a total of 245 incidents for all age groups. 

These are reported incidents, not deaths. Each incident is preventableIt should also be noted that Maricopa and Pinal counties are the best at consistently reporting drownings.

Every hour, 42 people drown worldwide…(statistic from ComfyLiving – Blog – “25 Shocking Swimming Pool Stats…”)




A Very Serious Issue Nationwide

Pool Safety - Phoenix area swim lessons photo Adrian Marsh - The Republic

Arizona has a vigilant awareness campaign starting in January every year.  Even with that campaign, Arizona ranked 4th in the nation in 2017 of the 163 fatal drownings nationwide of children 15 years old and under. 

Arizona Ranked Number One For Pools

Arizona is ranked number one in the country for pools per capita at 1 pool for 8,628 people. Florida and Nevada are ranked number 2 and 3 respectively at 1 in 10,367 and 10,814. 

Top 10 Cities with Backyard Pools

According to KTAR News and, these are the top 10 medium-to-large cities in the country with the highest percentage of backyard pools. 

1. Coral Springs, Florida – 66 percent
2. Scottsdale, Arizona – 62 percent
3. Tempe, Arizona – 46 percent
4. Chandler, Arizona – 40 percent
5. Glendale, Arizona – 37 percent
6. Gilbert, Arizona – 37 percent
7. Clearwater, Florida – 32 percent
8. Clovis, California – 32 percent
9. Mesa, Arizona – 31 percent
10. Plano, Texas – 31 percent

 ~ ~ ~

Top 5 Factors that could increase the risk of a child drowning

* Being new parents of more than one child

* New owners of a pool or a new Arizona resident

* Living at an apartment or condo complex where the pool has minimal fencing

* Multiple children at a gathering

* Underestimating how mobile a child can be

~ ~ ~


Why a Spike of Drownings On Independence Day?

Adults need to be aware of where their children are anytime there is a pool available.  The party atmosphere coupled with alcoholic beverages and paying more attention to guests’ needs, the BBQ, as well as other games, can hinder the supervision of children around the pool. 

Everybody thinks that someone else is watching the kids and pool safety.  As we know, drowning can happen in a split second. 

A Supervision Plan Is The Key

There is a pretty simple solution for pool safety, having dedicated sober supervision with another sober adult switching every 15 to 20 minutes is the key. Equally important, turn the cell phones off and avoid any other distractions. Of course, this person should be a good swimmer and there should be someone available in earshot distance in case there is an incident.

Recently, we took our 5-year-old grandson to a resort in the Scottsdale area.  He is a very new swimmer. This is a very dangerous time for parents and guardians who need to be extra vigilant in watching kids of this age who lack experience.  Unfortunately, some may feel that they can take their eyes away from children for a short time because they can swim. Do not get caught up in this belief. 


Life Vests For Non-Swimmers

Children who cannot swim or are poor swimmers should be in an approved life vest anytime they are in the proximity of the pool or any water. Floaties are considered a toy. Do not be substitute floaties for a life vest to bypass pool safety. No exceptions to this rule. 

Again, following these simple rules could save a child’s life. 


Have a Safe and Sane Independence Day!


See another pool video…

Sedona Summer Fun from Rick & Sheri Sperry on Vimeo.

 ~ ~ ~

Sheri & Rick Sperry have been part of inground pool ownership since 1962. They have designed their own pool and backyard as well. The picture below is that pool.  Designed for family fun, parties, as well as energy efficiency with the technology information at the time of construction in 1998. 

Summer Pool Fun - Sheri Sperry -

~ ~ ~

Furthermore When You Need A Real Estate Professional…

As an experienced Sedona real estate professional, and after decades of buying, owning, and selling multiple single-family homes and townhomes, and moving from one state to another, I have a unique perspective to help clients.  In today’s market, buyers and sellers need the help of a professional.

The REALTOR® has the experience and understands what needs to be done to help secure the right outcome for the buyer or seller at the best price and conditions.

Buyers and Sellers

Whether you are a buyer or seller, I will provide a thorough analysis of any property to make sure the market value is at the proper price point. My ability to market property is unsurpassed. See my extensive portfolio here.   

If you have questions about Sedona market conditions or other information on the Sedona real estate market or Sedona Lifestyle, please contact me at 928.274.7355. 

Is Hiking Allowed In Sedona During The Fires?

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Full Closure In Effect For Coconino National Forest

From My Perspective…

Fires… Currently, there are 43,612 acres that have burned in the fires and there is 0% containment.  Sycamore Canyon has been evacuated.  This is about 14 miles northeast of Cottonwood.  ATVs are not allowed to be rented right now.  Rafting and kayaking down the Verde River are still allowed but tours are filling up fast. 


Around the state of Arizona, there are at least 24 fires burning.  We are in our driest season.  Hopefully, we will see more rain next week. 


At my home…


Early in the morning when the air is cool, the smoke is heavy and it is difficult to see the red rocks.  As the day warms up, the smoke rises, and a lot of it is pushed out of the area. You can smell the wood burning inside and outside the home. It is as if you are burning very fragrant wood in your fireplace. 


Many people come to Sedona to hike. Currently, all of our forests are completely closed.  There are police cars located at the entrance to the most popular trails.  One of those trails is where I live in Soldiers Pass.


If you are coming to Sedona to hike, there are no options to hike. These restrictions are in effect until further notice. All businesses are open.  The Sedona Airport is seeing heavy lift (CH 54) helicopters filing huge buckets of water to drop on the fires.  

See the violation enforcement below.


Air tanker dropping retardant on Rafael Fire - image courtesy of Sedona Fire Facebook page.


The notice below came directly from an email I received from the City of Sedona. The top two images are from The Sedona Fire Dept FaceBook page.



FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., June 21, 2021 — Due to fire danger, dry conditions, and persistent wildfire activity during a time when firefighting resources are sparse, the entirety of Coconino National Forest will close for public safety, beginning Wednesday (June 23) at 8 a.m.


A full forest closure means that the public is prohibited from entering any part of Coconino National Forest at any time. Only those with private inholdings will be allowed access to their property, as well as personnel providing utility support where necessary, and firefighters performing their duties.


Forest Service personnel will attempt to reach as many people as possible to begin vacating campsites and informing individuals who are camping in the forest currently. Campers and visitors to the national forest should vacate their campsites before the closure begins, and the public should cancel any plans for visiting the Coconino National Forest for the next several weeks.


Though parts of the national forest may receive rain from sporadic storms over the next couple of weeks, this closure will not be rescinded until sufficient precipitation is received to adequately reduce the risk of wildfire, and hot, dry weather conditions are no longer forecast to continue. In short, this closure will continue until conditions are such that the closure can be lifted.


Work on thinning and other forest and watershed restoration projects will cease. Partner agencies, organizations, concessionaires, outfitters, permit holders, and contractors, are all prohibited from entering the national forest.


Violating closures and fire restrictions is a violation that carries a mandatory appearance in federal court, punishable as a Class B misdemeanor with a fine of up to $5,000 for an individual or $10,000 for an organization, or up to six months in prison, or both.


This image below was taken at the top of the Airport looking directly toward West Sedona to add some perspective to the feature image. This is looking north and the feature image was taken toward the west.

CodeRED – Emergency Notifications

Yavapai County

Coconino County

City of Sedona

  Sedona Homes For Sale

HomesandLand Cover - Sheri Sperry Sedona Luxury Home


Sedona & Verde Valley events, happenings, and Sedona-Lifestyle are brought to you as a courtesy of Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty Sedona REALTOR®.  If you are contemplating selling your home, a prospective buyer, or just curious about real estate in Sedona I would be honored to discuss our market. 
You can contact me at (928) 274-7355.  From the moment I am contacted, you will observe my seasoned ability to provide you with “World Class Service” and that “personal touch” while utilizing a complete package of technology options that are of the utmost importance and so critical in today’s market.
I will tailor REAL solutions to fit your specific needs.


Sedona Summer Fun – Enjoying the Pool…and the View!

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West Sedona Arizona

Sedona Summer Fun

Enjoy Summer In The Cottages At Coffeepot~Soldiers Pass

Summer Fun

Enjoy Summertime in West Sedona Arizona

Summer is a very special time of the year.  It gives us a chance to appreciate our climate in Northern Arizona. Temperatures that routinely hit the 90ºs with low humidity, especially in June.  May and June can be the driest months of the year. This means you can plan outdoor activities and not worry too much that they may be spoiled by inclement weather.  sedona summer

Our mornings are usually brisk, which allows for biking, hiking as well as other activities such as tennis and walking.  It is a fabulous time of year to take pleasure in your surroundings and be thankful for the beauty and serenity that surrounds you every day of the year.

There are miles upon miles of trails to explore throughout Sedona.  Many of these trails intersect each other and can provide lots of exercise for an experienced hiker.  Always take a lot of water with you.  A climate with low humidity can be deceivingly dangerous. You could be opening yourself up to heat exhaustion or stroke if you do not stay hydrated.

There are areas that provide challenges such as rock climbing for the purely adventurous and I might add, highly skilled rock climber.

sedona summer

Hiking Trails Sedona and Surrounding Areas.

When the brisk air starts to turn warm, you may want to spend some relaxing time at the pool or maybe kayaking on the Verde River. There is always something special to do in and around Sedona.

Hiking - Honanki Ruin

sedona summer

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Let’s face it, you won’t really know that I am not a typical salesperson until you get to know me. I am confident you will feel at ease and comfortable knowing I can find solutions for you. If you don’t feel that way, please let me know. I want to be the best I can for you. I am YOUR Solutions Realtor.” ~ Sheri Sperry

What is the Sedona Weather Like In Late Spring (May 2021)

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Sedona Weather – May 2021

What’s The Sedona Weather Like In Late Spring?

What is spring like in Sedona Arizona?

Sedona Weather Stats 

May 2021


Sedona Weather Categories by Month

For all stats and a look at weather in previous months and years, go to

Sedona Comfort Index = 8 out of 10

In April 2021, the Sedona weather was nothing like March. One thing about Sedona, our weather is not hum-drum. We had a little of everything in March including 7.5 inches of snow. So April felt a lot warmer. We started April with 11 out of the first 12 days in the 80ºs. Almost the entire month was above 72º. There was only a couple of days we turned on the AC for a short time.

May 2021 has been a little cooler compared to May 2020. The average temperature was almost 3º cooler.  No days reached beyond 93.6.

Is Sedona’s Climate Considered Arid or Humid?

Here is the difference that most people do not realize is our climate is arid but in a transitional zone between the Sonora Desert and Colorado Plateau.  Sedona does not experience much humidity even during our monsoon. This makes higher temperatures more bearable. People that are not used to an arid climate need to make sure they stay hydrated all day.  This translates into one cup every 15 to 20 minutes while working outside or at least 1 quart an hour to stay hydrated.

How Many Days of Sunshine Does Sedona Get?

Currently, we are on track to hit around 300 days of **sunshine. We are at 121 days and last year we were at 118 days of sunshine. We ended last year at 301 days.

Cottages At Coffeepot real estate - Sheri Sperry REALTOR Coldwell Banker Realty


Posse Grounds Community Park and Recreation Soldiers Pass West Sedona Sheri Sperry

Temperature Almanac



Precipitation Almanac


May 2021 Sedona Weather

May 2020 Sedona Weather

If you need more information about Sedona weather, activities, or homes,  please call me at 928-274-7355.

 * * *

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*Comfort Index For Sedona is from

**Days of sunshine are estimated based on a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of visible sun. is not responsible for inaccuracies or changes to the information provided. Information is provided as a convenience to you. Please verify the information to make sure it is current.,, Coldwell Banker Realty, and Sheri Sperry are not affiliated with or are provided any fees, promotions, or otherwise for this information contained here.  This is merely a public service posting.

A Sedona Photographer’s Secrets Revealed

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Utilizing Mother Nature’s Gifts To Provide Dramatic Effect

West Sedona - Soldiers Pass - homes for sale


Some photographers take pictures and there are some who paint images through the lens of a camera. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to watch my husband (Rick) master his photographic skills. As an amateur photographer, he enjoyed taking landscape photography. Every trip we took was another journey in learning his craft. It is a passion of his to capture and freeze a moment in time. He relishes sharing it with others. The highest compliment one can give him is “WOW”! BTW – Rick is self-taught!

My tours have garnered almost 237,000 views. There are 6 separate homes displayed below and those homes alone have over 98,500 views. All are no longer active (sold) but they continue to get a lot of views! The top 5 tours have garnered over 108,000 plus views.

As Rick has transitioned into a Professional Real Estate Photographer, who has an exclusive contract with me (Ha! Ha!), I can see how much he has grown. With every listing we secure, we work as a team to give it life. Together, we discuss what we need to emphasize, highlight and promote. To us, “Dramatic Effect” is our friend.

– What are the best angles to capture the essence of the home?

– What is the best time of day to seize the proper lighting and bring out the very best in every picture. If I may be so bold, lighting is the makeup of the “model”. Proper “makeup” brings out the very best features of the subject in the artistic imagery. Rick has found that the more natural the lighting and sometimes a little fill light brings out the best in a home.

– When possible, we come back several times to get the very best Mother Nature has to offer for lighting and weather. Clouds are also our friend. However….

– Shadows are the enemy – Whenever possible, stay away from shooting a picture with harsh shadows. There are special filters that can help to minimize the effects of harsh shadows. This is another reason we come back at different times of the day.

– Staging is a must. Sometimes we don’t have complete control over staging a home. Simple staging to highlight an area may be as simple as flowers strategically placed or place settings at a table. More complex staging may involve rearranging furniture. Ever watch a movie or TV Show, no one has their back to the camera. To get the right angle a piece of furniture may have to be taken out of the picture. A diligent artist will make it happen.

– Don’t sacrifice the beauty and charm to sell a view. Make sure you have an image to complement the entire room beside any view that may be a feature you are trying to promote.

Key Point…

– I get my sellers’ buy-in by educating them on what we are trying to accomplish.


This picture was a picture that we rejected. It was taken near sunset and did not take advantage of the magic a morning sunrise would hold. Also, the clear sky does not add a dramatic effect to the shot.  We were fortunate to have clouds roll in the next morning to provide that dramatic effect.  Notice


Another secret revealed…With a home that faces east, use the rising sun as natural lighting that will enhance the image. Get there before sunrise and snap away. Use different angles. This pic was taken 2 feet off the ground to use the rocks as a frame and give the picture some depth of field. Notice the clouds in the reflective glass of the owner’s suite on the right side.


In this image, we are highlighting the pottery that is part of a pillar that would not be in any other shot. The pottery and the pine tree frame the image and draw your attention to the signature water feature.


Two more secrets revealed – #1 – Natural lighting…there is no substitute! #2 – You are trying to sell your customer a lifestyle. Take advantage of the perfect setting. Can you picture yourself sitting in one of these chairs reading a good book with the fire feature dancing in the background? I can!  BTW… If you have been to my website, this is the first image you will see.

Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty - Photographers Secrets Revealed

Here is the triple treat – Showcasing 1) Views – 2) The Home – 3) The Garden and the park bench. This area is a very special garden area that offers privacy and it was showcased from 4 different angles highlighting other features of the property. See one more example below.

Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty Sedona - Photographers Secrets Revealed

Can you see yourself sitting on the park bench enjoying nature? How about the pictures below?

Sedona Real Estate For Sale

Sedona Real Estate For Sale


Sometimes a feature is the whole room. Our client who built this home loves skiing in Colorado. This influenced his design of the fireplace. Notice the subtle framing of the natural beam pillars.

Here is the other side of the fire feature. It is the first thing you see as you enter the foyer.

In the picture below, you have seen the fire feature and are now entering the Great Room with 20 ft ceilings and a magnificent view of Castle Rock in the Village of Oak Creek.



Rick will not compromise the listing with shabby pictures.  He understands that there are many homes that a potential buyer may want to view and there is only so much time available. We owe it to our sellers to give them the very best solutions to fulfill their desired goals.

Some of these pictures are from current listings and others are from listings that were sold in previous years.

Two Luxury Listings Showcased on the Covers of HomesandLand and View Magazine

15 E. Dove Wing

HomesandLand Cover - Sheri Sperry Sedona Luxury Home

57 E. Dove Wing 

Coldwell Banker Luxury Homes View Magazine Sheri Sperry

Here are the full tours to see the rest of the pictures highlighted here.

2025 Whippet

190 Sun Up 

265 Red Rock 


Find Other Recent Listing Portfolios Here…

108 Shadow Mountain Drive

130 Indian Cliffs Road

Which Sedona Arizona Restaurant Has The Best Views?

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Which Sedona Restaurant Has The Best Red Rock Vistas?

Soldiers Pass View from Mariposa Restaurant Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty

There are two restaurants that offer fine dining and breathtaking views. One of those restaurants has only been open to resort guests during the pandemic. 

Sedona Lifestyle - Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill Sheri Sperry REALTOR 928.274.7355

The other restaurant with unparalleled and breathtaking views is Mariposa – Latin Inspired Grill.  Mariposa is currently open for dinner reservations every day except Tuesday. The hours of operation are on the website along with Guidelines and Dress Code… Yes! …You will find an actual dress code!  More on that below.   


Prior to last week, it had been well over a year since we had a meal at Mariposa, partially because of the pandemic and also because it was one of the last restaurants to open during the pandemic. The opening date was June 25th, 2020. That being said, it is an extraordinary dining experience. I like to take special clients and also out-of-town guests here… Why? Just look at the views!  There are other restaurants with views but only Enchantment Resort and Mariposa have outrageous red rock views pictured in these images.

The Sphinx, Mittens, Ship Rock, Coffeepot Rock , Soldiers Pass,

A Re-crafted Dining Experience! 

Butterfly 1000 lb. door on MariposaAre you required to wear masks for inside dining?

In Sedona as in all of Arizona – mask guidance has been left to the business owners to decide.  Currently, Mariposa has instituted a “Mask-To-Table” policy.  You can find specific instructions on the website

Other changes that I noticed included 3 different areas to check-in.  There is a reservation valet at the entrance to the parking lot.  Without a reservation, there is no dining. The next check-in is at the edge of the courtyard, where you could have your temperature taken. This valet is in communication with the front desk and will let you know when your table is ready.  After you walk through the 1000 lb. artistic door, you arrive at the front reception area where you will be escorted to your table. Can you see the butterfly image?

The “Hours of Operation” and reservations are located here.  I must warn you that reservations might be 3 weeks or beyond during busy periods. So plan ahead! Other words to the wise, parties are limited to 6 guests. Another touch that the Dahl restaurants have is a shuttle service, but it must be reserved in advance also.  

Red Rock View from inside Mariposa Grill -SellSedona - Sheri Sperry Realtor

Dining Guidelines and Dress Code

The Dahl Restaurant Group takes every precaution to make sure your dining experience is COVID-free.  I really enjoyed the tables spaced a little further away.  It helps make your dining more private. The dress code is “Resort Casual”. Jackets and ties are not required but the restaurant asks you not to wear, tank tops, cut-offs, short shorts, flip-flops, or sports branded sportswear.

All of these guidelines help to ensure a memorable dining experience. 

The wait staff is a unit of three servers.  These servers stay together and serve the same tables. They stick together as a unit and do not mingle with other work units. Our head waiter also let us know more about the “re-crafted dining experience“.  Of course, the restaurant is not currently serving lunch and the menu has been streamlined so that work stations can be staffed by individuals or teams. These teams stay in that work area.

“Enjoy The Flavors of Life”

delightful cuisine with latin flair Mariposa

Clockwise starting at top left: First of all, there is an award-winning wine cellar. However, we chose a “Mariposa Whiskey Sour” and “Housemade White Sangria”. For starters, we enjoyed “Cesare de la Casa” with a side of anchovies for Rick. For our main meal, we both chose the Filet Mignon Center Cut. The sides were family-style. We enjoyed the Lemon Mashed Potatoes with Luscious Lobster Scampi.  This was featured on Travel Channel’s Food Paradise.  Simply….”Luscious”!  Any time we get a chance to have “Elote” we will order it.  Of course, we couldn’t pass up their wonderful desert cappuccino and birthday Lemon Chiffon Cookie and Gelato, as well as a Flourless Chocolate Mousse with a side of Salted Caramel Gelato! YUM!

I can say that the dining experience I recently had was one of the best.  It tops even the past performance of this restaurant.  Lisa Dahl can be very proud of her staff in all phases of the restaurant operation. 

That Unmistakable Midas Touch 

As you scroll down the contact page on Mariposa’s website, there is a section “Meet the Chef”.  Chef Lisa Dahl has been a culinary trailblazer in Sedona for more than 25 years. I have been to every one of Lisa’s five restaurants and have enjoyed memorable meals that I will never forget.  Lisa has her imprint on every aspect of the business from designing the meals to the interior and exterior touches.  Lisa Dahl has that unmistakable “Midas Touch”.  

You can find the menus for Mariposa here. 

~ ~ ~

One More Thing…

Are any Sedona restaurants ranked in the Top 10 most romantic restaurants of Arizona?

Ranking Arizona: Top 10 Romantic Restaurants for 2021

Three of Sedona’s restaurants are in that Top 10 ranking for all of Arizona. There is no surprise that two are Lisa Dahl restaurants. 

4. Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill

6. L’Auberge Restaurant on Oak Creek

8. Dahl & DiLuca Restorante Italiano

When all is said and done,  I can depend on a wonderful experience at any of Lisa Dahl’s five restaurants. I won’t hesitate to take a client or good friend there.  This is the restaurant you want to take people who have not experienced Sedona.  The views are “Eye Candy” for red rock and nature enthusiasts. 

Mariposa is located near the “Y” which is now the Figure-eight Round-about.  As you head west from the “Y” on SR 89-A, you will see it on the right halfway up the hill.

NOTE: All information presented including, hours of operation, directions, website links, and menu information are deemed reliable but not guaranteed. You should check with the organizers, event and attraction website, or management, and organizing team for current information. is not responsible for inaccuracies, or changes to the information provided. Information is provided as a convenience to you.,,, Coldwell Banker Realty, and Sheri Sperry are not affiliated with or are provided any fees, promotions, or otherwise, for the information contained here. Mariposa’s logo is from the website.


~ ~ ~

Virtual Showing 70 Rim Shadows Cr

Seller Solutions  

I will provide marketing that most agents reserve for luxury homes only.  

Besides professional photography, aerial pictures and videos are included.

Our marketing materials are customized with you and your home or property in mind.

We ask the question…What type of marketing will attract the right buyers for your property? 


Call Sheri Sperry for a custom marketing consultation designed especially for you.


For more information and expert strategy analysis of your property


Contact Sheri Sperry – Coldwell Banker Realty of Sedona – REALTOR®.


Solutions For Buyers 


Complimentary Consultation over the phone or in person. 


You should have a Master Certified Negotiations Expert –  MCNE® working for you!



What Does Spring Look Like In Sedona Arizona?

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What Does Spring Look Like In Sedona Arizona?

Check out the image montage below to enjoy a little snippet of what Sedona is like in the spring. 

What’s it like in Spring in Sedona?

Sedona gets a variety of flowers, including cactus flowers and roses. You will see many types of animals and birds, including bobcats, deer, quail, javelina, coyotes, and butterflies. Our weather is mild. Most days will be in the 70ºs and 80ºs with a few days in the 60ºs or 90ºs. Freezing temps leave March and don’t return until November. Rain is fairly moderate. you can get in a lot of outdoor activities.

Cathedral Rock in early Spring

  Sedona Homes For Sale


Sedona & Verde Valley events, happenings, and Sedona-Lifestyle are brought to you as a courtesy of Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty Sedona REALTOR®.  If you are contemplating selling your home, a prospective buyer, or just curious about real estate in Sedona I would be honored to discuss our market. 

You can contact me at (928) 274-7355.  From the moment I am contacted, you will observe my seasoned ability to provide you with “World Class Service” and that “personal touch” while utilizing a complete package of technology options that are of the utmost importance and so critical in today’s market.

I will tailor REAL solutions to fit your specific needs.



6 Milestones Impacting ~ I am blessed and thankful for…

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Reflection – How I got to where I am today as a Coldwell Banker Realty Sedona Realtor
The original blog was published on November 23, 2015. It was recently updated.

“My 5 Things” (plus 1) refers to what I hold dearest to my heart.



I probably should define a milestone so that I don’t confuse the image with the title of the blog.  To me, a milestone is an action or event that marks a significant change or stage of development.” My 5 Things” (plus 1!) are what I hold dearest to my heart. continues to be a very successful venture helping hundreds of buyers and sellers with their real estate decisions. Most of you know me through my startup domain name  I started with another brokerage on March 28th of 2011. So this is a milestone in and of itself! As a start-up real estate business, all of us go through changes and we make changes based on what we think is going to bring about success or at least trend in that direction. So I have given this a lot of thought as to what has impacted my ability to be successful in reaching my goals and continuing to move forward in this challenging and very competitive occupation. Maybe you will reflect on some of the same things.

As of January of 2017, I decided another change was in order.  I am now a Sales Associate at Coldwell Banker Realty – Sedona located at the old “Y”, because of the roundabouts, it is now called the “Figure Eight”. But the “Y” continues to stick with most people.

1. My Health

Health is the cornerstone of my milestones. Can you imagine trying to start a business later in life without having good health? I re-invented myself because I love real estate and I found this to be a vigorous and exciting job. As you probably know, it takes a lot of energy to stay up with the demands of providing a top-quality performance, as my clients expect my attention to detail and that personal touch. Don’t you expect those who work with you to pay attention to your needs? Sometimes we are working 7 days a week trying to get everything done in the time frame we have allotted for our clients’ needs. Without our health, the demands might be too much to handle.

2. I Am A Coldwell Banker Realty Sedona Realtor®

I knew the company I chose had to fit well with my work ethic. Also, the other Realtors had to have high ethical standards and promote a professional image in the community, as they would become my second family. I wanted to work for a broker and owner that treated me as a business owner, not an employee. Also, as a customer, you want to work with a company that is professional, has got brand recognition respect, and agents who are the best at what they do.

The support that I get from our entire team is invaluable. When it comes to my clients, they are the true beneficiaries of all the services I offer. I cannot be prouder of the company and the culture of our office and corporate structure.

3. My Husband and Partner

Sheri Sperry & Rick SperryWhen my husband retired from a mid-level position at UPS and we moved out of California to beautiful Sedona, Arizona, he was able to continue his passion for photography and website design.

I enjoy working with people and want to spend most of my time with my clients. My husband, Rick, compliments my business because we collaborate on our marketing approach. He engages social media, new marketing ideas, and techniques as well as cutting edge web design, and SEO. His real estate photography is among the best photos available. The picture at the top is just one of his landscape pictures. What it does for you is it gives you the best internet experience when looking to buy or sell real estate as well as a great referral network for ideas, service personnel, restaurants, lodging, finding your way around the area, and looking for things to do. Our website and social media presence were designed with you in mind.

4. Marketing and Networking

The biggest commitment I made was 2 years with a local publication.

Every week I had a quarter-page ad with my picture and logo and once a month I had a half-page color ad. This promoted my business in such a way that it propelled my recognition in the community. Recently, someone said I looked familiar and I told him that I was a local realtor and he said: “that’s it, I have seen you in the local paper!” I got my first luxury listing from that publication. Besides what I mentioned in number two above, I also do print in Homes and Land and Phoenix Magazine on occasion.

HOmes and Land - Sheri Sperry REALTOR®


I have had a TV segment that hits just about all of the hotels and other visitor accommodations as well as the residential area of Sedona and Big Park/Village of Oak Creek. My segment introduced West Sedona information. You can see a portion of the segment here.

Networking and marketing go hand in hand. I decided to join the Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals, as it was a big commitment, but a smart decision in the end. I was introduced to a networking venue of professionals who have paramount luxury market knowledge in Sedona. You benefit because I network with the top people in our industry. As an outsider coming into SLREP, I brought a fresh perspective to the group and immediately gained the respect of my associates. In my second year, I became the president of SLREP. As a member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, I bring an entirely different skill level to luxury marketing. You can learn more about my added features at the link above.

I also decided to spend the time becoming a Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE®), another decision that I feel has made a huge impact on my ability to negotiate the best deal for you my customer. There are only a handful of agents in Sedona that are MCNE® and out of the approx. 40,000 agents across Arizona and there are 127 agents total in the state. (These numbers will contract or expand).

I would also throw Virtual Results, Happy Grasshopper, IDX Broker along with Ixact Contact in this category. In this day and age, there is no business without a strong vibrant website and IDX system, and Happy Grasshopper and Ixact Contact give me the ability to communicate with my customers in different ways without overdoing it.

5. Clients ~ Family ~ Friends

Coldwell Banker Realty Sedona Realtor®

It’s All About You

Tristan 1st Plane RideOur business IS our clients. I thrive in helping my clients, educating them, and staying in touch with them. Many have become my friends. There is such satisfaction in having a client come to me and thank me for what I did for them. Sure, the commissions are necessary to take care of my family but I go above and beyond because I care about my client. …Just ask one!  I mean it when I say I will be there for you from the beginning throughout the transaction and beyond. I am just a phone call away for all questions you have regarding any subject.

My friends and family are very special to me. When I need to dig down and reach for that extra boost of energy I think of my customers, family, and friends. This helps provide the energy I need to get to the next level. Friends and family understand how busy we are and know that we will make time count when we are with them. Don’t you find that to be true about your friends and family as well?


We also enjoy our first grandson and are so excited to watch him and the family grow. This is what it is truly all about! He is our little “boo-boo”.

~ ~ ~


In 2016, I changed my main website domain from to˚. This was a very big deal. After all, my website is the address where people reach me. It was a very time-consuming move to change all my blog posts and website information to the new domain Fortunately, my husband managed the complete change-over.

and how it not only improved traffic to my website but also converted that traffic to clients.

I believe that this was a huge marketing bonus in 2016 and that is why my husband and I made the change. says exactly what I do. Rick designed this site with tourists and locals in mind.  If you go to the Sedona Community under Explore Communities tab, you can scroll down to helpful links such as searching for restaurants, things to do, hotels, resorts, and motels to stay at, etc. Though this site is great for tourists and locals alike, there should be no confusion going forward!

My niche is out of state buyers and sellers. I know exactly what it is to be from out of the area and contemplating a move to Sedona. I often get questions about lodging, restaurants, and things to do. Another area of major concern to most clients is what the weather is like. My husband has an entire domain ( devoted to our local weather. He is an avid weather nut and has a weather station in our backyard. The stats go back to 2011!  I also have a blog section that summarizes our weather monthly or seasonally. You can get a great feel for what to expect if you follow this blog category…Sedona-Weather.


An update on 2020 was an unusual year for everyone in the world. I knew that 2020 would be a challenging year but I elevated my game to a different level to help clients who were in need of help. In turn, this has continued to be a successful venture for me. I followed all COVID-19 requirements for our Sedona real estate venture and came up with ways to list and show properties that were safe and easy for all to follow.

My WordPress website has been updated a couple of times and I have a lot of traffic every day coming to the website. With all of the security issues surrounding websites and the internet in general, my husband has updated our website to HTTPS.  This is a secure version of HTTP. What it means is that all communication from your browser and the website is encrypted.

Besides the premium search engine and IDX platform that is in service, my husband maintains this site on a daily basis.  My blogs are featured in ActiveRain and this has made me the number one blogger in Sedona, and all of Northern Arizona. I am also a top 5 blogger in the entire state of Arizona.

Though I actively use social media venues, which you can access on any page of my website, I have started making more and more videos to improve SEO traffic and create more syndication. As noted above, I recently added more social media information that will give you more local information. Also, you can enjoy videos that SellSedona has created. If you are a seller and list your home with me, this is another tool in our marketing portfolio that you benefit from.   Here are a few links to find videos easily – Youtube ChannelVimeo ProBlogs with Videos – Aerial Videos.

International President’s Circle…


In January of 2021, I was very excited to learn that my exceptional sales performance earned elite-level recognition among the top Coldwell Banker® independent sales professionals across the globe. In the letter that I received from M. Ryan Gorman, President, and CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate; the letter states: “This remarkable accomplishment is well deserved.  Your expertise, market knowledge, and dedication to clients separates you from your peers and helped you earn your place among the top agent company-wide”. 


Remember, there are over 40,000 agents in Arizona, and those who chose to blog about real estate and related subjects increase their syndication efforts and make it easier for those interested in real estate topics to search out the agents who have the right competencies to meet the clients’ goals.


Top 5% of All Coldwell Banker Sales Associates Worldwide – International President’s Circle

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Top 5% Coldwell Banker sales associates Sheri Sperry

Coldwell Banker International President’s Circle 

Top 5 % - Coldwell Banker International President's Circle - Sheri Sperry Sedona

Sheri Sperry

Top 5% of All Coldwell Banker Sales Associates Worldwide


I found out near the end of January that I had earned the Coldwell Banker International President’s Circle Award for Excellence. I have been so busy taking care of clients that I didn’t really think about any awards I might receive.  After all, we are in a virtual world and there have not been any in-person sales meetings.  So there has not been any “buzz” about our 2020 achievements.  

I have really grappled with the idea of sharing this. First of all, it was 2020.  I know that many people have had so many life changes.  They have lost loved ones and many states such as Colorado, a neighboring state were completely shut down and unable to work in real estate.  My heart goes out to all those people.

But today, I saw a post from Grant Schneider – Virtual Teams Will Dominate Soon. I realized that I should share how I adapted to help clients (buyers and sellers) in this new pandemic reality. 

Arizona is a business-friendly state.  There was no real choice, you either adapt or get pushed aside.  I adapted to all the changes that needed to be made to thrive and help clients with all their Sedona real estate needs. 

It Was March 19, 2020…

I know the date because March 18, is my husband’s birthday and the restaurant we were at said that they could only offer take-out starting the next day. Our Sedona and Verde Valley real estate market was very hot. However the next two weeks the phone did not ring.  

“Step Up Communication”

This is right out of Grant’s post.  As a seasoned salesperson, this was natural for me.  I started calling family, friends, and close clients for no other reason than to check on them. I was not trying to sell real estate. But as you know, during the course of any conversation, we often get asked “How is the market doing?”

Inability To Travel


I realized that I would have to adapt to whatever my clients needed from me.    I learned how to leverage the virtual world with the hands-on reality of working in the Sedona real estate world. Many of my clients come from out-of-state so I have had that virtual aspect already. But they could not travel easily or had concerns about traveling.  So more than ever before, I did virtual tours for my buyers.  Sometimes I would tour 3 homes in a day.  My husband would do the video while I talked about the home.  Rick set up a template to showcase the video with details of the homes I previewed on my website.  He made a category called “Clients Only”. You can see a video of a $2,350,000 home here, that I previewed for a client. This is the type of service I offer buyers.  my service is customized for their needs.  It is a “Concierge” or bespoke service.

Many have said that clients want to see, touch and experience the energy of what is considered for most people, the largest purchase they make.  I have also found that office space and places to get some “alone” time are very important and changing the way we habitat. The home above has many areas that a member of a household can get away from each other!

Understanding the Nuances of the Virtual World


Here is a major issue that you may be able to help your clients with… Some people cannot understand the nuance(s) of change in the inflection of a person’s voice or worse yet, the body language. You may not even be able to see body language in the virtual world. 

Listening skills become critical as well as doing listening checks and asking the right questions. When we listen intently to what a client is telling us, we will be able to identify concerns and adjust to those needs. 

In Closing…


I had made all my goals by summer. I didn’t rest on those goals.  I adjusted them upward by a significant 7 figure amount and just slightly missed the new adjusted goal. In times like this, we can’t rest on our laurels. We need to press forward but we also need to realize why we are doing this and celebrate our accomplishments.  I look forward to continued success in 2021.

I received two letters of congratulations.  I will leave you with these 2 lines from our President & CEO, M.Ryan Gorman. 

Your exceptional performance exemplifies the best and brightest in real estate today. 

Congratulations on ranking among the top sales professionals in the network.



~ ~ ~

Top 5 % of Coldwell Banker REALTORS Worldwide Sheri Sperry

This is the essence of what it means to be “YOUR Solutions Realtor. Whether you are a buyer or seller, together we will design the right solutions to fit your needs. For example, sellers… Every inquiry I receive on your listing is expertly handled with professional courtesy by me, Sheri Sperry, a licensed and highly trained Sedona Real Estate Expert. It’s the best way for me to assure that YOUR critical needs are being met to exceed expectations. Absentee owners who list with me can count on “White Glove” hands-on special care of their properties.

Contact me for more information to see how I can tailor solutions and services to your needs. It is all part of my Concierge ~ White Glove ~ Service.

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